Le Sueur County (MN) Police Thug Todd Waldron Murders Unarmed Man

By | July 21, 2009

UPDATED November 8, 2009: Thug Waldron Back To Work

Only in America can murderers get right back into the same job they had before killing someone without repercussions. Just ask Waldron’s fellow killer cop Dan Lovelace of the Pinal County (AZ) Sheriff’s Office. Le Sueur County Sheriff Dave Glisinski said “it’s great to have [Waldron] back. He’s a professional investigator and a key to the force.” Residents of Le Sueur County, with the sheriff praising murderers, should arm themselves immediately and be ready to defend yourselves from terrorists in badges at all time. The sheriff has given his blind approval of murder by his henchmen.

Here’s a report on thug Waldron’s return to work on Fox 12 in Mankato.

UPDATED November 7, 2009: Thug Waldron Will Walk Free

Nobody should be surprised here. The grand jury in Anoka County decided against pressing charges against Waldron after two hours of deliberation. According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, “additional witnesses came forward…with accounts that differed from Heilman’s friend…” This means a few witnesses were paid by Le Sueur County to give testimony favoring Waldron. But again, nobody will ever know exactly what the grand jury heard because the transcripts are forever sealed. Murder, once again, goes unpunished in the United States.

UPDATED November 1, 2009: Grand Jury To Decide On Charges Against Waldron

The proceedings will take place in Anoka County starting on Wednesday, November 4. The venue was moved for obvious reasons. The problems with grand jury proceedings are numerous: they are not open to the public, the transcripts of said proceedings are forever sealed,  grand juries almost always side with police in these kind of cases, and a Le Sueur County prosecutor could have already filed charges on their own by now. The chances of thug deputy Waldron being charged with murder are remote. The best that can be hoped for are first degree manslaughter and reckless endangerment charges, again, because witness testimony carries very little weight in these type of proceedings. Everett (WA) police thug Troy Meade is only being arraigned on a manslaughter charge this week even though he clearly and wantonly murdered Mr. Niles Meservey on June 10. Operation Nation will follow the proceedings as best we can, but like everyone else, we will only know the end result.

Watch a report from WCCO-TV Channel 4 in Minneapolis:

by Brian A. Wilkins
7/21/2009 (links updated October 4, 2019)

ORIGINAL LINK: http://blog.operation-nation.com/2009/07/21/le-sueur-county-mn-police-thug-todd-waldron-murders-unarmed-man.aspx

Tyler Heilman

KASOTA, MINN. — Take notice American citizens: thug cops can now murder you if you are driving over the speed limit.

This is exactly what happened to Mr. Tyler Heilman; a 24-year-old who was murdered in cold-blood by Le Sueur County police thug Todd Waldron on July 20. Mr. Heilman was wearing only swimtrunks, thus the proverbial “he was reaching for a weapon” excuse cannot be used by Waldron. According to the thug cop, who was not in uniform when he committed the murder, Mr. Heilman was “swerving and speeding” down a street in Kasota, MN. Waldron, of course, said Mr. Heilman “resisted,” which, in thug cop world, gave Waldron the authority to fire four bullets at Mr. Heilman, killing him instantly.

Andy Skoogman, a spokesperson for the Minnesota Dept. of Public Safety, which is conducting the kangaroo investigation, says this case is “complicated” and tells people to “withhold passing judgment until all the facts come out.” I’m confused as to which part is complicated: that Mr. Heilman was unarmed and murdered by a thug cop, or that Mr. Heilman was wearing only swim trunks, was unarmed, and murdered by a thug cop? How about somebody kills this Waldron character and you tell your goons to withhold passing judgment as well.

Of course Waldron got his customary paid vacation – AKA thug cops’ best P.A.L. – Paid Administrative Leave – which all cops get when they murder or assault American citizens, and will likely remain on paid vacation for 8-10 weeks, pending the pre-determined investigation. We all know there will be no charges pressed against Waldron, so why is Minnesota DPS wasting time and tax dollars?

Mr. Heilman leaves behind a young son. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Heilman family, who are preparing civil action.

Friends of Mr. Heilman have set up a Facebook page to honor one of the latest victims of cop thuggery in the USA. RIP young man.

UPDATED 7/22/2009: 12:00 a.m.

In keeping with cop damage control protocol after murdering yet another American citizen, cop-sucker Euro-American media news outlets in Minnesota are trying to justify Mr. Heilman being executed because he had a “prior criminal record” (expect the San Francisco Chronicle to join the fray sometime soon). However, I’ll give the Mankato Free Press credit, as they also pointed out thug Waldron’s prior criminal history, which includes a 1994 disorderly conduct conviction and a 1995 DUI which he wrecked a car and attempted to run from the arresting officers. So much for background checks and police being held to a higher standard.

Regardless, in order for an American citizen to be given the death penalty under color of state law, a jury must convict them of murder (the only crime eligible for a death sentence) and several appeals must be exhausted. Whether Mr. Heilman has a “prior criminal past” or not, the fact is he was unarmed and murdered by a thug cop, who will not face any sort of penalties. Using Euro-American media logic, Waldron can then be murdered because he has a prior criminal history. But this is the United States; Land of COP (Constitutionally Protected) Thugs.

UPDATED 7/24/2009: 12:34 a.m.

The ONLY difference between Waldron murdering Mr. Heilman, and that Oakland rent-a-cop Johannes Mehserle murdering Mr. Oscar Grant on New Year’s Eve, is that several cell phone cameras caught terrorist Mehserle on tape.

Mehserle is now facing murder charges, despite Euro-American media efforts to paint Mr. Grant as an “ex-con.” If there was indeed a “scuffle” between thug Waldron and Mr. Heilman, hopefully someone out there was savvy and alert enough to roll their cell phone camera. Otherwise, sadly, thug cop justice will likely prevail (because witness testimony means nothing in these “investigations”) and Minnesota DPS will give the proverbial, “it was a tragic accident,” “Waldron feels terrible,” and “nobody wins from a situation like this” speel. If someone has video or even audio, please step forward immediately. But then again, Mr. Fong Lee was murdered on tape by Minneapolis thug cop Jason Andersen and of course, Andersen faced no murder charges. We’ll just have to wait and see.

