Unarmed Kirmon Warren Shot and Tasered by Mississippi Police Thugs

By | March 29, 2009

by Brian A. Wilkins 


30-year-old Kirmon Warren and a female friend were taking the 2 1/2 hour drive from their hometown of Slidell, LA to Mendenhall, MS, to visit Warren’s mother on March 5. Mr. Warren stopped in Poplarville, MS to refuel his car. He ran into a Confederate “driving-while-black” roadblock, a common practice in the Confederacy. Though Mr. Warren followed every order the radical Poplarville Police barked at him, the inbred thugs claimed he was “resisting,” Tasered him, and shot him twice in the back. Mr. Warren still had his seat belt on during the attack. Amazingly, Mr. Warren survived the terrorist attack, and sped off from the scene to save his life. Warren was charged with fleeing police, a felony. Thug Poplarville Police Chief Charles Fazende said the reason his rogue cops shot and Tasered Warren is because “they thought they saw a weapon.” Mr. Warren did not have a gun in the car at all. Fazende said he gave the thug cop (who’s name is being protected) a five-day vacation after the March 5 attack, and returned him to duty afterwards. Fazende said Poplarville “has no policy in place to deal with officers involved in shootings.” The ever-worthless NAACP said they are “angry,” but have done nothing as far as forcing investigations into the attack or getting the thug cops involved prosecuted for attempted murder.
As with all Confederate attacks on Nubian Americans, this incident is being well hidden, masked, and/or ignored by Euro-American media, as this Confederate lifestyle is apparently a fact of life “blacks” must simply learn to live with.
Poplarville (population 2600) and the entire state of Mississippi have long, proud histories of inbred Euro-American terrorism targeting “blacks.” The town/area is the birthplace of proud “white supremecist” Theodore Gilmore Bilbo, the former Mississippi governor, U.S. senator, and member of the infamous radical Christian terror group called “Ku Klux Klan.”  Poplarville is also home to the 1959 terrorist murder of Mack Charles Parker. Though the murderers admitted they killed Mr. Parker, inbred terrorist Mississippi judge Sebe Dale, issued no indictments. The 2004 terrorist murder of 55-year-old Roy Veal (in Woodville, MS) barely even registered on Euro-American media radar. Mississippi authorities ruled Veal’s murder a “suicide” by hanging. And of course, Mississippi is home to former Republican Senate Majority Leader, and proud “nigger hater” Trent Lott, who resigned in 2007 after reports surfaced of him frequently renting gay male escorts.
Operation Nation will try and gather as much information on this story as possible and get it to you, however we are dealing with a terrorist state (Mississippi) which still thinks of “blacks” as three-fifths of a human being. So information will be well fluffed and/or hidden by the territory’s constituent media.

One thought on “Unarmed Kirmon Warren Shot and Tasered by Mississippi Police Thugs

  1. Kirmon Warren

    First of all,I just want to thank you for covering my story. It has been 19 months and there still hasn’t been any justice served in my case. It’s like they are trying to sweep it under the rug. I really need all the help I can get to bring it to the public.Thanks again.


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