Kennebunk (ME) Police Thug Joshua Morneau Murders Katherine Paulson

By | March 30, 2011

UPDATED 8/3/2011: SURPRISE! Murder Ruled “Justified”

It’s not worth it to humor police thugs with commentary. A “13.5 inch knife” is the lie Kennebunk and Maine state official settled on to “justify” Joshua Morneau murdering Ms. Katherine Paulson. It is clear that Americans must exercise our own 2nd Amendment rights and protect ourselves from people our government allows to murder us. I will leave this with a quote from our United States Supreme Court:

The defendant would only be justified in killing [a cop] when you should find that the circumstances showed that the [cop] had so far forgot his duties as an officer and had gone beyond the force necessary to arrest the defendant, and was about to kill him or to inflict great bodily injury upon him, which was not necessary for the purpose of making the arrest.” John Bad Elk v. United States, 177 U.S. 529 (1900).

UPDATED 4/4/2011: Kennebunk Residents Share Frightening Accounts Of Encounters With Cops

The OP-NAT EYE has received several emails in the past couple days from residents of Kennebuck, all of whom asked to remain anonymous for fear of being the next Katherine Paulson.

The accounts are wide-ranging: from Kennebuck cops taking money out of a woman’s purse they detained late last year, to another woman who said she was “kicked” and “stomped” several times by Kennebunk cops earlier this year. She sent us a photograph of the aftermath, which shows a bruise on the back of her leg, a result of being stomped while on the ground already.


Meanwhile, there’s been no further mention of Ms. Paulson or the kangaroo investigation into her murder, by Euro-American media. A woman is gunned down in her own home by a cop and seven days later, it is backpage news. But then again, state-run media are killer cops’ second most important allies, besides state prosecutors.

Thug Morneau’s paid vacation will likely last at least a couple more weeks before the office of Maine Attorney General William Schneider announces the inevitable “justified” disposition.

by Brian A. Wilkins


Morneau Paulson

Here is all you need to know about this latest murder of an American citizen under color of state law: police thugs will always and instantly tell the public that the victim(s) of these murders “had a gun” so the cop-sucking population can subsequently praise the murderer(s) as heroes. This has not happened in this case, so now they are scrambling to figure out the lies they will tell the public.

The murder happened Sunday night in Kennebunk, Maine – a small town of about 10,500 in the southern tip of the state. Kennebunk Police responded to an alleged disturbance, when they received a call apparently from Carol Paulson, who owns the condo they went to. Two Kennebunk cops, Juliet Gilman and Joshua Morneau, arrived around 9 p.m. and were invited in by Ms. Paulson. 19 seconds later, according to police, Katherine Paulson, Carol’s daughter, “confronted them with a weapon,” which prompted Morneau to fire several shots, killing her instantly. The killer cop and his partner were rewarded with paid vacations (aka “paid administrative leave”).

Watch a report from WCSH Channel 6 in Portland:

The tale Kennebunk Police are telling is discredited not only by their saying Katherine Paulson confronted them with a weapon (which can be anything from an AK-47 to a toothpick), but also all the happenings within that department in the past few months and years also raises eyebrows.

Eric O’Brien, a sergeant with the Kennebunk Police, has been on “paid administrative leave” since January, pending the results of an internal investigation. The investigation, for whatever reason, is being handled by a private investigation company owned by a former city of Kennebunk employee. Kennebunk Police Chief Bob MacKenzie would only say the investigation is a “personal issue.”

Jamie LaJoie, another Kennebunk cop, was placed on “paid administrative leave” sometime in the past couple weeks pending yet another “internal investigation.” The caveat here is that this investigation is being handled in-house, as opposed to the O’Brien investigation.

Nick Higgins, a former lieutenant with the department, resigned from his position back in January 2010 because of a violation of the city’s fraternization policy. Higgins, who was the commander of all patrol officers, said at the time he was going through a divorce and the emotional support he got from a subordinate female employee turned into more.

Russell French, of the nearby Kittery Police Department, accepted the vacant lieutenant position in March 2010. But only nine months later, French resigned his new position to return to his job in Kittery. No real explanation was given, but based on all the mess going on there now, you can’t blame the guy.

Though we don’t know and likely will never know what really happened to Ms. Katherine Paulson, 39, this murder reeks of small town vengeance. The Kennebunk Police already had little to no integrity and now a woman is dead after being gunned down in her own home by some cop from the same department.

