VIDEO: 3 Pittsburgh Cops Killed by Richard Poplawski

By | April 4, 2009
UPDATED 4/5/2009 9:12 a.m. PST
I doubt this matter to Euro-American media either, as this story is already yesterday’s news. The hip-hop influence on impressionable “blacks,” and the Fox News/Limbaugh influence on impressionable “white.” Which is worse? I’d say the latter, as they own and dominate media. Operation Nation predicts no large nationwide funeral for the Pittsburgh cops killed, as there was in Oakland, and no Wikipedia page will be created about Poplawski either. And if there is, he will be made out to be a “troubled young man” and that “this was a cry for help.”

by Brian A. Wilkins


Richard Poplawski, top, shot and killed 3 Pittsburgh cops, Eric Kelly,
Paul Schiullo, and Stephen Mayhle, Saturday Morning.

Here is video from Chief Nate Harper briefing the media after the shooting.

The tone in Euro-American media, and its message boards, has been much different than what it was two-weeks ago when Lovelle Mixon shot and killed 4 Oakland, CA police officers. CNN and Fox News simply have small story links on their websites, while there was no live coverage of the incident by either of them or any local media outlets, as there was for Mixon. This may be because of the Binghamton, NY shooting yesterday, however police are seemingly the unconditional heroes of Euro-American media and are normally given top billing when any of them are killed in the line of duty.

Poplawski had once been a part of the U.S. Marines, but was kicked out of boot camp after he threw a lunch tray at his drill sergeant. Friends of Poplawski also said he was angry because he was laid-off from his job at a glass factory earlier this year. Poplawski also had a restraining order against him and had been convicted of disorderly conduct, but of course, MSNBC fluffed it, saying, “he had no major criminal violations.”

Poplawski’s friends described him as an “easy-going, fun-loving guy” who was also upset because President Barack Obama has mentioned restricting gun ownership law. Here is one of Poplawski’s friends, Jeff Loeffler, at the scene earlier today.

Poplawski was wearing a bullet-proof vest, and fired off at least 100 rounds from an AK-47 and a couple of other guns. He eventually surrendered to police and is now charged with murder. He’ll definitely be sentenced to death, but what will be interesting is how Euro-American media handle this story until its over. So far, they have talked about the “well-kept, quiet neighborhood” Poplawski is from and seem more willing to tell a more objective story about Poplawski, as opposed to Lovelle Mixon (wonder why?).

Bottom line, people are seemingly now looking at cops as the enemy because of the police state conditions in our country. Poplawski could have chosen to kill anybody, since he apparently was pushed to his limit, as Lovelle Mixon was, and decided arbitrary people were going to pay for it with their lives. But he specifically chose cops. Maybe seven dead cops in two weeks will force our government to look seriously at our nationwide problems with police corruption and brutality. Congress needs to have a serious dialogue about returning police back to the forgotten protect-and-serve mode Americans expectfrom them, as opposed to the frequent “we’re better than you” mode many cops exhibit. But this is the USA, so that will never happen.

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