Everett (WA) Police Thug Troy Meade Charged With Manslaughter

By | October 27, 2009

UPDATED 4/27/2010: Another Killer Cop Acquitted of Murder Charges

Did anyone expect anything different? I mean, this is the United Police States of America. Thug Meade has been on his paid vacation since murdering Mr. Niles Meservey and may now get his cop job back after the “acquittal” yesterday. How many jobs in America can you murder someone, be rewarded with a paid vacation which lasts over six months, then get your job back? I can’t think of many.

Expect Meade to kill at least one more American citizen in his cop career, and to also be found civilly liable for Mr. Meservey’s untimely death in the federal lawsuit his family filed. However, this will not bring Mr. Meservey back, and the killer will, AGAIN, walk free.

UPDATED 3/26/2010: Meade Now Faces Murder Charge

A small victory for the American people, especially the family of Mr. Niles Meservey, as Snohomish County prosecutors added a second-degree murder charge on Thursday. Meade will be the first cop to try and use the “car as a deadly weapon” defense, to justify shooting Mr. Meservey seven times in the back. The trial is scheduled to start April 13, but I assume Meade will have to be arraigned on the murder charge, and given new release conditions, thus pushing any potential trial to at least the end of the year.

Watch a report from King-5 News in Seattle.

UPDATED 11/6/2009: Meade Pleads Not Guilty

This was a formality. The Thursday afternoon hearing featured a few “plain-clothes officers” who showed up to support the killer cop. Meade’s lawyer, David Allen, said he expects acquittal at trial. Based on history and the fact police thugs are never convicted of any crimes for murdering, raping, or assaulting American citizens, regardless of the evidence, why wouldn’t Allen feel confident? We’ll keep you up to date on the trial.

UPDATED 10/30/2009: Meade To Be Arraigned November 5

Troy Meade Everett WA

The more you read about this case, the more obvious it becomes that Troy Meade should be locked up for life without the possibility of parole. The Washington State Patrol’s Criminal Investigation (
see PDF here) reveals that Meade is a criminal thug who was looking to use his murder toys against anyone he could. According to the report, Meade was belittling and insulting Mr. Meservey, saying things like, “I don’t know why the fuck I’m trying to save your dumb ass.” Another officer at the scene admitted that none of their lives, nor any civilians lives, were in jeopardy. And for some reason, prosecutors are recommending Meade remaining free on his own recognizance, without even having to post a bond (see PDF of the charging information docket here). 

Meanwhile the Snohomish County prosecutors office has released photos from the crime scene, including pictures of several bullet holes in Mr. Meservey’s driver seat in his car; and a photo which proves that Mr. Meservey’s car was not a “deadly weapon,” as Meade will contend, because his car was boxed in by patrol cars and a fence.


by Brian A. Wilkins
10/27/2009 (links updated December 8, 2018)

ORIGINAL LINK: http://blog.operation-nation.com/2009/10/27/everett-wa-police-thug-troy-meade-charged-with-manslaughter.aspx


Though Everett, Washington police thug Troy Meade should be facing first-degree murder charges and life imprisonment, American citizens will have to settle for potential cop justice in this one.

Mr. Niles Meservey was trying to leave a bar on June 10 after a night of drinking. Several patrons at the bar were worried about his safety, thus called 911 when Mr. Meservey refused to give up his car keys.

When police, including Meade, arrived at the scene, they boxed in Mr. Meservey’s Corvette with their police cars to keep him from driving off. Mr. Meservey refused to get out of the car when the cops told him too. Meade than Tasered Mr. Meservey while he was sitting behind the wheel, which caused his legs to push the accelerator and his car to collide with a fence.

The information filed in Snohomish County Superor Court, charging Meade with manslaughter, said Meade’s exact words before subsequently shooting Mr. Meservey seven times in the back were, “time to end this; enough is enough.” Mr. Meservey survived only long enough to complete a prayer with a bystander, before dying. Meade was rewarded by the Everett Police Department with a paid vacation (aka “paid administrative leave”) for the murder.