We know very little about Ms. Paulson; only that her and her mother lived in the condo
together for at least two years. Obviously there will be no charges pressed against the killer cop, pursuant to U.S. Police State precedent. This should be yet another lesson to Americans, even in tiny towns in the state of Maine, to never call police for anything. They are not here to serve or protect you…they are servants and henchmen for the government, period. We will follow this story until the weapon-type Ms. Paulson allegedly had is confirmed. I’m betting it’s a butter knife or something to that effect.

Our thoughts are with the Paulson family.

57 thoughts on “Kennebunk (ME) Police Thug Joshua Morneau Murders Katherine Paulson

  1. CHRIS

    I know morneau and have been pulled over by him many times, and the shit hecomes up with is rediculous. Like once I got pulled over for what appeared to be no reason, hecomes up asks me where I was going, and would take “Nowhere, Im just driving” as an answer even though thats all I was doing. I wasnt speeding, wasnt swerving or anything, then he asks me if I had been drinking, which i hadnt, and then asks me what the temperature outside was, then accusing me of selling liquor to minors because the beer in the bed of my truck was colder than air temperature. Mind you it was 29 degrees outside, even though he told me it was 45. Then after I told him Im not talking to him until he tells me why I was pulled over, he wouldnt, so I asked again, when he finally said “You have a crooked license plate” then gave me a ticket for expired inspection sticker which he admitted he didnt see until he walked around my truck. He also had me pulled over by Sergeant Gilman because I was “Following him.” We both just happened to be going to the turnpike at the same time, and there really only is one way to get there from downtown Kennebunk. Morneau is a punk, who abuses his power, and I’ve heard fellow cops say the same thing. From what I have heard, she had a knife, but why couldn’t he use his taser? He has always seemed like the kind of guy who couldnt wait to fire his service weapon, and he finally got the chance. I really hope they fire him. One of my best friends had to threaten Morneau with a lawsuit so Morneau would stop harrassing him, and all the other shit I’ve personally seen him do just gives all other cops a bad name. Personally I respect most cops, but Morneau has always been a douchebag and I hope they shit can his ass from this investigation. I’m sure other fellow Kennebunk residents willcompletely agree with me on this one.

  2. chris mcguire

    hoprfully he does not get away with this one.i say vconvict him for what he did.

  3. K-bunk resident

    I do not know all of the details of this incident. However, I can attest to the fact that the KPD has nothing better to do than harass people for ‘crooked license plates’… There’s a history of much more than what was listed above… If I recall correctly, there was a Dumont who was accused of statutory rape before his resignation, multiple complaints from both residents and visitors alike and a number of incidents that I have personally witnessed in the thirty odd years I’ve lived in Kennebunk.

    And, to be clear, it’s not just the police department that is ‘crooked’ – there are a number of ‘issues’ within the town offices that I could go into great detail about…

    I guess it all boils down to this — what exactly do we Kennebunk residents pay for? To have our citizens harassed? To ‘serve and protect’ via murdering residents – I suppose that would keep our ‘small town’ small… As far as I’m concerned, I’m one of the very lucky minorities in Kennebunk who has never really had any ‘issue’ with the police department. That’s more than I can say however for most of the people I know who are also residents. The cops in Kennebunk have a bad reputation – and most residents are not shy to tell you about it.

    We have a beautiful town. We have beautiful buildings, a downtown that is now lit up like the sun (very aesthetically pleasing….)… A wonderful traffic circle that was not needed and causes far more accidents and ‘issues’ than it’s ever helped… And residents that pay some of the highest TAXES IN THE NATION – all for what…. This? I feel honored to have paid the man who potentially murdered an innocent woman.

    And people wonder why you ‘didn’t call the cops’…. I for one – likely NEVER will. I’m more help to myself with a butter knife and a loud voice than any Kennebunk cop would be if I actually NEEDED help.

  4. jem

    I believe I am the reason Lajoie is on vacation. I am a woman a little older than katherine Paulson. I am law abiding and have no record except for some mistimeaurs more than 18 years ago. I have worked for the samecompany for more than five years and have an excellent credit record. I called for police help at a friends house and was meet with an army of officers. They all said i could walk home and I dared to walk thru a snow bank and got attached by Lajoie, from behind me I heard “that’s it your getting arrested”. Then I was thrown face first in the snow and my arm wrenched off. I was screaming in excrutiating pain that my shoulder was hurt and I needed an ambulance. That’s when all the other officers preceeded to brutally beat me saying I was refusing arrest. I was merely protecting my injured arm. I have horrible pictures of the beating thru a very thick coat. I was then put in the car and when I asked what I being arrested for Lajoie said I assaulted him? I was taken to jail where the jail medic told him to take me to the hospital. nothing was broken so I went back to jail. He managed to lose all of my personal property which included presription medication and an entire set of keys along with other things. I filed an Internal Affairs Investigation for Bodily injury and loss of property. The loss of property is being handled in house but they sent the bodily injury to a neghboring Police Dept. That was fun, the entire time I spoke to this person he smiled, grimised and smirked. I’m sure if it was being taped his face was away from the camera. When I left I said ” So glad I could amuse you with my Police beating”. I am going to Physical Therapy for my arm injury and have not been to court yet. Like you said, Police lie. I was arrested for 4 different counts? I did nothing but try to take a short cut home to my home thru some snow? I have no witnesses and you know they are all gonna say the same story. What happens in school when everyone has the exact same answer?
    THIS POLICE DEPT IS OUT OF CONTROL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jeff

