Lakewood (WA) Police Ambush: Four More Dead Cops In Seattle Area

By | November 30, 2009

UPDATED 12/4/2009: Niece of Maurice Clemmons, Other Supporters, Want Memorial For Her Fallen Uncle

Miss Destiny Hinton tells KIRO TV in Seattle that her uncle Maurice should have a memorial erected where he was maliciously murdered by police thugs without a trial. Destiny’s father, Ricky Hinton, is Clemmons’ brother, and was abducted by Seattle cops and is being held in an internment camp.

The state-run media story was obviously written in a tone conveying that Ms. Hinton and her family are crazy insane negroes for caring about and memorializing their martyred relative. Of course this same media treats it as a day of national mourning in the rare instance some white boy in a cop costume is put to sleep.

UPDATED 12/3/2009: Seattle Police Shooting Clemmons Violated Federal Case Law

The 1985 U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Tennessee vs. Garner addressed the case of Memphis, TN police thug Elton Hyman shooting and killing Edward Garner, a minor, on October 3, 1974.

Hyman shot Garner in the back of the head after he allegedly told him to halt. Garner fled over a fence at night in the backyard of a house he was suspected of burglarizing. The cop used deadly force despite being “reasonably sure” the suspect was unarmed. The U.S. District Court in Memphis (not surprisingly) held that a state statute justified the murder and the “officer’s” actions were constitutional. The Court of Appeals reversed, ruling the statute unconstitutional, and the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed the Appeals Court’s Decision.

In Clemmons case, Seattle Police thug Benjamin L. Kelly noticed a “scruffy looking black man” walking towards his cop car. The cops then say the scruffy-looking black man started running away, and then say “as the officer reached for his gun, the [scruffy-looking black man] began reaching into his waist area.”

Kelly then shot the “scruffy-looking black man,” killing him instantly. Police tentatively identified the dead man as Clemmons. In other words, Kelly had no idea who he was shooting and thus could not “reasonably believe” the man was armed or dangerous. The scruffy-looking black man was running away, and thus cannot be shot by police thugs, per U.S. Supreme Court precedent. Of course cop blood lust and white copsucking always supersede any and all laws.

Meanwhile, Clemmons’ family and friends are now being persecuted by Seattle imperial forces. Darcus Allen, Letricia Nelson, Eddie Lee Davis, Douglas Edward Davis, and Ricky Hinton have all been abducted thus far and will sit in internment camps pending random “aiding and abetting charges.”

UPDATED 11/30/2009 9:00 a.m.: “Scruffy-Looking Black Man” Maurice Clemmons Not Found In Seattle Home

There will be several more of these failures before Seattle area cops ever find the man who put four feral pigs to sleep. Cops surrounded a house on 32nd Street and Yesler in Seattle, around 9pm last night, believing Clemmons was in there. Ten hours later, police entered the home and did not found their “scruffy-looking black man” who has now been “upgraded” to a “suspect,” according to KIRO-TV in Seattle. Area cops are saying Clemmons has been “bleeding” since 8:30 a.m. Sunday from an alleged gunshot wound inflicted by one of the dead cops. Yet Clemmons is still alive. We’ll keep you up to date.

Watch the report from KONG-TV Everett from this morning.

by Brian A. Wilkins
11/30/2009 (links and videos updated December 8, 2018)

Things are getting to the point of explosion in the Pacific Northwest.

Just three weeks ago, Christopher J. Monfort ambushed Seattle cop Timothy Brenton, killing him while he and his partner sat in their cop car. Early this morning, four Lakewood, WA cops were killed while eating donuts at the Forza Coffee House on Steele Street in the Spanaway/Parkland area, about 40 miles south of downtown Seattle. The identity of the man behind this latest ambush is still unknown, and state-run media are in full “tragedy mode” for the dead Lakewood cops.

The four dead white cops.

The four dead white cops.

The four cops – Mark Renninger, Ronald Owens, Tina Griswold, and Greg Richards – went down in a hale of bullets from one man. Euro-American media have been on the story since the retaliatory strike went down around 8:20 this morning. Pierce County (WA) Sheriff Paul Pastor, who’s office responded to the scene, told KING-5 News in Seattle that these events “harm the good [police] can do in the community.”