78 thoughts on “Le Sueur County (MN) Police Thug Todd Waldron Murders Unarmed Man

  1. JW

    Are you fucking kidding me? How irresponsible! You claim to be a voice for the honest, and claim to hold those responsible accountable, yet you have published a scathing report before any facts are in….. You should be ashamed.. But, looking at your past articles, you have no interest in the truth whatsoever. You have an obvious prejudice against cops. If you knew the REAL story, you’d be embarrassed to have posted this fallacy. That fucking piece of shit tried to murder Deputy Waldron. Oh wait, not only was it him, but his piece of shit fucking fuckbag friend did too. Oh, but wait, you don’t care about anyone who tries to kill a cop, because you are also a fucking piece of shit who hates cops, just like this worthless piece of dead meat…..

  2. amanda

    What the real issue is democracy in our country. Take yourself out of your familiarity with the situation and look at what transpired that day. A man in a silver Durango follows a civilian for 20+ minutes no lights no indication this was a police officer. Could they be trying to loose this unknown man following them for 20 minutes? That is surely what I would have done being a parent if I had an unknown man following me on my way to my home where my family lives. Then this man gets out of the car doesn’t identify himself and grabs him while he tries to walk away. Who would not defend them self against this man that has NOT identified himself as a cop? Who would not be afraid of a strange man following you twenty minutes and to your home? When Tyler saw his badge he immediately got up and put his arms up. The officer got up and shot him twice in the chest and a stray bullet went through an unsuspecting apartment with CHILDREN in it (two of them ages 2 and 4). The mother and the two children were DETAINED in their vehicle until 11:30pm and denied request to go elsewhere where her children could sleep. Since when in a democratic and free country can an officer pursue a man in a regular car, in regular clothing, without identifying himself? Since when can an unidentified individual follow another man, grab him and ask for his id, and shoot him after he puts his hands up? This is NOT the democracy i know. I can’t envision this in OUR country maybe under a government that promotes fear of law enforcement. What a disgrace to everything that freedom and democracy stands for.

  3. carvercounty

    Lets see….he was shot 4 times with his hands in the air? And he was trying to kill the cop?
    I have said it before and i will say it again. Every guy I knew that went on to become a cop was a punk in high school. Our standards for wearing a badge and carrying a gun in this country are ridiculously low. Get this thug back to his minimum-wage career awaiting him…

  4. CityBoy08

    JW, Shut the fuck up. Why don’t you go get pulled over while intoxicated, try to flea, become an undercover cop, block somebody in there parking spot, force them to get out, and hopefully he she or they won’t be wearing just swim trunks, and you can earn yourself a nice little dead crooked cop parade for yourself, since you hold yourself in such high regard. Maybe the choice word ‘police thug’ was a tad outlandish.. Police fuck head maybe. But I know first hand that some officers are the shit, at least in saint paul. But either way, get fucked JW. He’s got ten times more of a valid point then you, and I guarantee anyone else who reads this will take each point of view into context, and hate yours. Like me. It’s just dumb people like Waldron and you that make bad decisions at bad times. Dink.

  5. DontJudge

    Alright, I’m just gonna give some stuff that I know.
    I live about 4 miles away from where this happened and my brother went to school with Tyler Heilman.

    -Tyler dropped out of high school due to alcohol.

    -Kasota has a strong reputation for using drugs and alcohol, which means Tyler could’ve been on either substance at the time.

    -The only witness to this was Tyler’s best friend, so we can most likely expect a biast opinion from him.

    -Despite all this, Todd shouldn’t have fired, being that Tyler was unarmed.But please, nobody should judge either side until we find out all the facts.

  6. Star

    I also grew up in Kasota and live only a few miles from the apartments and has it happens my brother went to school with Tyler also and was his best freind. I knew Tyler well! Heres some facts I know!

    -The fact that he dropped out of highschool DOES NOT matter in this case!

    -Kasotas rep has nothing to do with this! Should we assume that you live in Kasota so your on drugs?????

    -My brother was not the only witness to Tylers murder there were alot of people out durning that time that witness what happened.

    You have alot of nerve shit talking someone who was just shot down for no reason! If you don’t agree with something fine don’t agree but christ don’t shit talk! There is no reason that he had to die regardless of the situation he was unarmed and did not deserve to take four bullets to the chest!

  7. Cityboy08

    What more facts are you effin’ waiting for though? honestly. Even if they pin drugs in his car (hypathetically of course), and the friend said those weren’t his, then (unfortunately) more than half of the damn public would eat it right up. It’s bull$#!+ This case is pretty much just as fucked up as Fong Lee, and if anyone thinks that was any thing near just, go eff yourself.

    I dropped out of school, and I’m pretty sure I drank and smoked a bowl while I was doing it, but I’m not a dumbass, and I’m in college. So maybe all kasotan’s have drinking problems? i don’t know. so maybe just all drop outs might as well die?? I GUESS I DON’T KNOW, I’LL HAVE TO WAIT FOR SOME MORE FACTS. bs.

    Do not accept subliminally transmitted oblivion into your heads. Sheep die sheared.

  8. ktown

    Just a note, not all people in Kasota have drinking problems or are on drugs. Surprise, I know. Some Kasotans go on to college, raise families, become professionals in their careers and some, but just some, have all their teeth and half their brains. At least enough to know one thing– what happened on Monday was tragic, to say the absolute least. Does blogging about a “thug cop” and “fucking pieces of shit” help the situation? No. I would also like to know where the Kasota drug/alcohol statistics came from. I would maybe be able to stumble into my tractor and head up to the prairie to have someone read it to me while they cook meth and slam beers. Sound stupid? It is. Let’s stop fighting and keep in mind that there are ALWAYS two sides to the story and bickering about who dropped out of high school and who was unarmed and what erratic driving entails… will not make the lives of those involved whole again.

  9. wilma heilman travaille

    You don’t have your facts right about what happened and we would appreciate it if yoy would not write things that are not the truth. There were so many witnesses this cop won’t be getting by with this

  10. BluPsych

    DontJudge, you just did so that gives me the right to judge you? You live 4 miles away from a town you claim is known for drugs so you must be on drugs too which would make you too effed up to respond correctly. Use your alias to your advantage, bright one.
    Star, I never knew Tyler or Abby but I’m sorry that you, your brother, and all of the rest of the families have to suffer through this. Read my alias, you know who I am. If anything, give him a place to release his emotions at this point. Let him talk, let him vent but don’t badger him to death.Love ya. Be happy and healthy at this point for your bro. Love ya. Be healthy and happy for your bro.