    You missed one:
    WELLS, Maine — Kennebunk Police Officer Chris Russell will be in York District Court on Nov. 13 to face arraignment on a charge of operating under the influence.
    Russell was charged following a single-car accident Aug. 19 in Wells.
    The department’s juvenile officer and senior citizen liaison, Russell has been on paid administrative leave since the accident.
    Any officer charged with a crime could also face censure from the Maine Criminal Justice Academy that could include losing certification as an officer.
    Russell also could receive a waiver from the Academy to remain an officer, with a conditional three-year license thatcomes with conditions the officer must meet.
    The Kennebunk Police Department is conducting its own internal investigation.

  6. Eugenia

    I have known Josh personally for years, even before he attended the police academy. He has always been very professional and serious about his career choice and is amazing at what he does. His personality is nothing less then selfless and personable. He is a very caring individual with an amazing talent and sense of integrity. I don’t know personally what its like to be a police officer but I can promise it is no easy position. Shame on anyone who dares to judge another person so deliberately without knowing what it is you are judging or DETAILS of what it your are scrutinizing. I applaud our police force for the work that they do everyday to serve and protect ourcommunities. My heart goes out to everyone involved in this case. Not only does the family of Ms. Paulson mourn their loss but the officers involved are also going through a very difficult time. Not every cop is “crooked” and they certainly do not choose their careers to kill anyone. “The objective of police operations is to ensure that people can exercise their rights guaranteed by the judicial system and social order.”

    1. Donna Merrill-Walls

      My name is Donna Walls. It is and always will be once some men and women get their shiny new badge they think they’re allowed to do whatever they. And believe Kennebunk Police officers are not an exception. From the force of the long ago til the present.
      And they all seem to always have a finger on the guns trigger.Kennebunk is no exclusion.
      But also their are always the men and women behind their badges that are pretty awesome in my book.
      But because you know one that wears a badge you can bet on it totally makes them different than seeing them socially…KENNEBUNK isn’t an exception to any other small town that I know from my own experiences with Kennebunks finest.
      And well guess I don’t have anything else to say.
      I do though have the Deepest admiration and respect for Police Chief Robert McKenzie…

  7. jack

    This website is full of shit. You don’t even live around here (Kennebunk) and think you know all about the town. Maybe you should read all the good reports about this town the the people who serve it. It is ignorant people like you who give wonderful respected people a bad name. I can 100% guarantee you have a criminal record and have had many run ins with the cops, and I’m sure they were never you fault. Wake up and smell the coffee, it is types like you which fill our jail and it’s always someone else’s fault

  8. Clue

    Josh Morneau is a good, hardworking person with integrity andcompassion. He had but a split second to make a decision. You were not there. Walk a few miles in the shoes of a police officer before you judge. In my experience as a law abiding citizen, the folks thatcomplain about the police are generally the ones who think the law doesn’t apply to them.

  9. Matthew

    Thank God we don’t have to rely on your decision making process. You talk about unfair and unjust but yet you determine that the police officer in Maine (Morneau) is guilty without knowing the facts of the case. Not only is that ignant (ignorant) but dangerous. Why don’t you strap on a duty belt and go out and put your life on the line cupcake? By the way, do your parents know what you’re doing in the basement on thecomputer all day?

  10. Matthew

    So it’s ok to call people murders without justification but you censor me by removing my first posting because I mentioned that “Jem’s” story was incorrect and that she had a odor problem? You’re worse than the people and organizations that you criticize.

  11. punk

    The 45th killing of a civilian by a cop in Maine, the previous 44 were deemed justified. Think this one’ll turn out any different? There’s no civilian review board, The Attorney General’s office investigates. The fox guarding the hen house in my opinion.

    concerned citizen

  12. Matthew

    Fifty One Police Officers killed in the line of duty in the USA this year so far…. this year. I know what the problem is…. when things get out of control, or when people threatened to kill someone, it’s the POLICE that are always called. Maybe we should call someone else, maybe someone like the “concerned citizen”. Post your phone number so when the #%@$ is hitting the fan somewhere YOU can go and protect everyone.

