Continual “lynching” comments and coverage of noose incidents by Euro-American Media show its desire to return to pre-1964 conditions

By | February 28, 2008

by Brian A. Wilkins

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly the latest of many prominent Euro-American media pundits who deliberately stir terrorist emotions in vulnerable Americans. Defense plan must be discussed and implemented by Nubian Americans. “Hate Crimes” are precursor to terrorism.

Let’s see how many specific incidents we can come up with from the past 12 months: Euro-American boys at Jena, LA high school are slapped on the wrist for hanging nooses on a tree (the “black” young men who retaliated were arrested and imprisoned); the Golf Channel thug and her lynching of Tiger Woods comments (a man who doesn’t even claim to be “black”);  Columbia University professor finds noose on her office door; Stratford, CT woman and her noose with some whiteboy “nigger” doll hanging from it; the U.S. Coast guard, part of our U.S. military, finds two nooses on their property; and now that O’Reilly character talking about lynching Michelle Obama.

These are just the few examples I came up with in a couple minutes; trust me there are several more. And please do not try and include Michael Richards in this conversation, as he simply snapped and subsequently apologized. Don Imus is also not part of this, as he is just a dusty, dirty old man, similar to one I had to endure at a Euro-Mmerican radio station I recently worked at (and that dude probably had kiddie-porn on his little laptop too).

There is no further need to discuss the agenda and plans of Euro-American media, as the intentions are obvious; to terrorize Nubian Americans. The time has come for Nubians to begin devising strategies not only for defense, but for a possible offensive if necessary. Another MLK “I Have A Dream” era will not suffice in 2008. Nubians are the only people to have suffered through Euro-invasion without fighting back in any way, shape, or form. Why is that? Are Nubians weak? Are “blacks” scared to fight the enemy? Why are “blacks” so willing to destroy one another during riots, in gang warfare, etc but not willing to turn that aggressiveness onto  those who wish to destroy them? Crips vs. Bloods is the exact same thing as Hutus vs.Tutsis in Rwanda…both while the Euro-Media sits back, enjoys, and laughs at their creations; the creations that have conditioned “blacks” to kill one another while never even thinking of harming the Euro-enemy. There’s ONE reason why the United States decided to make Martin Luther King Jr. its token “negro” instead of Brother Minister el Hajj Malik al-Shabazz, aka Malcolm X. They would much rather “blacks” “have a dream” than to get that they want “by any means necessary.” And honestly, only peoples who have fought back against Euro-Invasion (Japan, China, Russia, Middle East) can claim a prosperous, or at the very least, a successful economy and culture today. Tiny Vietnam tried with all its might, and eventually expelled the invaders, but are struggling today…however, they are struggling their OWN way.

Several U.S. and European media reports and blogs have even sank to the level of suggesting possible assassination plots against Democratic Presidential front-runner, Barack Obama…obviously in a desperate move to scare Mr. Obama and “black” voters. Education and self-identity are the last thing the United States wants from “blacks”, proven everyday, again, by wide gaps in public schools. An Obama White House would exponentially grow the collective confidence of “blacks”, but those Euro-Americans who “hates blacks” or whatever will do anything to curtail that from happening. All I know is that if this assassination crap happens, Operation Nation would be forced to implement its wartime philosophies outlined in The Nations Constitution. And its a shame the 70 percent of real Americans of European descent cannot control the 30 percent of heathens that have destroyed our country and may start a second Civil War in the 21st century.  

Nubian American children must master linguistics, music, and mathematics to ensure the prosperous future of Nubians. Nubian adults must continue their educations to ensure Nubian power and prosperity. Education, Economics, and Defense: This is OPERATION NATION.

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