Tanda Louden, the daughter of Mr. Meservey, has filed a $15 million wrongful death claim with the City of Everett, according to a Reuters report. It will turn into a federal lawsuit if the city does not settle the claim within 60 days. However, no amount of money will bring back Ms. Louden father. The inevitable slap-on-the-wrist, few-months-long jail term for Meade (which we predict is the absolute maximum punishment he’ll receive; with complete acquittal also highly likely) will not even begin to bring closure to this family tragedy.

Operation-Nation will continue following the progress of Meade’s criminal case and the civil case against the city. Our thoughts are with Mr. Meservey’s family.

11 thoughts on “Everett (WA) Police Thug Troy Meade Charged With Manslaughter

  1. jeff singer

    See Lynnwood WA deputy police chief doing 15 months for several felonies while police chief is doing other deputy chief.

  2. Rebecca R Jones

    In reading this article, I expected no less. “Thug Meade,” as you refer to Officer Meade in this article is based on what information. I for one have known this man for years, including before he moved to Washington. He has NEVER been a thug in the private sector, public or in his daily duties as a police officer. Which interestingly enough I also have to deal with Everett Police officers and other area police officers on a daily basis. It is very interesting however, that “Innocent until proven guilty,” is based on a constitution much like your “freedom of speech.” Funny that all of us live under the same founding beliefs, however, choose to act or interpret them in whichever way we so choose. Shame on you! Have you taken the time to do any investigating into Mr. Meade’s service to the citizens of Everett, putting himself in harms way on a daily basis? My hope is that the truth does come out, and that if indeed Mr. Meade is found guilty it will be by the system as it should be after all evidence is brought into light. Not simply by being tried by hearsay and half truths.

  3. Counterclaim

    It’s easy to see the picture from the outside and yes, there may be proofs that incriminate Thug but how can we know for sure what really happened? How can we know for sure what provoked him to kill that man? Sure, he should be charged for what he did, he is guilty for losing temper and control but don’t make it look like he wanted it. Nobody wanted this.

  4. MeadeLifeinPrison

    This cop deserves the chair. If he was truly saying those things, as witnesses account, then emptied 7 bullets, through a seat into the back of this guy, he is a piece of shit that has no business with a badge, let alone a fire arm. I have family that works for the EPD, grew up there for 30 years and still service clients there and this dude’s rep is not good. He should be cooked like a goose and I’m pullin’ for a full $15M payout for the poor family that unjustifiably lost a member. Drunk driving is a crime and dangerous, but with the car boxed in and the driver unarmed, unloading 7 shots execution-style ain’t gonna fly. Rot in hell Meade you Badge-Power asshole.

  5. B-Man

    I agree with meadelifeinprison! I also agree that you are innocent until proven guilty….but I have seen all the evidence I need to see. He is GUILTY AS CHARGED! A cop shoots an unarmed man in the back 7 times and then tries to claim he was scared of the victim. He should be HUNG for insulting me with that stupid explanation.

  6. Ryan J.Gartland

    it amazes me how many people have found him guilty before a jury of his peers have. what amazes me even more is not one of you put on a suite that makes you an open target for cop killers and people who are breaking the law. Like Rebecca stated, have any of you looked into his background to know about the good he has done for his community? have anyone you ever shaken the mans hand? have any of you ever been arrested by this man, and can say you have dealt with him first hand to know what kind of person Officer Troy Meade really is? well let me shed some light on this. I lived in Everett all of my life. I remember when Troy was a Rookie in the City of Everett. and I remember both times Troy has put handcuffs on me. both times I deserved it. both times I was in violation of the laws. but one thing I can say about Officer Meade is that he is a more then fair person. he calculates both sides of the situation and evaluates what steps should be taken so that he can carry out his duty accordingly. I am Thankful to this day that both times I was arrested it was by this man then another officer. there are many officers in the city of Everett who are thugs in my opinion. and I am not affraid to say that here, nor in their faces personally. Is Officer Meade a Thug? No! is he a criminal? No. Is he just looking to do what he wants by taking the law into his own hands? NO!!! he is more then just a police officer for the city of Everett. He is an Outstanding Police officer. and I am proud to say this. You ask anyone who was arrested by this man I bet they will agree that Officer Meade was more then fair to them. As a matter of fact I bet you that even those who fought against Officer Meade were even dealt with caring hands even though they were forced to use force. And I bet they are thankful it was Officer Meade and not a few of the other EPD officers who are in fact thugs wearing a uniform.