    Of course not LOL! Sit in yourcomfortable armchair in your safe neighborhood and lock your doors while others are keeping you safe.

  13. Bo

    Google “Brian A Wilkins in Arizona” I have found that he has petitioned to have “post-conviction relief” which indicates that it was a felony that he did some time for. I have not read the entire PDF file and it is about all I can find. I agree with you though, he is a straight up genuine shit-talking douchebag that has been in a lot of trouble with the law. Have a read on his post of a VERY VERY good friend and colleague of mine named Brian Massa in Southwest City, MO. So much of what he puts in there iscompletely false and unjustified.

  14. Beth

    Why Google it? Looks like the entire case is chronicled on this website. Just look under the category 55 Days In Maricopa County Jail on the sidebar. Been reading this site for 3 years. “Shit-talking douchebag” doesn’t run from anyone or hide anything, apparently like you do. From what I understand, even though court documents are hard to read for me, he was convicted of disorderly conduct because of an illegal plea agreement. It’s now being appealed in the federal courts. At least, that’s what the latest post says I think. Seems the only shit-talker in here is you. Why do you keep postingcomments under different names? Bo? Proud White Cop? Are you that stupid to not realize how obvious that is? I’ve reported it and I hope they ban you. I will not let you slander a good man who isn’t afraid to stand up to little boys like you who probably molest children and beat women because you couldn’t get dates in high school or because your dates were MALE. Mr. Wilkins and his organizaion have done far more for me (and my husband) than any cop ever will and I’ll forever appreciate that. You being friends with a murderer says alot Bo/Proud White Cop! Lay off the oxycontin for a while dipshit!

  15. wise ass punk

    Read in the paper he’s back on the job. Haven’t seen anything from the AG’s office yet though. Must assume he was exonerated. What a farce. I absolutely agree with the “Fox guarding the hen house” statement above.

  16. mcguire

    i say if you were all smart like me stay out of kennebunk or you might be next to get shot .or one of your family members might.wonder how long it will be before he does it again .next time he fuckes with me there will be legal action taking against him and the kennebunk pd.and the one that got the oui is back on the force arresting other people for the same thing he got away with.i think all the corruption in kennebunk should be brought to the publics attention .but no sweep it under the rug and praise them record is public why isnt theres.say what you want but i will sent a letter to paul lepage if he fucks with me again.

    1. Donna Merrill-Walls

      Paul Lapage is the only dirtbag douche any of you have actually gotten right…oh that was me..hahaha.

  17. Dick

    Dear “Mcguire,

    Funny thing about the English language – words can be your friends, don’t be afraid of them. Don’t be afraid to formcomplete sentences and by no means be bashful about trying to spell words correctly. You see, that’s how grown adultscommunicate. You say that you’re going to stay out of Kennebunk (notice I used a capital letter, more on that later) I’m sure that no one in Kennebunk will argue with you… stay out. Your little posting shows what a brain on drugs is like, so for all of you others, STAY OFF DRUGS, or end up like Mcguire here.

  18. mcguire

    hey asshole: why dont you go back were you came from. ive lived around here for 42 years how about you . your dick probably hurtz becuase its been in someones ass to much.say i do drugs again and i wiil have a slander suit against you.SO GO FUCK YOUR PARTNER AND GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.

    1. Donna Merrill-Walls

      Why do you even waste your time with name callings and threats.I guess you gave nothing better too do.Guess right now I don’t either!!!

  19. Dick

    Such vulgar (bad) language! So you “get” the funny made up name but think it’s my real name… You do drugs, you do drugs… Now I will wait for my slander suit. I swear, the internet is so full of morons. I guess it keeps you off the streets anyway..

    There’s no way you’ve live around here for 42 years, I would have guessed from your spelling and grammar that you were 9, 10 years old – tops.

    My facts are straight.

