New Mexico Judge Rules Prison Is “Too Harsh A Sentence” For Rapist Cop David Maes

By | March 17, 2010

by Brian A. Wilkins
3/17/2010 (links and photos updated December 23, 2018)

Rapist/Cop Apologist Judge Albert “Pat” Murdoch (L) and Rapist Albuquerque Cop David Maes (R).

I wish I was surprised by this, but I have to remind myself what country we live in.

Today, Euro-American media are sensationalizing rapes happening in post-earthquake Haiti. Meanwhile last Friday, rapist thug Albuquerque cop David Maes pleaded guilty to rape and false imprisonment charges. The incident happened on October 4, 2007 when Maes raped a woman whom he was supposed to be guarding at a hospital. This incident was after Maes had accumulated four written reprimands from the Albuquerque Police in less than 2 1/2 years.

Watch a detailed video about Maes from KRQE 13 News in Albuquerque.

Let’s re-cap Maes’ rap sheet prior to him raping Ms. Sylvia Cordova: theft, vandalism, narcotics use, and bribery; all of which he either lied about on his application to the Albuquerque PD or told the truth about it, and was hired anyway. In other words, if you’re a violent convicted felon, police work may be your best option in Albuquerque and elsewhere.

The City of Albuquerque settled Ms. Cordova’s sexual assault civil lawsuit for $575,000 last summer, but they refused to recommend a tough sentence for a life-long criminal in Maes. Then-Mayor Martin Chavez (who lost his re-election bid in 2009) had stood by Maes throughout, with the city defending Maes until the lawsuit settled out of court, instead of forcing Maes to retain his own counsel.

Last Friday, thug Maes pleaded guilty to the rape and false imprisonment of Ms. Cordova in his criminal trial. “Judge” Murdoch could have and should have sentenced the rapist cop to 4.5 years in prison. But Murdoch said, “the punishment [Maes] would face in that prison would be more than anyone else charged with the same allegations.” A few minutes later, Murdoch sentenced the rapist criminal Maes to five years probation. That’s not even the most sickening part of the deal. The rapist cop does not have to register as a sex offender under the terms of the judgment.

This “judge” Murdoch reasoned that Ms. Cordova was “a prostitute” anyway and basically asserted that the victim wanted it. Maes’ lawyer gave this defense: “my client pleaded guilty to having consensual sex, not rape.”

Nobody should be surprised by the decision of copsucking, rapist-apologist judge Murdoch. Elton John Richard pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in Murdoch’s court in February of 2008 after he gunned down Mr. Daniel Romero. Romero is alleged to have attempted to break into Richard’s car. Romero ran away from Richard when the latter pulled a gun. Richard chased Romero for more than a quarter of a mile, then shot and killed him. This case, thus, was not self-defense since Richard chased after Romero, then killed him. But because Richard was a “decorated war veteran” in the words of Murdoch, he reversed the original 2.5 year prison sentence, and reduced it to probation last Friday, March 12. This of course is after Democratic governor Bill Richardson threatened executive clemency if Murdoch didn’t act and give the killer a lenient sentence.

Some people in this country have the “right” to rape and kill others without repercussion. It is obvious that thug Maes should be in prison right now, had “judge” Murdoch possessed any integrity or balls. This wimpering, weakling judge allows others to dictate his decisions. The fact Maes raped a woman while he was on duty as an alleged police officer is enough for him to be sitting in prison right now. His “prior criminal history,” which is what Euro-American media use to justify all murders police thugs commit against Americans, was not even considered in sentencing.

Expect the NON-SEX OFFENDER rapist Maes to get another job with some other cop organization in the near future.

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