  11. Nate

    hey all you mother fuckers talkin shit about tyler need to stop. and whoever you are dontjudge, my girlfriends nephew was also there and so was a couple other witnesses, you have no fuckin clue what you are talkin about and tyler is not onloy a good man, but he is deceased, so you need to quit talkin shit, if you knew tyler, he was one of the coolest guys you would ever meet! so come one stop talkin shit ive known tyler and abbie for a long time, all we want is answers, not punk asss bitches talkin shit. RIP BUDDY!

  12. Samantha

    JW shut the fuck up! dude my fucking nephew was there and saw the whole fucking thing along with a bunch of other witnesses. Tyler did not try to murder that police officer,he didn’t even have a weapon. This cop MURDERED a young man who had a family and a little boy. His friend didn’t try to kill a cop either otherwise he would be in jail. Just because this guy is a police officer he should not get any special treatment if it were any other person they would be in prison for murder and that is exactly where this cop should be. I pray that justice is served for Tyler and his family. No little kid should have to grow up without their father especially over some dick head cop that went on a power trip and took his job for granted.

  13. breal

    All I know JW is you have some issues and DONTJUDGE, please your comments are way off base, i’ve known Tyler for many many years and he’s had his problems, we’ve all had are own problems just like im sure you’ve had your own. And living in Kasota doesn’t mean anything. Tyler has always been a good friend to everyone and has always had everyones back and Waldron ended his life at 24 years old which is a travesty and a crime it’s so sad and he needs to be punished for his crime and personally i don’t know how he’s going to be able to face to world anymore?

  14. wj

    I wonder what the W in JW stands for? It’s pretty sad you would make up stories saying they tried killing so called “deputy” waldo I think you need to get with it JW….face the reality waldron is a murderer!

  15. Jeff O

    My brother was good friends with Tyler in high school. They both got busted on the burglary charge in 2004 – they were trying to steal a go-kart from somebody’s yard. Just doing stupid stuff as a kid, lots of people do it. By no means was he some sort of dangerous criminal. I despise overzealous cops, and that’s exactly what Waldron is. They tell us to withold judgement because we don’t know all the facts…but the fact is Waldron killed an unarmed man and he should lose his job and face prosecution

  16. bbenson

    Why do you need to use such VULGAR language to try and get your point across. Point blank…a young man was WRONGFULLY shot and killed. I hope justice will be served and that the cop who shot him gets a nice long prison term.

  17. bbenson

    To the Heilman family you have my sympathy. Both of my sons knew Tyler, Brandon was in the same grade as him. Kyle my youngest also knew him. And to the person who said Kasota is nothing but druggies and alcoholics? That’s not true…there are many fine upstanding citizens in the Kasota community. I know this for a fact as I have former family members STILL living there and friends also. So if you want to pass judgement maybe you should take a look at yourself. 4 miles?? puts ya at St. Peter lots of druggies there and many alcoholics too!

  18. bbenson

    I just found out some more facts…the cop who killed him also has a CRIMINAL RECORD??? Burglary and a few others. Pretty sad huh? And this cop had a personal vendetta against Tyler? Seems to me this cop should be hung! Too bad there isn’t a death penalty in Minnesota!

  19. L3If

    What about every other person living in that complex who saw what happened. The real stories are the ones that are people who had there life interupted by the Double D Waldron. Plus that whole department is straight like this(S). A HOLES all of them except the few who have given us the time of day to tell us sorry, and listen to the people who will tell you the truth.

    I know of a few people who have been talked down to, intimidated, lied to, and harrassed by the Lesueur County COWBOYS. I’ve heard stories about how most of them Deputies aren’t Angles in any way.

  20. SH

    You should really watch the language. It is also very disrespectful for you to say such horrible things about someone who is now deceased. He has many people that love him and are heart broken about this whole situation. You should get your facts straight before running off your mouth, as there were numerous witnesses to this and they are all saying the same thing. The only one that did any murdering is the so called police officer who is suppose to serve and protect. Obviously, he missed this part in his schooling. If you are a family member, of course you are going to stick up for him. Maybe you should think about the family and friends that are now left behind, and the people you are hurting by the stupid and ignorant things that you are saying.

  21. TH

    Your response here is irresponsible and uncalled for. If you are a relative of the cop that murdered Tyler, I am sorry for you. You weren’t there and you have no idea what happened that day. There were numerous witnesses, and they are all saying the same thing. Also, Tyler was unarmed and did not deserve to be gunned down by some robo cop. You are saying terrible things about a deceased person who did not deserve to die, and who left behind numerous people that loved him and are absolutely heart broken. If this was a family member of yours, you would be devastated and horrified. No one tried to murder this so called police officer who is suppose to serve and PROTECT!! I know that the investigators will try to cover this up, but I guarantee you, with the support, all the witnesses, and the truth, he will get what is coming to him. We do not need so called police officers on the streets like this, and trust me, there are numerous of them. You are the one that should be ashamed of yourself. Have some decency and respect, which obviously, you do not. Hate cops, only those that think that they can do whatever it is they want, including killing innocent people. Not all of them are bad, but Todd Waldron just made people mistrust the power hungry cops out there more than ever. This was a tragic and uncalled for murder that should have never happened. I would be willing to bet that if robo cop could do this day over, he would go about his business and not try to be a hero, which by the way, he is not.

  22. DontJudge

    Sorry, I had a bad choice of words there. I was just pissed that everybody was blaming Todd for this, when we haven’t got all the facts yet. My apologies.

