Maricopa County Sheriff’s Deputies Should Layoff the Steroids

By | April 10, 2009

by Brian A. Wilkins


This video is downright embarrassing and is the perfect reason, along with acne problems, to not use steroids. Here is the roid-rage protest Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s goons held to support their favorite clown while Congress held investigative conferences over MCSO’s protocol of arresting random “Mexican-looking” people:

There is a very simple, very obvious solution if you people really want to, and have a goal of, enforcing illegal immigration laws: how about arresting business owners and managers who hire illegal immigrants as well. Arresting 15 “Mexican-looking” people just means 100 more will replace them tomorrow. Arresting and parading business owners up and down streets in your pink underwear will send a stronger message than the inbred, thug white-boy Alabama bull you’re doing now. 

In case Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies are unaware, many Mexicans are also AMERICAN citizens. People get on my case quite a bit when I use the term “thug cop” a lot because “not all cops are bad.” Well, not all Mexicans are illegal. Simple concept. But thug white boy cops (since that’s all I see in this video) think they are above the law, and it doesn’t help when they do steroids too. 

Regardless, this video is the most unprofessional, juvenile behavior I have EVER seen from alleged “police.” If anybody, after watching this, would feel safe calling these people for assistance, god help you.

P.S. if you’re unfamiliar with who Joe Arpaio is, here is a short video about him.

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