  20. Eugenia

    now you can get your facts straight!
    Woman had previous run-in
    By Rachel H. Goldman Staff Writer
    Katherine Paulson, the Kennebunk woman shot and killed last month by Kennebunk Police Officer Joshua Morneau, had a previous criminal history in Massachusetts.
    Paulson was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery on a police officer and disorderly conduct during a 2000 incident in Wenham, Mass.
    According to Wenham Police Department records, an off-duty Ipswich police officer reported at 2:35 a.m. over radio to on-duty officers that an “irate woman was attempting to assault him with an aluminum flashlight” on Main Street at Wenham Lake.When officers arrived, Paulson left her car and ran toward the police cruiser. Officers reported Paulson wielded the flashlight in “threatening motion,” moved toward an officer and screamed she would kill him. The officer “feared for his safety,” moved behind the cruiser and ordered Paulson to drop the flashlight. When she refused he pepper-sprayed her and the three officers “forced her to the ground,” according to the Wenham police report.Paulson refused to obey police orders to put her hands behind her back and officers had to “physically pull her hands behind her and place the handcuffs on her wrists,” according to the report.
    Paulson refused on-scene medical treatment for the pepper spray and was taken to Anne and Jacques Hospital in Newburyport, Mass., for psychiatric evaluation.Paulson was found guilty of all charges, given a suspended sentence and put on probation, according to Ipswich District Court records. She later violated probation and was incarcerated for 90 days, according to court records. Paulson lived in Kennebunk with her mother, Carol Paulson, for the last two years. Kennebunk Police Department Lt. Anthony Bean Burpee said police have responded to their home at 16 Nottingham Court but only for medical calls. Bean Burpee said both residents had medical issues.Bean Burpee said the department had no knowledge of Katherine Paulson’s previous criminal history. On March 27, Morneau and Sgt. Juliet Gilman responded to a disturbance call at 16 Nottingham Court where they were met by the unidentified caller and wecomed inside.According to police reports, Morneau was then confronted with deadly force and shot and killed Katherine Paulson. Bean Burpee said Paulson wielded a weapon but would not specify what type of weapon. Both officers were immediately placed on leave while the Maine attorney general’s office and police department conducted investigations, standard protocol following a police-involved shooting. Both returned to duty last week.Kennebunk Police Department Chief Bob MacKenzie said the department has begun an investigation into whether the call and incident were handled according to police policy.
    MacKenzie said officers are trained to either protect themselves or a third party fromthe threat of deadly force, training they receive through the academy

  21. Bruce

    These officer did what they are trained to do…. They went to call and were presented with a situation in which they had to protect themselves. Should they have let Ms. Paulson hurt them???? I think not!!! The incident is tragic for everyone involved…

    It’s a shame that some are using this forum to grieve their own issues with the police department (GEM and Chris).. Shame on you both!!!! You really should focus your energy on positive productive things instead of making the most out of other people’s misery…

  22. wise ass punk

    What was the “deadly force”, again? Oh! that’s right, they’re not saying. .357? Cell phone? Steak knife?

    No big deal.

    Cops got to kill a civilian every once in a while just to keep ’em in line.

  23. Matthew

    Hey Wise Ass Punk, I heard they’re looking for volunteers. Grab McGuire and go sign up!

  24. wise ass punk

    So, how long does an investigation take? Seems pretty cut and dried to me. It’s the spin which requires time. Spin to justify killing this woman. And another Maine cop skates. Must coordinate the Attorney Generals investigation with what the internal KPD investigation finds. What absolute fucking bullshit!

  25. jem

    If there was A GOOD reason for my arrest, please tell me why an Officer would want to resign from the Police Dept before the Internal Affairs Investigation wascompleted? ?? ? ???

    I received a ltr in the mail the other day just a Po Box from Kennebunk. This was in the letter

    AS a taxpayer and resident of Kennebunk Maine I too am fed up with many issues. I was informed from sources within KPD that you were recently charged with several counts. please review the reports carefully as there were two supervisors at the call and directed the arrest and additional charges. You may already know that charges are false. Read and understand the whole case it may be in your best interest.

    Concerned and Watching

    I would like to thank the person that wrote this, I know the charges were false!


  26. justice

    On 3-27-11, taser or mace could have been used to subdue Kathrine Paulson. Instead, this lady was murdered by multiple gun blasts from cop Morneau’s weapon. If Morneau was unreasonably terrified by the soon-to-be decedent, and he felt a surge of helplessness that caused him to resort to the use of his gun, then why did he not shoot Katherine in the leg one time rather than aiming for her vital corporeal zone discharging numerous bullets with consequential mortal wounds? If mother of victim wanted her daughter’s life extinguished, then she could have killed her daughter herself without summoning the police to do so. She certainly did not seek out police to riddle her daughter full of slugs. Police assistance was sought for purpose of intervention with hope of defusing domestic friction.
    Help calls to 911 are not requests for violence; they are not “snuff” calls. Within moments of Moreneau’s response to Ms. Paulson’s entreaty for intercession, her daughter became a corpse. Loss of life should never result from police mediation in a mother-daughter quarrel. We suspect this freak has fantasized aboutcommitting homicide. He is known around Kennebunk as a misfit who should never be “in the field” dealing with people. Morneau misuses his badge. It provides him with perfect cover to mask his dark side, abnormal tendencies and twisted mind. THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS MAN ! Morneau is able to bluff his way through a psychiatric evaluation because he is a sociopath. Impaired individuals in this category have been known to pass even polygraph tests when guilty of criminal behavior. We citizens are in danger. More residents of Kennebunk will be harmed by Morneau. We urge his dismissal and prosecution for the needless demise of this lady. Kennebunk is not safe with this hoodlum cop in our midst.