  23. Cops.06

    As a current Law Enforcement Officer and Student, I must say that Deputy Waldrons actions were that of a murderer, and i feel as a member of Law Enforcement, Deputy Waldron was wrong is his actions and tactics and i find no excuse for fatally shooting Tyler Heilman. I however do not know Tyler personally, i currently attend a college course with Tyler’s widowed Girlfriend Abby. Such actions by Law Enforcement has left a wonderful person alone to raise a child, and i cannot apologize enough for the actions of Waldron. Waldron took an oath to protect and serve his community no matter the circumstances. This man should never be able to lead in the community, nor should he have been allowed to act as a Peace Officer any where. His actions are described by one word. Haneous. A cold act of murder, as a lawman we are trained to handle such minor situations such as what happened that afternoon as delicately as possible so that life liberty and pursuit is spared. Waldron is no longer in my eyes or thoughts a member of the law enforcement community. I really hate to be judgmental in this situation, but it helps knowing that Waldron will be judged in the end. And i can see the outcome. Keep in mind that there are Policeman as myself who are fair and honest that deserve to not be judged by all who are angry with Waldron. On behalf of myself, and the Law Enforcement community i would like to send out our sincere apologies to Abby, Hayden and the Heilman family, for they have lost a father, son, boyfriend and friend. I wish i could have been put in waldrons position so that i may have handled it differently and Mr. Heilman would still be here today. Nothing i can say will bring him back, but i do pray for Tyler, Abby, and Haden that they find the strength they need to make it through these unnecessary hard times. I too pray, that waldron gets what he has coming for such a cruel act upon an unarmed man. I see no affiliation nor do i consider him a brother to Law Enforcement. Abby I know you will pull through, stay strong and ask god for help, and take comfort in knowing that Tyler is with the “BIG” man now, looking down on you.-MRL

  24. EH

    How can you claim to represent justice when you claim judgements before all the information is collected and a hearing held?

    You do know that law enforcement is not allowed to discuss a case until the hearing? Right?!

  25. EH

    Tyler –a convicted felon with a chronic history of violence– attacked an armed off-duty cop and was shot to death in the process.

    Tyler made a long series of bad choices, attacked another human being (possibly with help from his friend-witnesses) and died in the process.

    I’m sorry, but until I hear from the officer I’m going to assume this menace and his unreliable friends pretty much received the consequences for their actions.

    Life is like that… don’t attack people or don’t expect to survive long in this world.

  26. Brigand

    I just moved from LeSueur County, and did not know Tyler. My heart goes out to his family and all of his friends.
    If you want this to make national news, go to infowars.com, and select the “Contact Us” link…it looks like a customer service page, but there is a drop-down menu that allows you to indicate that it is a news tip. If Alex Jones publishes this, literally millions of people will read about it.

  27. Steven

    Hey you mother fuckers. Tyler was a good friend of mine. You people don’t know the whole story. I DO. He didnt attack and off duty officer. The cop never said he was a cop. so unless you know what is really going on shut your fucking faces and have some respect from my Dead Friend.

  28. 2cents

    I never got a chance to know Tyler but I did know Abby in high school. No one should have to go through what she is forced to go through now and it makes me sick with grief to see her in tears in local newspapers and random online sites.

    Tyler was more than a police record, he was a father, boyfriend, son, and friend which out way anything he could have done in the past. Just because you screw up and break the law a few times, doesn’t mean you deserve to die like this. This entire case seems fishy and I just hope that in the end, true justice will be served. My heart goes out to all that know Tyler and all those camping out at the court house until this is over.

  29. PP

    You hit it right on the head! Sounds like these folks have serious issues with law enforcement. Is it because they themselves have committed crimes in the past? Or perhaps they are guilty of something presently or have something to hide from the law and/or law enforcement! Bottom line is, if everyone had more respect for the law, law enforcement and society as a whole, incidents like this would not occur!

  30. Peaches

    Wow….alot of you drop the f-bomb like professionals! (and that was sarcasm and disgust, not a compliment!) People really need to stop all this nonsense and look at the “big picture,” not just see things one-sided!

    Maybe JW delivered his thoughts in a politically correct manner, and it appears he has offended many people. However, all of the backlashing of the officer involved has offended many people as well. It seems to me, that the majority of people who are so angry with law enforcement are those who have had run-ins with law enforcement for crimes they have committed, or those who are guilty and have something to hide from the law and/or law enforcement. Most of us know, that law enforcement officers do not pull their weapons, and they certainly don’t fire unless they have just cause to do so. Those of us law abiding, productive members of society, those of us who give law enforcement the resepect they deserve, have the capability to understand, that while this certainly is a tragedy, the investigation is not yet complete, and we need to withhold our judgement until that time. AND we also understand that not only is this a tragedy for Tyler and his family/friends, but also for the officer involved, as the decision was not an easy one to make, and one he will have to live with for the rest of his life. We are able to extend our condolences to both parties, and not use negative/threatning words to belittle one or the other. Perhaps if more people could be law abiding and give law enforcement the respect they deserve as they protect and serve, incidents like this would not occur.

    And pray, pray you better, for your souls are dark, as is apparent by the words you use. This goes for all who have posted such negative/threatning comments. You need to pray for more than justice for this case….

    How is your soul today?

  31. AlbertLeaDude

    For you to say people who view this cop as a thug must have something to hide and/or are in trouble with the law is like me saying all cops were pussies in high school, got picked on in high school, and are insecure. You are one of those cop drones; remote-controlled people who view murderers like Waldron as heroes and there is no getting through to you until you experience something like this personally (since I doubt you care about anyone else). I never realized this kind of stuff happens as much as it does until I saw this website. Granted I may not agree with everything on here, but I would have never known about any of the people or the frequency of these incidents covered on here. Why doesn’t mainstream media pick up on this stuff more? Maybe that is why you (Peaches) are so incredibly naive. That or some cop is pumping you every night!

  32. Brigand

    Good grief…being in “law enforcement” does not earn any more respect than being in construction…it’s a profession, and not one that deserves any more respect than any other…it’s not a case of people having something to hide or breaking the law….it’s a case of people being outraged at what appears from witness accounts as a case of murder…he killed and intended to kill an unarmed man, that much is clear as day…carrying a gun carries with it a huge responsibility, and being in law enforcement is not a license to kill…that’s what you’re reading about here…

  33. Matthew Lange

    First of all being in law enforcement does bring on more responsibility than a construction worker or store clerk. All law enforcement agents and officers are held to a higher standard than that of normal citizens not in Law Enforcement. Secondly, Being an officer or Lawman is not a just a profession. It is a lifestyle and a way of life. With your current position i bet you never take work home with or worry about it while your on your days off. Everyday we in law enforcement have to constantly worry about how an investigation or case will turn out. I bet you don’t lose sleep over you job. We do. We are always worrying about the job when we are home or away. Like a construction worker can take his tool belt off and leave it on the site, law enforcement carries that duty belt or duty to protect and serve whether behind the shield or not. Any cops can tell ya its just a job, but the good ones who are committed to the shield would tell you otherwise. Its not a job, it is a way of life. Finally the point of law enforcement and a responsibility. As “Cops” we are held accountable for every minute of every shift, and every action we do off duty. The reason being is it takes leaders and role models to be an officer, and this is a point that we take seriously. It goes beyond the merit and respect. It is above the outlook of people in society. Its about the passion for the “Job”, the people we serve and its about the lifestyle. This is what we chose, and this is how we live our lives.

