Kentucky State Police Thug Eric Taylor Murders Boyle County Man In His Own Home

By | November 29, 2009

by Brian A. Wilkins

Roger King, pictured, was 61-years-old. Photo from

In a case that Kentucky State Police can’t seem to get their story straight, the only logical conclusion that can be derived from this story is that a pre-meditated murder occurred on the night of Wednesday, November 25.

For some reason, Kentucky State Police showed up at Mr. Roger King’s home at 10pm to serve an “emergency restraining order.” Just for the record, telemarketers and bill collectors aren’t allowed by law to call you after 9pm, and “hours of operation” generally end between 5pm and 6pm in most American businesses. Still, Kentucky State Police felt the best time to serve this order  was at 10pm, on a man who was sleeping, as many Americans do at 10pm or later.

First, police said in a press release, they knocked on the front door and nobody answered, so they went to the back door and saw Mr. King “brandishing a gun” while lying on his couch, which led police thug Eric Taylor to shoot Mr. King in the face, killing him instantly. But then Kentucky State police, after the press release was published, said Mr. King “whipped out a pistol and fired a round through the patio door,” which caused thug Taylor to murder Mr. King. So which is it boys? Taylor, of course, was rewarded with a paid vacation. Watch a report by WKYT-TV 27 in Lexington.

It should be noted that one of the “officers” who were called by state police to assist in serving this warrant – Boyle County Sheriff’s deputy Jimmy Wilcher – had worked with Mr. King for 20 years at a railroad job.

This whole thing sounds like it could have been avoided, that is if Kentucky State Police did not intend to murder Mr. King. Seems this “emergency restraining order” could have been served on King in the daytime, and it simply was not necessary to have more than five cops present to serve papers on a 61-year-old man, again, unless a murder was planned. Someone in that Kentucky State Police office probably had a vendetta against King and he was going to die that night no matter what. Too many simple, obvious, common-sense events throughout the course of this thing could have and should have been done differently, again, if Mr. King wasn’t targeted for murder.

Police thug Taylor will obviously be cleared of all wrongdoing, as this is America: the land that rewards murderers, then pays the victim’s families a few hundred thousand dollars of “sooth” money. Operation Nation will update this story as more relevant facts emerge. Our thoughts are with the King family.

One thought on “Kentucky State Police Thug Eric Taylor Murders Boyle County Man In His Own Home

  1. Karen King

    Ky. state police had a vendetta, my brother had been shot at by a neighbor over 4 years ago and was afraid for his life. A state trooper had shown up at the base of the hill to his home and did not identify himself – no lights, siren or anything. my brother stepped on his front porch and fired 2 warning shots in the air fearing it was the neighbor. They arrested him and beat him, we have pictures of the bruises. He was acquitted of all wrongdoing since the officer never identified himself. They MURDERED my brother.


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