This sheriff believes Seattle-area cops are doing the community good when King County thug deputy Paul Schene inexplicably assaulted a 15-year-old girl earlier this year, and is facing only a misdemeanor charge; and when King County thug deputy Matthew Paul inexplicably attacked 30-year-old Christopher Harris, leaving him in a coma in May; and Everett (WA) Police thug Troy Meade murdering Niles Meservey on June 10; and Lynnwood (WA) deputy police chief Paul Watkins, who is now serving 15 months in federal prison, for stealing $61,000 from the department’s evidence room.

Maybe he was talking about the “good” Lakewood Police have SPECIFICALLY done recently. Lakewood cop Brian Wurts shot and killed Curtis Wetzel on May 6. Wetzel was 17 feet away from the cop, but because he was “wielding a pocket knife,” that gave the feral pig permission to murder him. And if not this good deed, he must be speaking of the one on September 25, 2008 when they shot a 30-year-old man in the face after he crashed his car into a fence, according to KIRO 7 News.

Euro-American media paid little attention to all of the above incidents, unlike the Presidential Election-type coverage these four Lakewood cops are getting. In fact, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office is threatening to press charges against KING-5 news in Seattle for “hampering the investigation,” since the NBC-affiliate has been closely reporting on the story all day.

The latest is that “authorities” are offering a $100,000 reward for tips leading to the man who killed the four cops, a man described by Euro-American media as a “scruffy-looking black male in his 20s.” This essentially gives Seattle-area police an all-access, 48 hour pass to harass, beat, and arrest any black man they wish in the area. But I guess cops already have this privilege regardless.

The first “scruffy-looking black man” they have chosen to harass is Maurice Clemmons, a 37-year-old man whom, as Euro-American media are emphasizing, was “set-free” by former Arkansas Republican governor Mike Huckabee after he commuted Clemmons state sentence for a crime he committed as a minor.

Mr. Maurice Clemmons with his mom Dorothy.

Mr. Maurice Clemmons with his mom Dorothy.

Euro-American media are referring to Clemmons as a “child rapist,” “ex-con,” and other buzzwords which easily riles up Euro-American copsuckers. Clemmons is being called a “person of interest” by the cops, and not a suspect. There will likely be several more “scruffy black men” harassed in the next 48 hours, as cops will go to great lengths when killings involve their cohorts.

We will be updating this story constantly.

13 thoughts on “Lakewood (WA) Police Ambush: Four More Dead Cops In Seattle Area

  1. HeidiP

    Gary Ridgeway, the Green River killer, was convicted of raping and killing 50 girls. It took so-called police 20 years to arrest him (even though an eyewitness identified him), and he did not get the death penalty.

    Here is the witness account:

    and more on Ridgeway:

    Yet look how quickly they are going after these guys! What evidence do they have against him?

    Another example how the police – in Seattle – hate the citizens especially young women and leave them to die yet will go after anyone who kills one of them.

  2. Tom

    How about his abandoned pickup truck with blood in it and the handgun responsible for killing these officers? Of course Maurice Clemmons was shot dead this morning and was found with a gunshot wound from the police shooting and he was carrying a pistol belonging to one of the officers he killed. But I’m sure the evidence was planted and this man was completely innocent. He was a real standup fellow.

  3. One note-left on scene

    “OCTOBER 22nd is the 14th National day of protest to stop Police Brutality,” the note read, according to police reports. “These deaths are dedicated to (King County Sheriff’s) Deputy Travis Bruner, he stood by and did nothing, as Deputy Paul Schene Brutally beat and Unarmed 14 year old Girl in their care.

    “You Swear a Solemn Oath to Protect US From All Harm, That includes You ! Start policing each other or get ready to attend a lot of police funerals. We Pay your bills. You Work for US.”

  4. Heidi

    As far as I know that evidence was not released to the public until after they killed him. How am I to know they have evidence if they don’t say so.