  34. Brigand

    Dear Matthew…
    No offense intended, and I apologize for my tone. I understand completely when you say that law enforcement is a way of life, and it was wrong for me to diminish the responsibility that you all carry. As for me, it’s never five o’clock, and it’s never Saturday. I founded and am an Officer of a nonprofit, and it’s success (and ability to serve my community) is for the most part dependent on my attention and ’round the clock focus and diligence. I understand what it means to set and adhere to high standards, and thank you for the insight you’ve given. This was a tragic event for all, and very close to home. I’ve read about similar events (Meserhle in Oakland, e.g.), but this one brought me close to tears. We can only pray for everyone affected by it.

  35. wj

    A lot of police officers out there are good men and woman and respect there jobs and do there duty’s but you must understand around St.Peter and Le Suer and the small towns around here a lot of these so called cops are out for vengence because they were bullied in high school and they think there real MEN, but there just hiding behind a badge and it’s pathetic and thats how Waldron is and i hope his family knows that. I would love to see this guys try to be a cop in a real city and see if they survive one day.

  36. Vc

    Dear JW, What is the real story? If you know something then tell us. You also stated that “this piece of shit” tried to murder Todd, say what? How did Tyler try to murder Todd? What was his weapon, a swimsuit? Why didn’t Todd call 911 or try to give CPR? You should be ashamed to call this deceased, young man…..a piece of shit. Give him the respect you would give your deceased son or daughter.I am not a cop hater, but if there is more to the story please tell me about it.

  37. jax

    Mr. Lang, I have never been in trouble with the law. I have a very important job also so yes I also lose sleep over my job. But there are ALWAYS someone that thinks there above certain individauls. I am friends with law enforcement individauls, so I understand that there are good and then there are bad individauls! Thats a Fact. It’s sad that a unarmed man in his swim trunks was killed and his friend lost his sole. Why did the cop in the cities just the other day wound the thief after being attack and here and UNARMED MAN IN SWIM TRUNKS WAS KILLED! Why did it only take a week to find out answers to the killing in St. Peter and here we are still waiting. Being a cop you do have alot to answer too as does a doctor and a nurse that Tyler didn’t get a chance to see! As does someone who runs a company and has other people depending on for a job to earn a living. Something Tyler will never know now. And then there are the witness’s that are so distraut and upset they can’t sleep because that is what they see when they close there eye’s. What about that Mr. Lang what about what he did to the living leaving behind a 3 & 1/2 year old what about that! I hope this does haunt Waldon till the day he expires!

  38. TH

    Wow Peaches, how is your soul today? I am not a police officer, I have never been in trouble with the law, I have nothing to hide, and I don’t feel guilty. I work with the police every day in a large city. I know for a fact that there is police abuse that goes on numerous times a day, and I have seen it first hand and more than once. I have seen people in handcuffs on the ground get kicked, punched, and stomped on by more than one cop at a time. I have also seen elderly people who are in their 80’s and weigh about 80 pounds be tazed, who by the way had no weapons and were pretty helpless. Do not tell me that if more people could be law abiding and give police the respect that they deserved, that incidents like this would not happen. I have very little respect for the police and I most certainly do not trust the majority of them. They have earned what people think of them. In fact, they have been front page news for some time now in the area because of their non law abiding behaviors. I also know numerous people who have never been in trouble, have nothing to feel guilty about, and aren’t hiding anything who feel the exact same way. I don’t think that Todd Waldron even gave his “decision” a thought or it would have never happened. I will never believe that Tyler once tried to do anything that would have put that man’s life at risk. I am sure though that this is what the investigation will come up with, so then it will be justified, in the minds of the police anyway. That was decided the minute it happened. If that is true and he doesn’t have to do prison time, which he should, and he gets to continue his career, which he should not, I hope he is smart enough to not do it in the same area. I will guarantee you he will never have any respect, which by the way, he has earned. The LeSueur county police will have no respect either, and it will just solidify what so many people already think about the police who are suppose to “protect and serve” which was definitely not the case that day. When the police start respecting the people they are supposedly protecting and serving, maybe that will be returned.

  39. JM

    Mankato Free Press

    Published July 29, 2009 03:27 pm –

    Your View: Wait for facts before judging Waldron

    In light of the recent letters concerning the shooting in Kasota, it is time for someone to respond in defense of deputy Todd Waldron.

    One letter writer wrote that bad decisions were made and as a result trust has been lost in area law enforcement. Bad decisions were made and those bad decisions were made by Tyler Heilman.

    While I feel for the Heilman family and their loss, there are facts that can’t be denied. As The Free Press printed, Heilman had an extensive criminal history. He had been charged 19 times in the past eight years. Three of those were felonies. One of those involved him hitting a man in the head with a beer bottle and then striking him with a pool cue while the man lay on the ground.

    Waldron deserves better than the rumor and innuendo that is being spread around this area. He deserves the same rights as you and I, to be innocent of any wrongdoing unless proven otherwise.

    Heilman made the decision to drive recklessly, endangering lives. Heilman fought with Waldron. At some point, Waldron made the decision to use deadly force.

    We weren’t rolling around on the ground in Kasota with a convicted felon, Waldron was. Wait until all the facts are out before rushing to judge him

  40. areyoukidding

    are you people kidding? ty was a decent guy? go ask the guy he beat with a beer bottle. do good guys and great parents stay out all night at bars attacking people from behind? ty boy tried to bully the wrong guy. it is unfortunate, but the idea he should get a pass on his behavior because he was fathering a bastard child is the dumbest thing ive ever heard. go ahead now you ignorant morons and use some more profanity! better yet, get out your beers and hang out on the sidewalk of the county court house. his kid is better off without a felon raising him.

  41. areyoukidding

    you get nothing and a civil trial will result in the same. seems tys friends have one version, and everyone else who saw it happen have another. dont waste the taxpayer money, praise waldron for helping the country in a time of fiscal need!

