Anant Kumar Tripati, Maricopa County’s Race-Based Justice, and My Situation

By | October 15, 2009

UPDATED 1/12/2010:
Arizona Dept. Of Corrections Interim Director Charles L. Ryan Trying to Murder Anant Kumar Tripati?

UPDATED 10/19/2009: Department of Corrections Denying Tripati Proper Medical Care

In an email to Operation Nation, Mr. Tripati’s daughter, Aradhna, says her dad had a heart attack last December and was rushed to an emergency room from the prison. He was given blood pressure medication upon being released from the ER, but now the prison, in their continuing efforts to kill Mr. Tripati, are now denying him that medication. Here is an excerpt from the email:

In the new year, the prison lost his medical file and refused to give him treatment. Eventually after numerous complaints from us, they reconstructed his lost medical file, and gave him a full evaluation by some doctors, and his prescriptions were re-issued. In May, a prison official (who is not a doctor) demanded that one of the doctors revoke my dad’s prescriptions. The doctor refused to do so, so the prison official decided to just stop honoring the prescription, and refused to give him his special diet. So my father has been mainly eating oatmeal (the only thing around that he can eat), and has lost 45 pounds in three weeks. Last week he passed out (presumably from low blood sugar).

Again, rogue U.S. governments will kill AND/or imprison anyone who poses a threat to their persecution desires and their corrupt practices. All we can do is hope Mr. Tripati survives long enough to be freed from his POW status and further expose this Maricopa County/State of Arizona third world terrorism.

by Brian A. Wilkins
10/15/2009 (photos and links updated November 3, 2018)

The story of Mr. Anant Kumar Tripati is one that brings a stench to the air and a nauseating pain in my stomach, realizing that in Confederate governments like Arizona, this is reality. This reality will last 52.5 years for Mr. Tripati, without the possibility of parole or objective appeals, for a victimless crime he did not commit.

Mr. Tripati, the author of two very well researched, well-documented, revealing, and very necessary books – Coverup in Arizona and The Myth of Innocence – both of which he wrote from prison, is the reason I need to prepare for two inevitable events: to be murdered and/or maliciously incarcerated (again) by Arizona government thugs and for my appeals to the Arizona Supreme Court and Arizona Court of Appeals to be fruitless.

A native of Fiji and of East Indian descent, Mr. Tripati’s story is another reason the United States needs to stop denying the fact we are a police state, and the U.S. Constitution means very little to the average American accused of a crime in state courts. Mr. Tripati, in 1983 at the age of 29, got caught up in an insurance fraud scheme and served four years in prison. While in prison, he met several people who told him their stories of being dragged through the U.S. Justice System like hogs in a packing plant. Upon his release in 1987, Mr. Tripati emerged a rehabilitated, reformed, and ambitious man.

He founded Legal Research Associates soon after his release from prison, which he owned and operated in Beverly Hills, California. His company grossed about $1.5 million per year and had 60 lawyers and paralegals contracted to work for him. In 1991, the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, then led by Richard Romley, hired Mr. Tripati’s firm to assist them with research in a complex case. The fact Mr. Tripati was getting clients not only from municipal attorney’s offices, but from out-of-state clients shows how well respected and successful his firm was.

According to Mr. Tripati’s website, (note: the site is defunct, and thus numerous links were removed from this article), which he remarkably somehow runs from prison, he stumbled across “evidence that the Maricopa County Attorneys office was engaged in an ongoing practice of arresting and falsely targeting people of color, and of low income, fabricating evidence and crimes against them” during the course of researching for the Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley’s office. This information, which consisted of over 150,000 documents, indicated several Maricopa County officers of then and now, including Romley, former Arizona Secretary of State Betsey Bayless, former Maricopa County Supervisors Ed King and Tom Rawles, and current supervisors Don Stapley, and Mary Rose Wilcox.

From left to right, Rick Romley, Tom Rawles, Don Stapley.

Former Arizona Secretary of State Betsey Bayless and Mary Rose Wilcox

It is at this point where the surreal persecution of Mr. Tripati began, with events we as American citizens only believe[d] happens in third world countries, Iran, Russia, or China.

Ms. Teresa Archuleta, who was a paralegal for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office at the time, who seemingly is one of those rare Maricopa County employees with a human heart, warned Mr. Tripati that he should not pursue the exposure of Arizona government officials any further, or risk being put “out of business.” The immediate problem with Maricopa County’s persecution plans was the fact that Mr. Tripati’s office was in California, which was outside their jurisdiction. However, in America, thug cops and corrupt government official stick together.