    It is besides the point they have a genocide of young girls and did not arrest the suspected killer in 20 years and the Tukwilla police ignored the reports of kidnapping by Gary Ridgeway -seems obvious they don’t care about anyone but themselves- they find a murder with in days but they can’t find the largest murder of US history in 20 years???

  5. Heidi

    I am fearful that the police are starting summary executions inside the USA – like the DOD does abroad.

    A summary execution is a variety of execution in which a person is killed on the spot without trial. Summary executions are practiced by police, military, and paramilitary organizations and are associated with guerrilla warfare, terrorism and counterinsurgency.

  6. Pacman

    Have you considered to alert the viewers, about the minority abortion rate compared to the majority. The numbers are staggering and disproportionate. Especially among Black and Hispanics, with black leading the way. It is essentially genocide. Is this a plan from Euro-fascist indoctrination? I think it is fair to share this injustice. Has the Euro medical science plagued our mind towards the unborn???? And why do you have the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margret Sanger,(a known racist), target the working class, (minorities). Was abortions intended for the Black community? I think this subject as controversial as it is, needs to be revisited and debated, with the Black & Hispanic communities. Have we drank & digested the cool aid regarding this issue? Have we done so, to ignore, regarding the political positioning? If we are liberal we vote with that in mind or not. It is all injustice and needs to be addressed. Not only about how Blacks and Hispanics are targeted & profiled. But also on how medical science is targeting the unborn Black and Hispanic babies.


    This is a little off-topic, but relevant as far as genocides. This website believes that abortion is solely and unequivocally the right of the woman who wants it. No man should be able to tell a woman how to care for her body.

    Now as far as Sanger and abortions targeting “blacks” and Hispanics, you couldn’t be more correct. Sanger’s vision was to kill “blacks” before they are even born. The whole “abortion issue” only became an issue to the “mainstream” in the 1970s (and Roe v. Wade) because it gave women eminent domain over their own bodies and Euro-boys can’t handle that. They are “pro-life” when it comes to controlling women’s bodies, but could care less about the lives of Americans gunned down in cold blood by thug cops almost daily. Thanks for commenting.

  7. Heidi

    26 years later, body identified with Green River Killer connection Dec 15, 2009

    With this new evidence, investigators outside of the abusive King County – ( who’s police were involved in controlling and screwing prostitutes- see Dan Ring ) might have the chance to investigate these killings. As well as if it is Gary Ridgeway he might be executed which would be great since he has murdered the most people in the United States yet has not faced a death sentence… In Washington if you are a mass murder like Gary Ridgeway’s you might not get a death sentence yet a person whom kills a few people more likely will.

    There could be many reasons why woman’s and children’s lives were not so important to the police – even though the family of one victim took the police to his house and he evaded arrest for 20 years and the police make summary executions on people whom they suspect to be police killers in a few days. In my opinion unless you are part of the government or corporate elite forget your life and rights! Here are some other’s opinions..

  8. jack

    “The Soviet of Washington just passed a similar law, they won’t execute serial killers but they’ll allow doctors to abort fetuses as late as 9 months with the mother in labor. An arsonist got life because of Seattle fire chief made a bad decision to enter an unoccupied warehouse fire that trapped the firemen. Reward the guilty and annihilate the innocent. It’s a dangerous spiral. You might recognize some of these wonderful people. My apologies for it’s length, I have no control over them or it would be shorter. ( he goes on to list all the serial killers ) “It’s impossible to know if the list is comprehensive. There’s no national database of serial killers. It’s also true that some are better than others in hiding their morbid harvest. But it does show that killers often roam our state for years, exploiting holes in a law enforcement system that often fails to protect the missing or bring justice for the dead.”

  9. ACLU

    ACLU states “Statistical evidence suggests that troubling sentencing disparities exist in Washington based on the race of the victim. Washington prosecutors have sought death almost three times more when one or more of the victims is white than when the victims are persons of color, and a defendant in Washington is more likely to be sentenced to death if he killed a white victim. Both of Mr. Stenson’s victims were white.”

