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by Operation Nation Staff
March 30, 2009 (links and photos updated January 6, 2020)

Wayne County (MI) Judge, Prosecutor, and Two Inkster Cops Face Life In Prison

DETROIT — Wayne County Circuit Judge Mary Waterstone (retired), former Assistant County prosecutor Karen Plants, and Inkster (MI) cops Scott Rechtzigel and Robert McArthur were each charged with several counts of misconduct in office. The indictment was handed down on March 24. Plants, Rechtzigel, and McArthur also face multiple counts of perjury. Those charges carry a maximum penalty of life in prison.

Wayne County Judge Mary Waterstone (retired).

The charges stem from a March 2005 cocaine bust involving Alexander Aceval and Richardo Pena. Both are currently serving prison sentences. Plants and the two cops covered up the fact one of the prosecution’s witnesses was a paid police informant. Judge Waterstone signed an order banning Aceval and Pena’s attorneys from accessing the paid informant’s phone records. Those records could have played a key role for the defense.

All of the conspirators were granted $25,000 bonds. A preliminary hearing is set for April 28.

UPDATED March 23, 2011: Rechtzigel sentenced to 90 days in prison.

UPDATED April 12, 2012: Charges dismissed against Waterstone; Plants gets six months in jail.

Two Disgraced North Las Vegas Cops Fired

James F. Balelo (L) and Mark Alan Miles.

LAS VEGAS — Former North Las Vegas cops James F. Balelo and Mark Alan Miles were fired from the force on March 25. Both thug had been enjoying paid vacation, aka “paid administrative leave” since their January arrest.

Balelo and Miles responded to an unruly patron at the Cannery Casino this past December. An internal investigation revealed that the two cops slammed the handcuffed man to the floor, causing injuries. Both were charged with filing a false police report. Miles was also charged with felony oppression under color of law.

North Las Vegas Police Sergeant Tim Bedwell said police officers are held to a higher standard because they are entrusted with powers exceeding that of the average citizen.

SOURCE:Las Vegas Sun

Davie (FL) Cop Charged With Raping A Teenage Girl

Davie (FL) cop Stephen Kenneth Olenchak.

MIAMI — Davie (FL) cop Stephen Kenneth Olenchak was arrested on March 26. He is charged with two counts of sexual battery of a minor. The charges stem from a March 22 encounter when the girl was at Olenchak’s house. He allegedly served the young girl drinks and raped her after his wife passed out.

Olenchak, 34, was released from the Broward County Jail on $10,000 bond the next day. Of course he will chill with all thug cops’ best P.A.L., Paid Administrative Leave, pending the investigation.

UPDATE May 15, 2013: Olenchak sentenced to 10 years in prison.

One thought on “OP-NAT EYE NEWS BRIEFS: Mar. 20-28

  1. david l. moffitt

    As legal counsel for the victim, still-incarcerated Alexander Aceval, of the illegal actions of the conspirators [former] Wayne County Circuit Judge Waterstone, [former] Chief, Major Narcotics Unit, Wayne County [Michigan] Karen Plants, and various members of the Inkster [Michigan] Police Department, we want Op-Nat Eye News readers to be aware that the perjury conspiracy discussed in the March 20-28, 2009 Op-Nat Eye article, “Wayne County [MI] Judge, Prosecutor,and Two Inkster Cops Face Life In Prison” is unique in the nation, and unique in national jurisprudence, because it is the only known, reported, instance of a “vertically integrated” conspiracy by law enforcement officials [i.e. where a judge, prosecutor, and police all actively conspire together to effect a criminal conviction] and because the judge and prosecutor are actually seen, in official court-reporter-made transcripts of secret meetings between the judge and prosecutor [who believed the transcripts would never come to light], planning and discussing the operation of the perjury scheme.

    The prosecution is continuing, but, ironically coinciding with the accusation that the Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox’s Office is deliberately withholding information and action regarding [former] Judge Waterstone in Jerome Almon’s reported controversy, see, e.g., NewsBlaze article “Hip Hop CEO Jerome Almon Accuses Eric Holder and Michigan AG Mike Cox of Cover-Up In Corrupt Judge Case” our office [Law Offices Of David L. Moffitt & Associates] has just made public 7-28-09 allegations that the Michigan Attorney General’s Office is similarly withholding,for possible political reasons, critical investigatory information in the judge-prosecutor-police conspiracy against defendant Aceval, that would implicate in the scandal other elected and appointed Michigan public figures presently uncharged.

    Details of the continuing struggle to free Alexander Aceval and to see all involved public officials, charged and uncharged, face appropriate legal scrutiny, can be obtained at our website, davidlmoffitt.com, featuring scrolling news videos of the defendants’ court dates and actual transcripts and documents from the still-developing prosecution of the judge prosecutor, and police.

    Investigators or aggrieved individuals in [Michigan] prosecutions involving [former] Assistant Prosecutor Karen Plants, [former] Judge Mary Waterstone, or the Inkster Police can contact us for immediate assistance or guidance to resources at 248-644-0880 or at davidlmoffitt.com.

    Thanks to the OpNat Eye for coverage! Without the attention of the media, it is unlikely the official investigations ever would have been undertaken, and unlikely, as the case widens in scope, that they would responsibly continue.

    David L. Moffitt,Attorney for Alexander Aceval


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