Romley, along with three goons from his office – Gunn McKay, Dean Chatfield, and Donald Conrad, among others – quickly befriended Richard Goldston, an investigator with the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office. Goldston and Maricopa County attorneys raided Mr. Tripati’s office on June 24, 1992, without a warrant, and seized all of the incriminating documents and Mr. Tripati. To make a long, tragic persecution short, Maricopa County threatened three “witnesses,” telling them they either collaborate what Romley tells them to say, or face prosecution themselves. They cooperated; Maricopa County hid all the evidence until trial was over, and Mr. Tripati was sentenced to 52.5 years in prison without the possibility of parole, for the crime of attempting to expose Maricopa County corruption.

If you think Mr. Tripati is full of crap (which I’m sure many cop-suckers and Obama-haters do) or that I’m full of crap for writing about this, just look at all the documents that WEREN’T destroyed by Maricopa County. After Mr. Tripati was convicted, the three “witnesses” all confessed that they had lied under oath to further Maricopa County’s case against Mr. Tripati.

Ms. Helen Maureen Jones admitted in a court affidavit that county attorney Conrad told her that her “cooperation with the State of Arizona is necessary for the prosecution of Mr. Tripati.” She also retracted the smoking gun statement regarding some bail bonds which the State used to convict Mr. Tripati.

Robert Fred Girdley, in a letter to the Arizona Attorney General, admitted that the Maricopa County Attorneys threatened him with prosecution if he did not follow their directions in the persecution of Mr. Tripati. He also retracted all the statements he made at trial which were used to convict Mr. Triapti.

Maricopa County’s final star witness, Frank Cotter, in a letter to attorney Vida Zoe Florez, said that Conrad and other Maricopa County goons threatened him with prosecution if he did not lie at trial about Mr. Tripati. Cotter also makes perfectly clear in said letter that Mr. Tripati is innocent. Every one of these confessions were real enough to get Mr. Tripati a $20,000,000 judgment from a civil suit he filed against said individuals, but apparently they are not good enough to get his conviction overturned. (NOTE: Mr. Tripati is yet to be paid a penny of this judgment). But then again, is anyone surprised? Of course a Maricopa County judge will award this judgement to Mr. Tripati because the suit was against the three witnesses who ultimately confessed to lying under the threat of persecution.

So how, you ask, did all that incriminating evidence against the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office somehow slip through the fingers of justice and not show up during Mr. Tripati’s trial? Simple. The judges and the prosecutors all sleep together in Maricopa County (figuratively…and maybe literally). Several shocking, and plain sickening, memos and documents Mr. Tripati obtained tell the story. The first memo, dated October 29, 1999, describes how a prison employee named Judy Gabbert, was ordered by Maricopa County judges Ronald Reinstein, Jonathan Schwartz, Gregory Martin, and S. Christopher Copple, to destroy and manipulate evidence which incriminated them and the county attorney’s office.

Former Maricopa County judges Ronald Reinstein (L) and Jonathan Henry Schwartz (R). What’s even more
creepy is that Schwartz is part of the same
“Blacktie Arizona” organization  that Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff’s mistress, Charlene Berge Blum,
a part of. 

Another memo, dated October 2006, says more of the same. The Arizona Department of Corrections then admitted destroying the evidence in yet another memo. I’m just not sure whether Judge Schwartz, who seems like a respectable man, simply had a temporary lapse in respect for his judgeship, or he was paid off (well). Schwartz is the same judge, back in September of 2002, who said drug trafficker Scott Brannan was getting off easy because he is “white.” He also said, according to a court affidavit, “if you have the right attorney, you can get what you want from the [Maricopa] County Attorney’s Office.”

Maybe Judge Schwartz simply had an epiphany later in life like Teresa Archuleta, the former paralegal, seemed to have the whole time. Ms. Archuleta not only warned Mr. Tripati of the consequences of challenging the Confederate principles of Maricopa County, but gave a tell-all, smoking gun, taped interview on August 15, 1994; one year after Mr. Tripati was convicted and sent to prison. The interview revealed the entire plot Maricopa County prosecutors and judges conjured in order to silence Mr. Tripati after he discovered their criminal behavior.

Ms. Archuleta, who turned out to be the angel of that county attorney’s office, was murdered less than one year later. Maricopa County convicted “three gang members” for the murder, though everybody knows it was a contract killing which Maricopa County paid someone to murder a whistle-blower. The only proof you need for this murder-for-hire plot by Romley and his goons is the fact former Pima County prosecutor Kenneth Peasley was lead counsel for the State when they convicted the three “gang members” who allegedly murdered Ms. Archuleta.

Former Pima County prosector Kenneth Peasley

Peasley was disbarred by the Arizona Supreme Court in May of 2004 for fabricating false evidence in, among others, a 1992 capital murder case in Tucson. Obviously when the prosecutor is disbarred for lying, only a fool and/or a Maricopa County apologist can truly believe three “gang members” murdered Ms. Archuleta. Of course, this thug Peasley faced no criminal charges.

