My Fellow American: Irrational Hate Of Muslims Is Only Helping The Ruling Class

By | August 25, 2011

by Brian A. Wilkins

I, Brian A. Wilkins, administrator of the OP-NAT EYE, have taken the pledge to spread the message that Muslims are our fellow Americans. 

My Fellow American is “an online film and social media project that calls upon concerned Americans to pledge and spread a message that Muslims are our fellow Americans.” The following video was produced by Unity Productions Foundation and directed by Emmy-winning filmmaker Robert Gardner.

It is common knowledge to those who seek truth that state-run Euro-American media have used the same tactics to train the sheepish American (some unwittingly) whom to love and whom to hate since the inception of television and newspapers. Brother Minister Malcolm X points out the exact same protocol being used today by state run media also being used after “World War II” to manipulate American  sentiment about various participants in said war.

I took three semesters of Arabic at Arizona State University as an undergrad not only to be able to (semi) learn the language a good majority of Muslims speak, but to also meet students from the Middle East. Dr. Abuhamad Abdul Qadir seemed to push me harder than other students in the class. I believe this was because I was the only “African American” in the classes (and one of only five Americans total) and he really wanted me to grasp the language…which I appreciated.

Some of the most fruitful interpersonal relationships I’ve had with anyone in my life were with several of my Muslim classmates, most of whom became friends. The perspective I got was priceless, and reciprocally the same for them.

Though I’ll  refrain from naming names (since that may not be appropriate), one classmate from Saudi Arabia was at Arizona State to study mathematics. He had never been to a bar before. Though I felt like I was corrupting him, I took him to a bar on Mill Avenue in Tempe, and needless to say, he had a really good time (but never went to a bar again). Another friend from Kuwait said buying alcohol in her country was like trying to buy marijuana here. The criminal punishments for possession of alcohol were also similar to U.S. marijuana laws. My classmate Tariq from Somalia taught be some East African Arabic, which is slightly different from the modern standard Arabic taught at ASU. And though this may be interpreted as a shallow male statement, I found several of my female Muslim classmates attractive mostly because of their open and unabated devotion to their religion which they know American media propagandizes as “evil.” Though I respect little else about Republican Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann, one thing I do admire about her, as with devout Muslim women, is commitment and adherence to her moral beliefs, regardless of public perception.

America’s ruling class propagates their divide-and-conquer controls through their media, and have successfully turned 90 percent of the American population against one another for petty, manufactured reasons. All of our social security funds were spent on George Bush’s invasion of Iraq, and now Barack Obama is putting us further into debt by invading Libya, and will soon invade Syria. Many of our Constitutional rights pursuant to the First and Fourth Amendments of the Constitution were taken away with the “Patriot Act” that Bush’s Administration drafted and Obama’s extended. Yet, we still find ways to fight one another than to confront the true manipulators.

By the same false logic most Americans use to hate Muslims, we should consequently hate every “white” male on the planet also, since Norway’s self-described “right-wing” “fundamentalist Christian” terrorist Anders Behring Breivik murdered at least 90 people in Oslo this past July.

Radical Christian terrorist Anders
Behring Breivik.

We all know, for obvious reasons, the aforementioned will never happen.

Muslims are teachers; Muslims are grocery store clerks; Muslims are mothers, fathers, and children; and most importantly, Muslims are Americans. Our differences only highlight our similarities. Remember, former heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali was the most famous and beloved man on the planet (including in America) in the 1960s and 1970s. The last thing people thought about was his religion. That fact has to at least make one wonder who is controlling their thoughts in 2011.

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