    Come on people there are many corrupt police officers out there to put a thumb on. why dont you do the damn research and deal with them instead of using what is being said in the news to bash a man who may one day save your damn life while risking his doing his job!!!!! Officer Troy Meade would die to save every one of your lives. How many of you can honestly do the same thing?????


  7. B-Man

    What a SYCOPHANT. Meade is a thug. I dont have to have met him…. He killed an unarmed man by shooting him in the back. What good he has done doesnt matter, especially to the man he killed. I didnt see ANY possibility from you that Meade could be WRONG….So my advice is…since you love him so much…go stay with him in prison. YOU can play “arrest games” with him seeing how you like getting busted by him so much.

  8. SH

    An unarmed man? Since when is a drunk who just ran into a fence, has been sparing w/ a cop, and is trying to drive a CAR into the cop unarmed? I wouldn’t call a drunk behind a wheel unarmed.

    To everyone else. I don’t know officer Meade, but I do know someone in his family. There is a lot that the media and jury were never told. There were things about the eye-witness testimony that are suspicious. His testimony has been called into question more then 1x before in other trials that have nothing to do w/ the Meade case. How about the fact that this eye-witness cop told the jury that he wouldn’t pull his gun even if someone was seriously threatening him or his partner? Hum…his idea of “excessive” seems different then most of the police department as they are considering pulling him from the streets after his testimony. Are you aware of the fact that there is evidence that the victim had said he was either going to commit suicide on his own or by cop?
    There is SOOOO much info that those of you calling him a thug don’t have a clue on. You don’t have enough info to know what really happened. I’m GLAD officer Meade was just found innocent -apparently the ppl who had a lot of info (and again they never did hear a lot of things that I just said above) don’t think he’s a thug. They think he’s a cop whose life was in danger as a drunk was trying to run him over (oh and FYI, Meade watched another cop get run over and paralyzed a few yrs ago by another criminal. A CAR is most certianly a weapon and you are most certianly not “unarmed” when you’re drunk and being stupid behind the wheel.

  9. Ryan J.Gartland

    Acquitted of all charges by a jury of peers, not police, not the judge, not his friends. just normal everyday people. I think that should speak for itself.

    The man is innocent.

  10. Minnie C

    Thug Meade may have been a good guy for many years…but,shame on him in that he forgot he was a good guy and murdered an innocent,drunk man. Shame on you! Doesn’t it matter that Thug Meade took the life of an unarmed man. Thug Meade had a temper tantrum and took a life. What part of that is ok with you. We do not need cops like Thug Meade! I didn’t know either party…its pretty clear what happened and Thug Meade should go to prison like anyone else would for the same act. It does not matter what Thug Meade’s service was to the people of Everett….it all changed in the time it took to fire 8 bullets…7 that struck a man drunk out of his mind. Thug Meade simply had poor judgment and doesn’t deserve to take his place with the other men in blue whose oath is to “serve and protect” I have much respect for the job the cops do. Thug Meade may have been serving but he wasn’t protecting. Why wasn’t it one bullet instead of 8????? It was overkill and it was murder and it wasn’t warranted in the first place. I am deeply sorry for the Meservy family.

  11. Female Singer

    Interesting blog, and interesting U.S. society. keep it up.



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