Hillary…I love you but it’s over; plus: Roger Clemens needs quick conviction

By | February 25, 2008

by Brian A. Wilkins 


UPDATE: 1/13/2009; Grand Jury to Investigate Roger Clemens


Narcissistic Nader spells certain doom for Hillary, but shouldn’t hurt Democrats (and Obama) in General Election as it did in 2000 Election.

Senator Hillary Clinton’s Presidential candidacy was already on life support, but now with Ralph Nader entering the fray(again), the scales should tip in Senator Barack Obama’s favor, winning him the Democratic nomination. I must admit I would be happy with either Clinton or Obama as our next President and Commander-in-Chief (as most of the record masses of Democratic voters would agree). They’re both tired of this Iraq mess and all this cowboy bullsh*t Bush has been pulling since 2000. But with all due respect to an inspiring leader who just happens to be female, there are just too many people who simply will not vote Democratic if Senator Clinton is the candidate. And now with Ralph Nader stealing some of those “independent,” “Green Party,” leaning Dems, only Senator Obama will be able to withstand the vote-snatching in a General Election because of his ability to attract and motivate the 1st time voters.

Nader has devised a strategically brilliant list of links on his website, votenader.org, criticizing Obama and his politics. One article, published by Tikkun magazine –which focuses on Israel/Palestine issues – accuses Obama of coddling Jews and not taking into consideration the plight of the Palestinians as far as his foreign policy. If nothing else I guess this article will extinguish once-and-for-all the Fox News machine and its “Obama is a Muslim” junk. Though I see the reasoning behind the Nader campaign’s use of this article, it actually helps Obama in a round-about sort of way. Granted MOST of the American people are smarter than Fox News gives them credit for, but their propaganda is meant to pick at the forced, artificial fear of Muslims in our country. Obama’s name and his dad’s Kenyan roots can give the lie legs to walk on, but no Muslim would favor the Israel-centric view of “there is no Palestine.” I have no idea now true or false the article is, but new questions may likely come about in the upcoming Ohio debate. Still the article will provoke thought in people’s minds and force Obama and Clinton into a truce, to not give the impression the Democratic Party is splintered.

Another link from Nader’s website goes to an interesting spot called Black Agenda Report. The article accuses Obama of “press[ing] for an expansion of the US Army and Marines by more than 100,000 troops and a larger military budget even than the Bush regime.” It also accuses Obama of being part of a “right wing Trojan horse” planted into the Democratic Party to protect the interests of the rich. One of the many comments left by readers suggested the U.S. Electoral College would never put a “black” man in office. This article will be deemed credible and question-worthy simply because it is authored by “African Americans.” There were actually several other interesting comments left by readers that could also be thought-provoking. While Obama and Clinton have been sniping at one another in preparation for Texas and Ohio (oh, forgot Rhode Island and Vermont), Nader commenced chipping away at the candidate he believes will eventually emerge victoriously from the Democratic Party.

Though Nader will steals votes from the Democrats, in the end, the mass numbers of first time young voters and African American voters should make up the difference for a Democratic victory in the General Election (short another Bush-and-Bush temporary disenfranchisement gamut like they pulled in Florida in 2000or even in 2004 in Ohio).Nader has no real shot because his role is simply “Democratic spoiler.” He doesn’t cater to Republicans at all nor does he try to meet them half-way on any issues. It’s almost as if he does not want a Democrat in office, as he knows he has no realistic shot to win the White House himself, and at the same time, he’s helping Republicans by scooping up those “let’s make a statement” voters who would likely have leaned Democrat. Obama took a subtle, yet appropriate dig at Nader, saying he “seems to have a pretty high opinion of his own work..”

I do hope Senator Clinton, in continuing her run in New York beyond 2008, plays an integral role in what the Democratic Party finally agrees upon as far as a universal healthcare plan. She’s a great American, I’d love to meet her, and support most everything she says. But the fact is, she would lose the General Election to Senator John McCain, again, simply because people don’t like her for whatever reason. Maybe its because she’s confident in herself and men are too insecure in their own skin to appreciate, respect, and admire that. She was feisty, tough, and rugged with Senator Obama throughout this campaign (not saying it’s completely over now, but the bus is warming up), and the competitiveness she put on display is commendable. But Obama is now the only hope for the Democratic Party to take back the White House, with Nar-cee-cee-Nader in the fold. I’m calling it now for Senator Obama to name House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as his Vice President. That would give Obama the so-called “female vote” and someone in Pelosi who has already reached out to Syria and other countries the U.S. currently has issues with. This is in line with Obama’s open diplomatic policy, so why not? The chances of this are slim-to-none, but that would certainly qualify as “change” in Washington.

Clemens better pray his conviction comes before January 20, 2009

As Roger Clemens’ lies and deceit continue to border on ridiculous, it’s almost as if he has suddenly realized time is ticking if he is really going to get pardoned by G.W. Bush (like Bush-league did for his boy Scooter … oh wait, he “commuted the sentence” which still kept Libby out of jail) for lying to Congress about his steroid use. He needs to get convicted while Bush is still in office, which is only about (thank god) 11 more months. From Clemens telling Congress that Andy Pettite “misremembered” their conversation in which Pettite told Congress in an affidavit that Clemens spoke about his steroid use, to photographs surfacing which place Clemens at a Jose Canseco party in 1998, its almost as if he knows he will he convicted, so he’s just freely lying and wanting the perjury verdict to come down ASAP. Only a fool would continue this charade if he truly wants to avoid prison time, but he must truly believe his boy Bush has his back. He could have ended this after the 60 Minutes interview by apologizing, admitting using steroids “a few times,” answer all the media’s questions, hold his head down, then emerge crystal clean (no pun intended) in the court of public opinion. Only Barry Bonds will get the lifetime evil monster treatment from this media. Hell, “the natural” Rick Ankiel barely registered on the media scale for his HGH use, even though he’d been praised for his transformation and hard work to go from a bad pitcher to a power hitter. Clemens would likely still get cheered in stadiums if he played this coming season; and if he admits guilt. But like most stubborn people, his story is he’s clean and he’s sticking to it until the pardon papers are handed downl. So unless Congress pulls a 180 and gets something done in a relatively short period of time (besides “rebate checks”) Clemens conviction may not come until this time next year. Which would mean don’t drop the soap, Roidger.

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