Euro-American Media’s reaction to Michelle Obama illustrates its proverbially blatant, aloof indifference towards Nubian history

By | February 24, 2008

by Brian A. Wilkins

I guess the possible First Lady of the United States struck a nerve with the state-run Euro-American media machine when she proclaimed she is proud of her country for the first time in her adult life. Even more amusing, AFP Writer Charlotte Raab emphasized not only the differences in Michelle Obama’s and Cindy McCain’s opinions on the subject, but also felt the need to describe McCain as “the blonde, smooth-spoken chairwoman of one of the country’s largest beer distributors.” And of course Fox News’ television mouthpieces and radio head-o-philes like Limbaugh continue playing this race card as well.

Nubians are the only Americans who are supposed to accept the terrorism, holocausts, and manipulation they have and continue to endure – past and present – as a fact of life you just have to learn to live with. If you step out of line by voicing what apparently is a dissidenting opinion to the establishment, as Mrs. Obama did, you are unpatriotic and not a good American. “Blacks” are simply supposed to be grateful to the United States because they are not slaves anymore (though that’s debatable).

If American Revolution icon Patrick Henry had said something like “give me incarceration, drugs, and no education please” instead of “give me liberty or give me death,” there would be NO United States today. Was Henry supposed to be proud of his country’s pre-Revolution conditions and accept being a poor, serf-like Brit-Abroad with little chance of changing the situation…or instead feel pride and dignity in his individual self and his people by expressing and acting on his frustrations, as he did? While Henry is an American hero, Mrs. Obama is now portrayed as some veiled Muslim “terrorist,” like her Muslim husband (to use some of the best Fox News and red-right-radical banter).

I was very proud to be an Iowan the night my peeps, in one of the least diverse states in the country, chose the BEST candidate they felt was available in Barack Obama (and the only Republican candidate I would even consider human: Mike Huckabee).As the first state to hold its caucus (or primary), Iowa didn’t need the seal of approval from the rest of America before it chose Obama. I had my doubts about Iowa making this decision not because of race, but because I just figured Hillary Clinton was going to run away with this thing like a number-1 ranked college football team versus the University of Arizona. A friend from my hometown even wrote me an email for the first time in ages, telling me how he caucused for Obama. I was SO PROUD OF IOWA and proud of my comrades, my people, as we set an example illustrating that racial divides in this country are created and driven by the entity that likes to call itself “mainstream media.” Sure there are still a few true inbreds in Iowa (like that guy from Elkader, Iowa) and elsewhere, but even they are now realizing who the true minorities are in America.

The self-proclaimed “mainstream” media expects Mrs. Obama to be grateful because white boys now ALLOW her to be able to walk down the street without being attacked by terrorist groups (and this isn’t always the case), or because the U.S. legislature and justice system finally grew tired of one of the sickest 20-year jokes in American history; the creation and distribution of crack-cocaine in “black” neighborhoods and its subsequent federal mandatory 5-year-minimum sentencing guideline; then there’s Katrina, NY Police shoot and kill an unarmed 23-year-old “black” male just hours before his marriage, Jena, Louisiana, 2 “black” men released from prison in Georgia and Florida after DNA exonerates them of allegedly raping “white” women, major public school differences, GA Police kill 90-year-old “black” woman, FL police kill 80-year-old “black” man, terrorist murderers who target “blacks” are protected by the 1st amendment, Florida’s temporary disenfranchisement of Nubian Americans, under Jeb Bush, to get his brother elected President, James Byrd dragged to death by terrorists…all this only in the past 10 years…shall we do the 20 years prior to that? White boys (aka U.S. Congress and Presidents) DECIDED they will ALLOW you to use the restroom and drink water at a fountain where ever you please; nevermind…this will take too long. Shame on you, Mrs. Obama, for not being proud of all these great American accomplishments!