  42. TH

    It is really hard to be in this world where people, like you, think that they are nothing but perfect. How can you call an innocent child a bastard? You must be some good Christian person to be talking like that. I know that is what I learned in church was to judge others. No matter what, Tyler was loved by many. Just because he was in trouble, doesn’t mean he deserved to die. It doesn’t take much these days to get a felony charge. Don’t forget either, Todd Waldron had a record as well. He was able to hide behind the legal system though, and use his power to do as he pleased. Also, you must know something about Tyler personally, and be quite close to him as well since you take it upon yourself to call him Ty. Was it you that he hit in the head after you were bullying him and now you are too embarrassed to show your ignorant, moron face? Keep your stupid thoughts to yourself. There is a facebook site for supporters of Todd. Go on there and show your support since you are such a great, law abiding, perfect person and know all the answers. You are right that there are no legal charges being filed, but hopefully, thug Waldron will lose in civil court and have to pay restitution for what he did. Even if he doesn’t, only a very cold, arrogant person could not be bothered by what happened to Tyler, especially if they were the one that shot and killed him. That day changed many people’s lives, and I know for a fact, Todd’s life, as well as that of his family was changed forever. My guess, it wasn’t for the better. This will be something that will haunt him for the rest of his life. He knows in his heart if what he did was right or not, no matter what he wants everyone to believe. He is the one that has to live with this forever.

  43. Vc

    Very well said TH. I have decided to include Todd Waldron in my prayers. My prayer will be, that Waldron will get his “just reward” in one way or another. While he is alive or upon his death. He is a murderer and God sees and knows all! My heart goes out to Deb, Mark, Abby and Hayden Heilman. Waldron has already lost his dad……….Karma will get you (Waldron) and it is just starting.

  44. ummmm

    calling the kid a bastard child is calling a spade a spade. look the word up in the dictionary. i didnt claim to be a christian or perfect. this is just another libtard attempt to spin the truth isnt it? were ty and his baby mama married?? apparently they werent, thus the child is a bastard. you however with this gem

    “He knows in his heart if what he did was right or not, no matter what he wants everyone to believe.” is proof to me that you yourself have become the judge and jury – yet you spew your hypocrisy. remember that christians despise hypocrisy. Piss off! Hail to waldron the hero!

  45. Vc

    Let me see……Where did I say the I wish evil upon Waldron? I said, “Just Reward” in one way or another. Is that Evil? NO! You also called me a stalker……do you know what stalking means? It means: someone who follows you and makes you feel scared.
    stalker – someone who walks with long stiff strides, someone who hunts game. Where did I say that I was following him or hunting him? NO WHERE! How well do you know Tyler? I never saw, in any article, news report or Tyler’s autopsy (which I don’t think anyone has seen)..did it say that Tyler was drunk? What a dumb remark you made about…possibly getting killed by a drunk driver. No, let’s get killed by a out of controlled , rage infested, whacked out COP! I never wish evil towards anyone. I am sorry you took it that way. I am just saying that he will get his “Just Reward.” If you take that as an evil statement then you must think Waldron is guilty?! You don’t have to swear on here either. Tyler was not my son but I would have been proud to have him as my son. Waldron has a record but like most cops…they get off of all there charges. Karma will get me. Karma can be good or bad. Mine will be good because I believe in God and one of the commandments says, “thou shalt not kill.” You also make it sound like you a perfect person. You call people a piece of shit?! We all have done something wrong in our lives, but we also can change. Too bad you haven’t changed since your wrong doing. I can still smell your “shit.”

  46. ummmm

    let me see??? it was is supposed friends that said they had been drinking. which part of that are you struggling with? that he was a drunk? was drunk, or that he was a great dad while drunk? when you talk of his karma, are you saying you hope he has a great day?

    fuck off

  47. nutczak

    vc= judge and jury??? “He is a murderer and God sees and knows all!” are you waldron? for the record, i have exactaly 0 felonies d-bag, and i will be at home with my kids tonight, no one will get a beating from me and a beer bottle from the back. do you support this kind of behavior? my shit doenst stink.

  48. Vc

    Now you are making fun of me. As you said, “It was his supposed friends that said they had been drinking.” I don’t struggle with any of it. Drinking and being drunk are two different things. Do you drink? Does that make you a drunk? So you are judging him as a “drunk” because he was drinking?
    Karma can be having a great day! Maybe his life will turn around. Maybe he’ll do some wonderful things for someone. Karma is also, all bad things could happen until he makes peace with himself.
    You also showed how stupid you are by telling me to f off.

  49. Vc

    Only God is anyone’s Judge and Jury! Waldron is a murderer……anyone that kills someone else is a murderer, look it up. God does see all and knows all. Are you Waldron? What does that mean? That beer bottle thing was a long time ago and he was attacked in the bar. Learn your facts first. I don’t support fighting in anyway…and any cop that feels threatened for his life…shoot them in the leg, he’ll go down. I hope no under cover, plain clothe, none identifing deputy goes after your kids, you might see things in a different way. Right?

  50. TH

    Sounds to me like someone needs to seek a little couseling. There is a great deal of anger coming out here. You must be related somehow to Todd, or you wouldn’t be so nasty and negative. Let Tyler rest. Quit bad mouthing him and his friend’s. There is so much pain an anger here already. As I said before, go to the support page for Todd on facebook and spew your negativity there. Everyone will be glad to engage you.

  51. Vc

    TH, I hope you don’t think I need counseling?! I am not angry but so disappointed in our system. If that would have been someone kid killing an unarmed cop, he would be in jail for live. What a terrible world we would live in, if we killed everyone that we felt threatened by. Then shoot them three times, once wasn’t enough. These people need to go to Todd site on facebook. The only thing they don’t allow swearing.

  52. real

    Wow u call Waldron a hero and say everything was a waste of tax payers money??? Well in my opinion Waldron is a coward,killer, and a shameless individual and when u talk about wasting money, let’s talk about how he was paid for doing nothing since July, wow that’s a little sad, a killer gets paid, must be rough to be Todd Waldron. And u call him a hero and have the nerve to bad mouth Tyler the man he killed, im starting to wonder if u knew Tyler personally cause it seems like u have something personal against just like waldron did.