    Majority of citizens residing in Kennebunk, Maine.

  27. jem

    I agree 100% and lets not forget about the other officer(SGT) at Katherine Paulson’s scene and the only other person who knows she was not a deadly threat and knows this was a homicide!

    This (SGT) was at my scene also???????????????????????????

  28. wise ass punk

    Jem, you’re forgetting about her mother, who was also there, and has said her daughters death was unnecessary. She’s also engaged an attorney to look into the circumstances surrounding that evenings events.

    I’m told Sgt. Gilman is an honorable woman. Can’t help but wonder if she’s insisting the truth be told, without the whitewash absolving Morneau of culpability in this senseless death.

    We all anxiously await the revelation of the “deadly force” Morneau faced.

    Sixty two days now and still no word from the Attorney General regarding their investigation, or the KPD’s internal investigation.


  29. jem

    Hi Wise,

    You are wise and right, I met with their Lawyer also! A lot of needless harm being done to people who call the Police for help! I think in the end “some sort of JUSTICE” will be done either by the truth (hopefully) karma or in the end ultimately GOD !!!


  30. JV

    I am a Private Investigator currently conducting an investigation into the shooting death of Katie Paulson.

    I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has information about Officer Joshua Morneau’s professional history, and his treatment of other citizens – or any other information that might be pertinent to our investigation

  31. cm

    He arrested me for obstructing government administration.i was riding with a friend we arrived at a friends house,he pulls in behind us,but i did not see him pull in i get out to go into house, then i see him he tells me to get back in car so i go that way he says hes going to taze me,so i put my hands up.he was saying get in house get in car get in house get in car didnt know what to do so he arrested me left me cuffed for three hours in kpd station then told me to sign summons, i asked him to uncuff me,hes says no look at the size of you ya 190lb i say what but anyway gives me another summons for failer to sign,i asked him what town he lived in he says thats stalking so another summons.of course he parked his car in a way that his camera did not see anything .he is a loose canon and i told my friends a year ago we was going to kill someone.

  32. wise ass punk

    I guess the length of time the investigation takes is, so far as the Attorney General’s concerned, somehow supposedly an indication of it’s depth and accuracy. So, drag it out, and release on a Friday at 4:00pm.

    A knife I’ve heard, I’ve also heard a cell phone. Neither of which justify killing her. Kennebunk residence need to be fearful if he responds to a call they make.

    wise ass punk

  33. JVPI

    I would appreciate knowing why the administration of this blog is removing all posts requesting contact from anyone with information pertaining to this case.

    If you truly care about this case, which your blog suggests you do, then you will allow our investigation to go forward undeterred.

    I suspect that you do not want individuals contact me via email because you want to see what they have to say. Consider, however, that many people will not post information to a public forum but may be more inclined to offer information to us privately.

    Since the blog’s administration is disallowing our email address to be posted, we request that anyone having information which might be relevant to our case post an email address where we might be able to contact you directly.

    Thank you.

    Hello: Posting an anonymous G-mail address from someone whom is a private investigator without further information regarding your identity not only is very suspicious, but resembles earlier attempts by Kennebunk State government to lure concerned citizens into incriminating themselves for harassment and/or other repercussions. It is also unusual that your IP address is similar to router addresses from Kennebunk city government. We’ll be more than happy to allow an email address and contact information from an investigator whom is not anonymous. Our primary purpose is protection of our readers, not the furthering of anonymous, unsubstantiated solicitations. You may also forward your information to us (if you want it to remain anonymous to others), we will verify, and allow contact information in the forum. You may contact me directly if this is what you wish to do. Thank you.

    [email protected]

    1. Donna Merrill-Walls

      I love whomever wrote this.As I pretty much know who annonymous is.Andit would be too their advantage. THANK YOU

  34. JVPI

    Thank you for taking the time to explain.

    I will contact you privately and we will provide reassurance as to our identity and purpose.

    However, please note that our IP address does NOT reflect a connection to Kennebunk city government, but only reflects the fact that we are in the State of Maine.

    Thank you again. I will contact you further in private.