What the Euro-American media want and expect Mrs. Obama to do is act like them, which obviously she refuses to do. Mrs. Obama is proud because she sees America craving a REAL human, true American candidate for the White House…a candidate who the Euro-American media tried to dismiss as “the black guy,” but soon realized (after Iowa) that the American people are far more intelligent than that. I agree with Mrs. Obama whole-heartedly and think the red-right and state-run U.S. media need to look in the mirror. There are few historical similarities between the lives of European Americans and Nubian Americans; just several night-and-day differences. We are certainly all Americans; however one has been the predator and one the prey throughout our history, even though the predators deny this reality. Regardless, thank you very much Mrs. Obama for keeping it real!

New York Times or New York Tabloid?

Though I think Mike Huckabee should be the Republican nominee for the White House (simply because he’s likable and is the only GOP candidate who tries to be all-inclusive for all Americans in his campaign), I actually kind of feel bad for John McCain after the latest sexual impropriety case in Washington and/or the Christian church, as originally reported by the New York Times. The advent of Viagra and Hugh Hefner “drinking the kool-aid,” hasn’t made matters much better for all these horny politicians and clergymen either. Regardless McCain has now joined Bill Clinton, Larry Craig, Mark Foley (what’s funny is that I couldn’t think of his name, so I typed “florida pedophile congress” into Yahoo and sure enough, Mark Foley’s Wikipedia page pops right up #1), Ted Haggard, and others on the wall of shame. Yes I have fun with this stuff because of the Euro-American media’s obsession with over-reporting activities of criminal “black” athletes (OJ Simpson, Adam “Pac-Man” Jones, etc), who unfortunately are the most visible, most talked about “black” men in media. And the Euro-American media’s indiscriminate and unwarranted bashing of Barry Bonds (while coddling Roger Clemens), Michael Vick, and Ron Artest is also ridiculous, as they treat these men like murderers. Like I’ve said in the past, you may not want to trust a “black” man with your wallet, but definitely don’t trust a “white” man with your children (or husband for that matter)…more on this in a second.

Whether McCain is innocent or guilty is not the issue. This disturbing trend of sexual misconduct is frightening and needs to be addressed by “mainstream” media (which will never happen). They (mainly CNN, Fox, MSNBC, and all the CBS, NBC, and ABC local networks) seem to be eager experts with stories like “Niggers in Prison,” “Blacks vs. Mexicans in Prison,” “Welfare and Blacks,” “Crack Smoking Blacks,” etc, but when it comes to their own problems, they draw a blank.

In a spreadsheet (2005) I obtained with statistics of Maricopa County (Phoenix, AZ) Jail inmates and their crimes, of the 1521 inmates convicted of child molestation, 907 of them (60%) were European Americans; 30 percent were Mexicans; the remaining 10 percent were “African Americans,” Asian Americans, and Native Americans. This pattern is obviously not exclusive to just Maricopa County either; I challenge anyone to do more research on other prison and they will get similar results. All you have to do is watch Chris Hanson on his Dateline NBC reports for more empirical evidence. The pedophiles on there are all “white” and East Indian. Dateline had to try really hard to get the one “black” dude I’ve ever seen on there; and he wasn’t dumb enough to stick around and talk on camera.

Let’s face it…Bill Clinton and his improprieties, have hurt Senator Hillary Clinton’s campaign and I don’t see how – short of McCain’s camp completely discrediting the Times article – this will not affect the Republican front-runner in the General Election. I realize the allegations happened years ago, but Bill Clinton’s happened even more years ago and still has legs (no pun intended) in regards to his wife’s campaign.

But why now New York Times? You just endorsed Senator McCain a while back and now he is the target of one of the most egregious allegations to come out of the 2008 primaries. It’s no secret the Times backs the Democratic Party (which makes no sense for journalistic integrity), but they have now stooped to the level of Fox News. I don’t like McCain because of his flip-flopping on immigration and his Bush-crony ideas of a 100-year war in Iraq. But the fight to the White House needs to save what little dignity it has left. If this story was such an issue, why not publish it as soon as you obtained the information, which was probably months ago?

Regardless, it’s fun to watch this media and government continually discredit and make fools of themselves.

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