Regardless of all this definitive evidence that shows Mr. Tripati was framed, he remains in prison. He has filed several of those worthless Rule 32 Post-Conviction Relief petitions in Maricopa County court, has appealed to the Arizona Court of Appeals, and the Arizona Supreme Court, which have all been fruitless. Mr. Tripati was denied federal habeas corpus, his appeals to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals were denied, and his application for writ of certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court was denied. The facts of Mr. Tripati’s case should frighten all Americans of all walks. You’ve seen the evidence, yet this man still sits in prison. If this government and justice system want you to be guilty, want you to sit in jail, or want you dead (see Ms. Archuleta), it will happen. Which brings us to my situation.

The evidence is crystal clear in this persecution Maricopa County is doing to me as well. For those unfamiliar with the situation, watch the “55 Days In Maricopa County Jail” video on the Operation Nation homepage (and read some of the “55 Days…” blog). I argued in my Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus in the U.S. District Court of Arizona that Rule 32 post-conviction proceedings are a farce (ok, I didn’t exactly say that) and simply delay justice. So I commenced playing the game at the pleasure of Maricopa County judges and prosecutors. I had to file a Special Action in the Court of Appeals just to get Maricopa County judges to rule on the post-conviction petition after statutory deadlines had already passed. They finally (as expected) dismissed the petition on September 23, 2009, and the special action was dismissed by the appeals court on October 2, 2009.

RELATED: You Decide: My Pro Se Petitions in Arizona Appeals Court, U.S. District Court

So now I’ve filed a petition for review in the Court of Appeals for the summary dismissal of the PCR Petition by the trial court; and filed a petition for review in the Arizona Supreme Court for the appeals court’s dismissal of the special action; and have filed a Rule 60 motion for “reconsideration” of federal habeas corpus in the U.S. District Court (get all that).

There is no question that my right to a public, speedy trial was violated, that Maricopa County fabricated evidence, and that my right to self-representation was violated. No additional evidence is even needed outside of the court’s record to see this. Yet, the PCR petition was summarily dismissed by the trial court, and the special action dismissed by the appeals court. As Judge Schwartz said (see above), “if you have the right attorney, you can get whatever you want from the county attorney’s office.”

I definitely don’t have the right attorney, as I’m representing myself in all said proceedings. These people simply HATE when a non-lawyer – particularly a “BLACK” non-lawyer – tells them what the law says. Several individuals I’ve grown to know who are either currently facing trials or already have been through it, tell me the same thing. All of their public defenders instruct them all to play the “passive” role, to not use any legal language, and even if you are innocent, to act remorseful.

Virtually all Maricopa County judges were once Maricopa County prosecutors; and virtually all Arizona Supreme Court and Court of Appeals judges were Maricopa County judges. They also mostly all went to Arizona State law school (which I had actually planned on going), and the rest went to the U of Arizona law school. In other words, they all know each other, and many of them probably slept with each other in law school. If your evidence is solid, your arguments sound, and your case and statutory references precise, you still have little chance of success in Arizona courts without paying someone, or without being related or friends with former governors or judges.

Since I’ve went full throttle on my appeals, Maricopa County has been much more malicious. The “probation” people are now threatening “prison” because of my aggressiveness. I’m just not sure what part of this statement from the “55 Days” video they don’t understand.

I don’t think I spoke in “ebonics” or anything like that. I’ll repeat it in writing so these Maricopa County people can read this: “THE ONLY THING YOU CAN DO IS KILL ME.” There will be no malicious imprisonment. I just hope I can help spread the word a little about Mr. Tripati and this Confederate Arizona government. I died on July 22, 2008…you can’t imprison a dead man.




One thought on “Anant Kumar Tripati, Maricopa County’s Race-Based Justice, and My Situation

  1. Ivan Taclue

    It is late July, 2011. Where is Anant Tripati? Alive? How might I be able to correspond with someone who knows his wherabouts and condition? Can his friends or relatives or associates speak for him? PLEASE HELP ME FIND OUT

    New policies and practices arecoming into place by law enforcement as well as in jurisprudence… and not just in Arizona. Here it’s acommon practice for the stinkers in the fraternity to approach with aggression, to dominate/ attack/ taze/ cuff/ incarcerate and then place the onus on the victim …felony assault… felony resisting arrest.

    Not as intriguing as a “Dirty Harry” movie, but the balls are being thrown harder now and closer to the plate. It’s my turn. Do I swing, make them hit me or just stand there and hope for a walk? Although I’ve experienced these acts of aggression a number of times, it now it looks like I’ll finally be engaged in a trial and my appearance will be about mid- December, if it proceeds as appointed.

    the right to passive resistance is diminishing.

    I must think and decide…..rather than live as a slave, do I now assert my will as a free man of the republic and accept a violent death? How will I play my cards so as to not to be taken out early as a no- factor? Tough choices ahead.

    Mid- summer approaches in Maricopa County. The year is 2011. Please advise me on A K Tripati…..Ivan


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