  35. JVPI

    I am involved in a civil investigation into the shooting death of Katherine Paulson and would appreciate hearing privately from anyone who might have information to add to our investigation.

    We are interested in information related to the shooting of Ms. Paulson itself, of course, but would also be interested in hearing from anyone who has dealt with Officer Joshua Morneau.

    We do not only have an interest incomplaints but are open to hearing any positive experiences anyone may have with Officer Morneau as well.

    Please contact us at:


    Thank you very much.

  36. jem

    WHY is the investigation into this KILLIng taken sooooo long ??? Morneau is an active duty officer on the force today??? There is something seriously wrg with this picture..and it’s called NO public OUTrage !!! She will not see justice till everyone gets involved..lets not forget her and let the Kennebunk Police Dept sweep this under “the rug” like they have gotten away with Many Many times before !!!

    Call the ATTY sooo called GENERAL and demand anwsers it is nearly 4 months NOW !!! Still No answers

  37. wise ass punk

    The script has been written. Now, everybody is studying their lines so all appear to be on the same page regarding what went down. This will be the 46 killing by a cop to be found justified. A cop badge is now equal to James Bond’s 007 designation. A license to kill!

    wise ass punk

  38. Peter

    Just reading your article, you have a clear lawsuit. you should pursue it.

  39. patrick donahue

    i have a protection order against mr morneau. my ex wife just broke up with josh>

  40. wise ass punk

    Well there! Maine cops 46, Maine civilians 0! To be expected I guess given the past. Well, at least he didn’t kill his past lovers ex-husband in their confrontation in Saco.

    Wise ass punk

  41. Kennebunk Resident

    It’s fairly obvious that this blog is posted by two seperate factions. Those that have had negative interactions with police and those who had not. With all due respect to both … “bah!!” The police are people too and as people they make mistakes. I too know Josh Morneau and have had a mixed relationship with him regarding his interaction with my family. Morneau as with other Police are simply doing a very difficult job that quite frankly very few of us have the capacity to do ourselves. Yes most Police forces do attract a certain type of “Gung-Ho” personality but through their training they are taught to be professional, courteous and above all law abiding. When a Police officer as with any citizen breaks the law they face the consequences. Those of you who have negative opinions about the police are either very young and/or have been arrested. Police have no patience for those that get in trouble time and time again and I’m certain that many of you who have posted anti-police opinions have been in trouble many times. Many of you as well as thecommentator of this blog are clearly anti authority and anti establishment. This is healthy to be so and your constitutional right to be so. But please don’t be so arrogant as to think your opinion is fact. This officer as well as others face violent individuals whom share this same vitriol as many of you who simply go too far. If a dangerous person like Katherine Paulson, who has a history of violence, came at me with an 8 inch blade I too would have defended myself. Maybe Officer Morneau did go too far, however it’s Katherine’s fault for having placed Officer Morneau in that position. So bottom line in this case. Was Officer Morneau justified? Absolutely. Is Officer Morneau a “punk?” Absolutely not!! Did he go too far? Yes I believe he did. He could have used another course of action but used deadly force instead. So shame on him for that. And shame on many of you who have no respect for Police who place their lives and well being in the way everyday to ensure we can live our lives safely. Otherwise go live in Afghanistan for a couple of months and see what it is like to live without law. Bet you’llcome back with an epiphany.

  42. charlie

    I’ve never had any dealings with Josh Morneau. I have had extensive dealings with the Kennebunk Police department over the past 13 years, none of them pleasant.

    !3 years ago last June then Detective David Gordon brought a charge of stalking against me. I was found not guilty 22 months later by a jury in Superior Court in Alfred, Maine after less than an hours deliberation. I chronicled this and subsequent events related to it on a web site, ( now history, for 5 or 6 years.

    Now I stand charged with leaving the scene of an accident. This charge brought by Officer Audra Presby of the KPD for which I have to appear in Biddeford District Court on Sept. 7. The charge is simply absurd if one reads the statute.

    Firstly there needs to be $1,000 damage to bring the charge. There wasn’t. And in addition I provide contact information to the other party. This accident occurred on private property. I was known by the property owner and many other people present. Frankly I can’t understand why the police even became involved.

    She issued the summons the day following the accident. During that 24 hours she should have looked up the statute which took me all of 10 minutes to do. The woman has an ax to grind where I’m concerned. She does though need to find a different whetstone to sharpen it on.

    I suggest too, her supervisors, the Kennebunk Selectboard, and the Town Manager need to put a stop to her foolishness. A second jury not guilty verdict will not show any of them in a good light.