  53. nutczak

    actually i dont drink, what does he need to turn around? quit doing the job he is paid to do and become a leach like ty? he clearly does wonderful things each day as a cop, for example taking drunks off the streets and keeping us all safe. when someone questions you, is it your instinct to start swinging, or do you need to be drunk to start fighting? why do you try to justify tys violent behavior and history?

    my guess is that waldron has made peace with himself, and that he will continue down the path he chose.

  54. nutczak

    this is hysterical! you are not saying anyone in the military that shoots a rifle is a murderer? i dont know either waldron or ty. when someone does something good (for example mother theresa-and no im not a catholic) do you not look at her deeds and say wow, she is doing something good? yet you seem to have a problem with the likes of ty, a violent criminal. waldo didnt murder ty, a jury of people (people who didnt get to hear his side of the story) decided there wasnt enough evidence to even CONSIDER the stupidity of charging him! is all of anoka county in on this?? your conspiracy theory attitude is growing tiring. as far as waldo on paid admin leave, i dont make the rules and laws, but like ty, you decide which should be obeyed and which shouldnt, yet you wonder why people have consequenses for breaking laws??? wtf?

    go to facebook? put your bong away, my 12 year old plays on facebook, are you a 12 yr old, or a pedophile hanging out with the kids? this type of behavior sickens me. no wonder we have so many problems in this country – sick sob’s all over the place screaming foul when justice is served(and validated by a jury). now you freak shows scream that another jury should be brought together to decide if waldo should be that held guilty in a civil court? i will concede that sooner or later a group will side with your left wing bs and like typical lefties and crybabies you will all scream victory, when the reality is that waldo won the war in anoka! all you whiners want to do is leech more $$ from the state insurance fund and bleed out the taxpayers and law abibing citizens because of the poor choices of a drunk.

    i wonder if you hold abortion docs murderers? probably not.. may God have mercy on your poor lost pathetic souls.

    total and compelte bs!

  55. Vc

    Can anyone explain to me why the Grand Jury was moved to Anoka County……? it was because “conflict of interest.” But then they bring Anoka County people to LeCenter Courthouse, the county that Waldron serves, where is his friends and fellow officers are and the jurors were citizens of LeSueur Co. What happened to conflict of interest? One person had to be discharged from being a juror because he was a relative of Waldron. Conflict of interest? Some unknown person, driving by the crime scene, could see Tyler choking Waldron. Let me see..I am traveling at 30 mph, see someone getting choked but people standing within 20 feet didn’t see that. I wonder if someone got paid to say he was driving by? Let’s see what the press conference has to say…I bet they won’t say nothing. Todd Waldron’s crimes are all public record, but we don’t hear about the two DUI’s and still got to stay on as a cop, if that was you or me we wouldn’t have a driver license but we would spend sometime in jail. Talk about a drunk, there he is! I bet you, me and other parents have perfect kids, teenagers and adult children? Our kids have never done any wrong, but Tyler was the worse child ever?….no, he had changed his life and loved his son so much. I feel so bad for the Heilman family……they almost Tyler to brain surgery in May and then two months later a cop murders him. Waldron just stood there saying, “Oh what did I do?”

  56. Vc

    Correction on the above statement.
    In May, Tyler’s parents almost lost their son to brain surgery and then two months later a cop murders him.

  57. Vc

    Nice…….You are so smart! You called Todd Waldron “WALDO”. Put your “bong” away, stop playing on facebook (with your 12 year old) and get take some spelling lessons. WHERE’S WALDO? hahaha. Reality is Waldron didn’t win the war IN Anoka County. Grand Jury was held in LeCenter with LeSueur County citizens as jurors. May God have mercy on your soul. May God forgive you for calling us pedophiles, whiners, leeches, sick sob’s, freak shows and assume we use drugs (a bong).

  58. harry

    you win, Deputy Waldron won the war in LeCenter! Does that make you feel better?

    ty did not change his life, or he would not have been drinking and driving with a kid in the car. How do you justify that?

    The guy was a criminal, I’m not saying he didnt love his son, but he loved himself more. the proof is in his conduct. too bad he didnt learn the lesson about putting your kids before yourself – like most responsible parents – before it was too late.

    is your name chimp1978? why do i ask? because you two seem to have this idea that you are better than the citizens of this country and can over-rule juries. Murderer??? put your crack pipe away (is that better?)

  59. Vc

    Harry, I just want you to know that I am 57 years old, I don’t drink, I don’t use drugs and never have, and I have two wonderful adult children. I am NOT perfect and never said I was. I am NOT better than anyone. I love life and people.
    Do you know what Tyler’s blood alcohol level was? Have you ever went to a lake and had a couple of beers? Tyler had a couple of beers and I do know what his blood alcohol was .05……so that isn’t anything. What about Waldron, he had, in 1994, disorderly conduct conviction and a 1995 DUI which he wrecked a car and attempted to run from the arresting officers. The disorderly conduct makes me believe that he is very capable of totaly losing it and killing someone. What kid did Tyler have in the car? Not his son. You say that Tyler is a criminal…what are you talking about. Littering? Yes, there was breaking into someone place but it was to get his own things back, that they had taken from him. What kid doesn’t get into trouble once in a while?
    Waldron has to live with what he did. Life isn’t going to be easy on him because people are mad that he shot a human being when he could have shot Tyler in the knee, leg, arm and one bullet would have done it. Todd just went nuts and shot four times, in broad daylight, with little kids all around watching and having a bullet going into an apartment. I wonder what Waldron was thinking…and then yell, “What have I done?” over and over again. For a deputy to be so young, he sure has had his problems and those problems make him look like he is a criminal.

  60. harry

    The papers say he had a 13 yr old kid in the car with him.

    Seems we have something in common – I dont drink, so NO i havent been at the lake and had a few beers.

    A little trouble? Beating people nearly to death with beer bottles attacking them from behind? Cant say ive done any of that either.

    Please give it a rest – cops dont shoot for the leg or arm – frankly that is just ignorant to even say that.

    The man is a 37 yrs old, and a 10 yr veteran. You seem to think i condone what happened, yet nothing could be further from the truth. While it could have been handeled differently, sometimes things escalate and happen. my point is that Deputy waldron is NOT to ‘blame’ for what happened. How many ‘good guys’ attack someone for putting their hand on their shoulder? Ty was a VIOLENT FELON, with a long history of violence.

    Why is this so hard ot understand??

  61. curious

    How can anyone compare these 2? Waldron made mistakes and then had a 10 run with no problems and a good career, yet Heilman was still an active deliquent, hanging out with thugs who are currently in jail??? There is no comparison.
    apples to oranges.

