Indiana Sheriff’s Deputy Files Civil Rights Claim Over Taser Training

By | May 15, 2009

by Brian A. Wilkins

Former Hamilton County Sheriff’s Deputy Ray F. Robert filed a civil rights action against the county in the United States District Court of Indiana, claiming he was fired because he refused to be Tasered as part of departmental training to carry the weapon.


Really? You think so? Maybe Robert and other police who obviously know the truth about their little death toys could have shared this information with the Bay City, Michigan police thugs who murdered
15-year-old Brett “Dewey” Elder with a Taser back in March; and Warren, MI police thugs who murdered 16-year-old Robert Mitchell in April with a Taser; and Winnfield, LA police terrorist Scott Nugent, who Tasered 21-year-old Baron “Scooter” Pikes 14 times, killing him. Since 2001, Tasers have been responsible for 351 deaths in the United States at the hands of police, yet so-called law enforcement still call these death toys “non-lethal force.”

I actually hope this cop wins this lawsuit. It will serve as a federal court precedent, declaring, as Robert said, “Tazering is inherently dangerous and could result in death or bodily injury.” Sheriff Carter might be one of the most sensible police directors I’ve come across. His reasoning, in that his deputies should be Tasered so they know what its like before arbitrarily using the weapon on the citizens of Hamilton County, is not only intelligent, but sensible and shows he cares about the community. Far too many cops are simply into law enforcement to hurt people and not help people, and individuals like that absolutely should not have access to these deadly weapons. We can all assume that Hamilton County will settle this case out of court, and give Robert his job back, as to not aid in setting a precedent that will take away millions of cops’ toys.

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