  43. jem

    This IS not a joke !! Why are sooo many peoplecoming forth with their horry stories from the Kennebunk Police Dept? Do you think they are just all made up??? All these different stories are not fiction! I guess everyone knows by now Katherine Paulsons Homiside was called “Justified” bt the AG. Seriously??? This can get overturned if enough people (YOU) want tocomplain, voice your opioin …..”speak” the AG web site is available to us all !!!

    This horrible homicide should not GO Unforgotten!!!

  44. jem

    Kennebunk officer resigns after suspension
    May 12, 2011 2:00 AMKENNEBUNK — The Kennebunk Police Department is down one officer after Jamie Lajoie resigned from the department May 2, according to police Chief Bob MacKenzie.
    According to Lajoie’s letter of resignation, he left the department effective April 15.
    Lajoie had been placed on paid administrative leave (at a weekly salary of $916) from the department March 9, pending an internal investigation.
    According to MacKenzie, that leave was changed to unpaid March 21, and remained unpaid until Lajoie resigned. No reason was given for the investigation.

    ****** This was arresting officer whom I placed an I.A, against******

    There is still SOME justice in this world!!!!!

  45. Richard

    Kennebunk Police has a few that are OK, but the majority are followers, and that can be bad news when the leadership is fouled. Lots havecome and gone over the last 20 years, the leadership never gets any better, rather, it bcomes less-dynamic as time wears on. I do have extensive knowledge of a few former members of Kennebunk Police Department who do not live out the same philosophy that some who havecommented herecomplain of. Those former members found themselves being disciplined for any number of trumped-up “misconduct” allegations(internal only…nothing criminal). The Town Manager, and sitting Chief of Police, and whatever administrators existed at those times would bring this “discipline” down on members and actually poll the “follower officers” to write statements supporting the allegations of “misconduct” – as petty as “swearing or offensive language”, “bad attitude”, or “conduct unbcoming” – which covered a broad spectrum of acts which would basically be covered under first amendment free speech or “right to associate” with certain individuals. The target members would be subject to I.A. “investigations” done by the Administrators – NEVER an outside agency – and no exculpatory information would be considered – interviews not done, statements “lost” – basically, boldface lies by the bosses intended to “stack the deck” against the target member so he/she would see no other choice but to quit. Kennebunk Police practice ever since the days of Chief James Lavalle has been to “wear down” cops that did not play dirty pool with the rest and eventually get them to resign. This usually works, because cops live paycheck to paycheck and don’t have the money to pay for acompetent employment attorney. If any former members had fought back with a good lawyer, Kennebunk would have lost their shirt many times over. Funny, most of these former members went on to be excellent cops who never received an iota of “discipline” in other jurisdictions, and still others went on to lucrative private-sector employment. Kennebunk, Maine will remain corrupt from every angle until a different form of government can be implemented which prevents the same pool of selectpeople from being in charge in a rotating basis, and the Town Manager can be replaced with one who does not like to abuse his power to put people out of work, or in fear for their job, at every opportunity for not being a follower and supporter of a fouled local government and manipulative police administrators.

  46. Mark

    Come on pal get real … Police are corrupt and most know it … your obviously yet another one who covers for the cops or you are a cop yourself … get a clue about what’s happening in some. communities (not just Kennebunk)

  47. CW

    Officer Russell is a hardworker who screwed up.He never tried to hide that fact. In my opinion he stepped up to the plate and took responsibility for his actions. He also apologized to the townspeople. He has always been fair with me whenever I’ve dealt wit him. If you have to deal with a cop, I’d rather deal with Russell

  48. JB

    This was a shame. Very disappointed by this. Russell always treated people with respect and in my opinion treated people fairly. I thought he was a good cop. He got in alot of trouble for this.Ended up getting suspended, Lost several months of pay, had to pay some hefty fines and court costs. He also lost driving priveledges for some time. A buddy of mine told me he really struggled to get through this and felt terrible about disappointing the townspeople.

  49. JB

    The cop that got the OUI was probably one of the better cops on the force. Always polite and respectful. I was shocked when this happend. For the record, that cop ended up getting suspended from the force for several months without pay, had to pay a ton of legal fees and court fines, and lost his driving priveledges for awhile. Not to mention having his story make front page news. He is lucky he got to keep his job, but I don’t think he truly got away with anything.

  50. anonymous

    Wow spent an hour reading all of these comments if you guys hate this police department so much MOVE!! I myself have an extensive criminal history and figured out that if I stop breaking the law I seem to not have any problems with KPD. I feel for the Paulson family but as an ex criminal I would know better than pick up anything that may be considered a weapon with the police around. I’m glad those officers made it home safe maybe he should have tazed her but he didn’t so get over it.


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