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Philadelphia Thug Cop Frank Tepper Fired From Police Force

UPDATED April 5, 2012: Tepper sentenced to life in prison

A one in a million incidence of justice happened here. William and Karen Panas will never see their son Billy again, at least not in this lifetime. But at least the killer will die a slow, painful death in prison without the possibility of parole.

UPDATED 2/10/2010: Tepper Charged With Murder

Mr. Seth Williams, the Philadelphia D.A. who took office in early January, has just proven to American citizens that a select few prosecutors are in office FOR THE PEOPLE. Mr. Williams, in one of his first, and likely most Read Entire Article

Three Men Brutally Attacked By Philadelphia Police Thugs Acquitted Of All Charges

by Brian A. Wilkins
7/26/2009 (links and photos updated August 14, 2019)

PHILADELPHIA, PA — The brutal attack Mr. Brian Hall, Mr. Pete Hopkins, and Mr. Dwayne Dyches endured on May 5, 2008, at the hands of Philadelphia police thugs, was only the beginning of a 13-month blatant deprivation of their alleged rights to life and liberty in the United Police States of America. For those who haven’t seen this disgusting display of feral cops acting like wild animals, here’s the raw video.

To add serious insult to obvious injury, all three men were subsequently charged with attempted … Read Entire Article