  62. testiclese

    wtf is wrong with the person writing this blog??? the violent felon ty was shot because he attacked! plain and simple..

  63. Vc

    There is nothing wrong with me! Tyler didn’t know Waldron. Never knew what he looked like. If someone came up to you, plain clothes, didn’t show his badge, didn’t say he was a cop and in an unmarked cop car and said, “Show me you license” would you, NO! You would probably say wtf (some smart ass answer). If this person put his hands on your shoulders you would do the same thing Tyler did, attack. I know I would! Waldron’s dad told some friends of mine, “In all the year’s that I was on the force, I never once felt like my life was so threatened that I had to kill someone. Never once.” Todd’s dad said that. Tyler also stopped and put his hands up and Waldron shot him. How did Todd became a deputy…with his background of DUI, running from the cops, disorderly conduct and wrecking a car? I am not all on Tyler side but he never stood a chance. He was unarmed, no shirt, no shoes nothing found in the car. So Todd felt threatened by an unarmed man, enough to shoot him three times?

  64. nutczak

    Apparently YES, Deputy Waldron did feel threatened enough to shoot. 10 yrs of experience and people like you want to chalk this up to a rookie? You are right, ty never stood a chance.
    I cant ever recall attacking someone because they asked me for anything or because they put their hand on my shoulder. NOPE, NOT ONCE! What if it had been a person with a mental disability that had asked this thug for ID, and then put their hand on his shoulder? would you still be an advocate for attacking? after all, you know you would? Would I have? I doubt it, I would have had my friends call the cops. With all your inside information, I am still wondering what ty’s buddies were doing during this time. Helping beat a deputy? Cheering him on?

    Something stinks in dodge, and it isnt with the cops.

  65. nutczak

    BTW, I’m still wondering how you are advocating driving after only a ‘few’ beers and having someone elses 13 yr old kid in the car???

    Great guy my arse..

  66. mike

    I’ve got a prejudice against cops…..when they are murdering pigs. Blowing away un-armed guys who were going for a swim. Yeah, you and your murderer buddy have come a long way from picking your pimples in H.S. and wondering why you have to jerk off every night while all the normal guys got dates. Your buddy fixed him, though. he’ll never have sex again…never eat again…never see his kid again. And you call him a worthless piece of dead meat. That was the most cowardly act I’ve ever heard of and you stick up for it with your incredibly foul mouth. I hope if there are any good cops on your little Police force they take care of this rotten apple. You too, if they can find you under a rock somewhere. I hope you and your murderer pal get what’s coming to you, in this life or the next.

  67. Vc

    I can’t beieve that Waldron is back to work. Poor Tyler, he was going to go back to work in Aug.,after surgery on his brain. Waldron, you have to live with yourself. Someone said, “The only good cop is a dead cop.”

  68. Balsak

    Thank God for brave people like Deputy Waldron! Getting rid of this scumbag before he did something like the shitball in Lewisville did probably saved another family the grief that violent predators like Tyler caused. Why do you fucktards continue to support this shitball? You continue to use the logic that Tyler had people that loved him as a justification for his actions. Are you all that stupid? Even Dahmer had family that loved him. Your boy was a violent predator that picked a fight with the wrong guy. Fortunately for society as a whole, Deputy Waldron cleansed us all from the shit stain that was ‘toking heineken’, a dope using drunkard – Ty.

    Long live Deputy Waldron!

  69. Balsak

    Poor Tyler??? Why the wait to go back to work? He had plenty of energy to get high, drive around drunk, and fist fight with people!

    Yet more evidence that Toking Heineken was a shitstain on society!

    The only good violence perpetrating felons are dead ones.

  70. Balsak

    another voice of reason. Ty was a shitball and even his friends knew it!

    I notice his ‘friends’ have not filed lawsuits like they claimed they would. Why not?? Because they all lied… they know it, and the cops know it.

    Good riddance scumballs!

  71. Vc

    On this Anniversary of Tyler’s death….please show some respect to him and his family.
    You are not God. Were you there? No one is perfect! His “friends” can’t file a lawsuit, just the family and if you know they haven’t, then you must have some inside connection. Karma is a bitch and what goes around comes around. Good luck with your life!

  72. balsak


    Fuck him, he was a violent predator and got what was coming to him. I could give two shits for the dope smoking drunk.

    Were you there? I could care less who was there. His LONG record speaks for itself. I am not a judge and dont have to play by bs rules. I take into account his history. You are lucky you and your family werent on the road that day and he didnt kill you!

    What does perfection have to do with anything?? Ty tried to kill a guy with a beer bottle for God’s sake.

    You are right about karma, Ty got what he had coming to him – on this we agree!

  73. Kris

    PERFECTLY SAID!!!!!!!!!!! It’s sad that a life was lost but Waldron was justified in his actions. If someone was attacking me, which Tyler was attacking Waldron, I would defend myself to the end in whatever means I had to inorder to stay alive. STILL….VERY SAD THAT A LIFE WAS LOST!

  74. Anne

    I had to respond to the very vile, profanity-laden, unprofessional, apparently very abusive person who just went on and on with ABUSIVE filled language here. I am very educated and a professional as well, and this type of behavior, and words are very typical of the “peace officers” I have done personality profiles on. It’s about anger, (rage in this case!) control, & abuse, them thinking they are above the law, some of them treating the public with little respect, using physical force, & not tolerating ANYONE else’s opinions, but theirs. They generally all feel they are above the law, that they should decide what is needed force! I can tell you this, that of the several hundred personality profiles I’ve done on “cops” they generally ALL fall into the F category…(fascist behavior) Google personality profiles & you will see what it entails.The paragraph above written by a roughneck, raging, hateful person is NOT one who is going to serve and protect…but BULLY, TORTURE, ABUSE at times as that is what Cowards do! I am an Advocate for the State of MN & have seen abuse by cops myself, verbal, physical as well as emotional at times. It’s scary but that is how they control, & its ALL they often care about…underneath lies usually an overinflated ego, who came from an abusive or dysfunctional family where he saw abuse. Because his life was so out of control in his childhood, he is now choosing a job where HE has UTMOST control. They will do anything to defend one another.Please pray for this uneducated, abusive xxxxxxx.It’s the only hope we have.


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