Tucumcari (NM) Police Chief Roger Hatcher Tasers 14-Year-Old Girl In The Head

By | July 20, 2009

by Brian A. Wilkins
7/20/2009 (links updated November 12, 2018)

Thug Tucumcari Police Chief Roger Hatcher

The lengths thug cops will go to in order to use their federally-mandated electrocution toys have no more new heights to reach.

Miss Kailee Martinez, a 14-year-old girl, got in a fight with her mom on July 2. Her mother, Stacy Akin, obviously wanted to send a message to the young lady, so he drove to the Tucumcari Police Department, thinking the cops could maybe scare her daughter into learning some manners and respect for not only her parents, but her other adults as well. Upon arrival at the police station, Kailee ran to a nearby park to hide. This is where Hatcher’s chimp-out session began.

Thug Hatcher found Kailee in a park a short time later and allegedly “tried to talk to her.” Kailee started running again, so Hatcher shot 100,000 volts of electricity into the 14-year-old girl’s body; 50,000 volts to the back of her neck and another 50,000 volts to the back of her head. Luckily, Kailee survived, but the injuries she suffered were gruesome.

Kailee needed 18 staples to close the gash from the Taser strike to her head and needed surgery to remove a stick that pierced through her face when we fell to the ground. Here is a news report from KRQE 13 News in Albuquerque.

Thug Hatcher told Newschannel 10 in Albuquerque that he “does not regret his action,” that he “had no choice” but to electrocute the 14-year-old girl, and had a “lawful reason” to do so. Of course Hatcher was given his paid vacation (aka “paid administrative leave”), which is routine when thug cops assault and/or murder American citizens.

The good news is that an outside fact-finding body, Robert Caswell Investigations, is conducting the probe into the obviously malicious acts by Hatcher, according to the Albuquerque Journal. The bad news is that he’s still a COP (constitutionally-protected) thug and will likely not face any charges. Meanwhile Kailee’s family has hired a lawyer, as they are accumulating thousands of dollars in medical expenses and will likely sue the city.

Regardless, a civil lawsuit which Kailee’s family will likely get less than $150,000 after lawyer fees and medical bills, does not justify this rabid assault on a child. Sure, Kailee was being bratty, but you don’t Taser a child (or an adult for that matter) to discipline them. The way society is set up nowadays though, kids have more power than adults in far too many households.

If Kailee grew up in the 70s and 80s, like I did, her mom (or preferably her dad) would have whooped her ass when she was younger, and this incident would have never happened. Still, Ms. Akin thought she could trust her local police to help discipline her daughter, which was a mistake. She now knows, like millions of others have also learned the hard way, to never call police for ANYTHING. Hatcher should be charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, but again, he’s a thug cop and constitutionally protected from criminal prosecution.

Kailee’s actions, in fighting with her mom, are unacceptable, however her mom and family need to deal with that. Thug Hatcher’s actions are criminal and the justice system needs to deal with that. But the truth is, Hatcher will be right back on the streets after his paid vacation and not face any charges. Operation Nation will keep you up-to-date and let you know when the county prosecutors say no charges will be filed.

5 thoughts on “Tucumcari (NM) Police Chief Roger Hatcher Tasers 14-Year-Old Girl In The Head

  1. J. Johnson

    I have been in the detention industry and I have known this man for almost 10 years. He is one of the most respected men in law enforcement that I know. He is a husband, father, and friend. He is also a retired, elected Sheriff and if he says there was just cause, I would believe him. None of us were there to witness the incident, but I think that we should wait to hear both sides of the story and not resort to as you would say “THUG” journalism.

  2. Tim

    I agree, Roger is a well respected member of the community. Why is it the media is always biased to whatever the thugs of the world want to implement?

  3. Pat Jack

    If he can’t chase down a 14 year old girl he should resign. If he’s so old, and feeble and out of shape that he can’t chase her down HE MUST RESIGN.

    If he felt she was a THREAT to him, then he’s washed up. A man that can’t handle a 14 year old girl is a DANGER to the community if he is carrying a firearm. I think he should have his testicles cut off, just like we did to Haji in Iraq in 1991! And to ANYBODY who agrees with him, strap on a BAR and drop into the sand boy. If you want to taser 14 year old girls IN THE HEAD then you need to go to the sand.

    The seperation of the two electrical diodes indicates he was at most 15 – 20 feet from the GIRL, the CHILD. If he can’t apprehend her and thinks she is a threat he needs to have his TESTICLES removed cuz they ain’t doin’ him no good.

  4. Lisa Miller

    No, he’s not highly respected. He surrounds himself with other THUGS and the other local cops cannot stand him. I suspect these other entries are by some of the known criminal element he hangs around with. None of us were there, but a dash cam was. The kid was hit from behind and then HE said she made him do it. There was also no traffic as he said there was. He ended up getting fired recently, for someting else. He should find another career because he doesn’t have the ethics or ideals to be a cop.

  5. J Sons

    No, he is not respected. He is a thug, just like this article states, and associates himself with other thugs. He is also not retired. He was fired recently for who knows what. The “independent” investigation was funded by Tucumcari, so there was no way their own investigation was going to damn him. He is a total joke and should go find another career field. Bozo even put his name in when Bernalillo County was looking for a sheriff to appoint last year. Dude lives 200 miles from Bernalillo!!! A sheriff has to live in the county! He’s just desperate to be a somebody somewhere. His track record proves he doesn’t care about anyone but him and his thug friends. He and his ego just can’t get that people see right through him and his shallowness. Creep just like his convicted pedophile brother.


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