    ” Beyond these systemic sentencing disparities, even though he was convicted of killing two persons, Mr. Stenson’s death sentence is clearly arbitrary and disproportionate when compared to other Washington murder cases. In fact, Washington mass murderers have escaped the death penalty. Gary Ridgway, the “Green River Killer,” and one of the most infamous serial killers in our country’s history, was convicted of killing over 48 women; authorities suspect he killed many more. He is serving life without parole. Other convicted murderers who have killed many victims in much more aggravated circumstances than Mr. Stenson have also escaped death. The notion that these mass killers will remain in Washington’s prisons for the rest of their lives yet Mr. Stenson could be executed for an undeniably less aggravated crime is impossible to justify.”

  10. Heidi

    Maurice Clemmons says in a jail recording, “What they did to me is going to come back and bite ’em in the a**.”

    He’s speaking from jail. Clemmons, like the other 1,400 inmates, knew his calls were being recorded. He still laid out his deadly plan for revenge against law enforcement for what he claimed was a lifetime of injustice. In an recording he says, “It’s gonna be the last time, hey mister…boom! dead in the forehead.”

    The Seattle Times obtained the tapes of conversations between Clemmons’ wife and his half brother during the month of October.

    Pierce County Council member Barbara Gelman’s district includes Forza Coffee.

    “I was just devastated at all the information that came out. I can’t believe that all that was taking place in the sheriff’s dept without a red flag,” she said.

    Forza is where Clemmons killed four Lakewood Police officers in November. It was just weeks after being released from jail and the conversations were recorded.

    Clemmons says in the recordings, “I’m going to put my faith in God to kill every last one of them that come up on me. That’s going to be my faith, to kill every last one of them devils. butt with there ain’t no such thing as justice.”

    Council Member Gelman is also the chair of the county’s Public Safety committee, which oversees the sheriff’s dept and the jail.

    The committee is likely where any change would begin and Gelman wants the sheriff to have new tools to keep officers safe, “That would help him more adequately identify who the high risk inmates are and how was can monitor those phone calls.”

    Thousands of phone calls are recorded daily at the Pierce County Jail. Deputies will only listen to a conversation if they’ve received a tip the inmate is selling drugs, tampering with a witness or violating a no-contact order.

  11. Brian Wurts

    Brian Wurts has never before run for public office — but he says the deadly shootings of four of his fellow Lakewood police officers is the prime reason he’s doing this.

    After years of lobbying for change in Olympia for police issues, he now wants to be a change-maker.

    “After this last year, I can’t sit behind the scenes anymore,” Wurts says. “We need more people, we need more cops in the Legislature.”

    In the days just after the Lakewood police officer shootings last November, Wurts was often front and center.

    As an officer of that department, he’s also the president of the Police Officers Guild in Lakewood.

    He says that experience, and what he’s learned in the wake of the tragedies, would make him a good state lawmaker.

    He says he’s working with others to draft new laws to reform the bail system, set stiffer penalties for rendering criminal assistance and fighting for survivor benefits for the families of slain officers.

    All of that is related to an effort to keep violent criminals from getting another chance to do harm — like Maurice Clemmons did.

    “My job is easier than what Olympia is going to be — but it’s lit a fire not just in me, but those families — those families that are speaking out that were left behind,” says Wurts.

    Wurts will run against Kent Keel in the Republican primary for the 28th District. Keel announced his candidacy just a few weeks ago.

    The winner will challenge incumbent Rep. Tami Green, a Democrat.

    Wurts thinks his law enforcement background would be a huge asset in Olympia, saying he’s learned plenty during his 14 years on the street.

    A political newcomer, he says he just wants to shake things up.

    “Things get done that way,” he says. “It doesn’t need to go through 50 committees and die quietly. And that’s what happens down there — things die quietly.”

    Wurts says he knows others might say he’s using his recent “face-time” and name recognition in the aftermath of the officers shootings to get elected.

    But he says the families of the fallen officers and his fellow officers know he’s genuine in his decision to run for a seat in the House.

  12. Terry

    Cops abuse their authority against the black community, and the poor whites. I don’t give a crap when they get their ass killed.


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