By | February 9, 2009

by Brian A. Wilkins

I wanted work with cops like Detective Billy Rosewood, Sergeant John Taggard, and Detective Axl Foley.

There seems to be this perception that I, and most other Nubian American men, look at all police officers the same. We hate them all. We look at them all, in general, as thugs, terrorists, racist whiteboys, and house negroes. I cannot think of anything more false than that premise. In fact, when I was in high school, my friend Ross and I always dreamed about being “crime fighters” (police officers) in the daytime and working at a video store at night, so we could always watch as many movies as we wanted to for free. Ross actually joined the Navy after high school, while my passion for crime fighting starting waning as I grew older and more aware of how police departments worked (or shall I say “operated”).


My cousin Ronnie is a police officer in Iowa City, IA, and I love him like, well, a cousin. He has a job to do and I respect that. Honestly, the entire Iowa City Police Department was extremely professional, yet stern, when my dumb ass was arrested there for an OWI (operation while intoxicated) back in 2001. I actually saw the arresting officer (who’s name escapes me right now) and joked around with him about my gross failure in the field sobriety tests he administered the night I was arrested. I would see this man several more times before moving away from Iowa City and each time, we would at least exchange greetings. My uncle Mike was an officer for the California Highway Patrol for many years and I always thought it was fascinating to hear him tell stories about his work when I was a child. My friend Teck’s dad, Burt, has been a police officer in Marshalltown, Iowa for as long as I can remember. He, like all his sons, is just a regular guy, except has an important job he takes pride in.


Personally-connected police officers notwithstanding, there are several police officers and organizations I have the utmost respect for. I’ve written previously about Barry Cooper, the former Texas drug enforcement officer, who grew tired of arresting people for simple marijuana possession and destroying their families with 3-5 year prison sentences for non-violent offenders. Mr. Cooper also grew tired of all the corruption, racism, sexism, and immaturity by many officers he worked with and/or came in contact with. Cooper is the creator of the website and videos, “Never Get Busted.





I am also in total and full agreement with the organization PACE, which stands for Police Association for College Education. Similar to the REPO (Reform for the Education of Police Officers) Act I have proposed and have been working on whenever possible, PACE’s mission statement says it all: “to advance the quality of police agencies and services…by encouraging and facilitating a minimum education level of a four-year college degree for officers.” It was no secret throughout the 2008 Democratic Primaries that less-educated European American voters were more likely to vote for Hillary Clinton instead of President Barack Obama, solely because Clinton is “white” and Obama “black.” Currently, most police officers in the United States take a 4-8 month academy course, which is obviously and ridiculously inadequate to train an officer of the law who is bequeathed so much power. Many police officers go to these academies right out of high school, so they basically continue the juvenile behaviors they engaged in as teenagers, except now they have guns and badges. This is not to say a college degree is the cure-all. Flint, Michigan is one police department that is a member of PACE and requires its officers to have a minimum four-year college education. Now former interim chief of the Flint Police, David Dicks, was the moron who tried to create and enforce a law, similar to laws in Florida, Missouri, and elsewhere, which arrests young “black” men for wearing saggy pants. Six months later (last month to be exact), Dicks was indicted on a charge of obtaining federal money by fraud. Officers having a college education is at least a significant first step in rooting out the trash that infests our police departments across the country.
So yes, the Tempe Police is obviously a corrupt organization of thugs and I have no respect for the department and few of its officers. When I drove through Pennsylvania for the first and only time of my life, my friend Caleb and I pulled into a convenience store off the interstate (we were headed to Washington DC). Less than one minute after we started pumping gas, five police cars pulled into the station, and waited there until we left. Then on our way back to Iowa from DC, we stopped at another western Pennsylvania convenience store where this little kid, who was no more than 10, said to me in the restroom “my daddy kills people like you!” After I lightly shoved the kid by his face to get rid of him, he found his mother in the store, kicked her in the leg, and said “hurry up bitch! I’m hungry!” Guess Congressman John Murtha, D-PA, wasn’t lying about the people of that area (and they seem to agree, being they re-elected him in November)
And I had problems with the Ankeny (Iowa) Police Department as well. But the truth of the matter is, until European Americans accept the same sort of correlation between Jews and Hamas, al-Qaeda, etc. and that of Nubian Americans and badged gangsters, there will never be any understanding or peaceful resolution to this domestic U.S. terrorism carried out by police. “Holocaust deniers” are deemed evil, out-of-touch, and wicked in American, Western and some Eastern European cultures; thug police deniers are more evil, out-of-touch, and wicked in my eyes. Police are perceived as protectors, as heroes in Euro-America, similar (and sadly) the same way the KKK was viewed in the most popular U.S. film of all time, D.W. Griffith’s “Birth of A Nation.”
Griffith portrayed the terrorists as knights in shining armor coming to rescue pure, Christian white America from these newly freed monkey niggers. This mentality is the reason why thug cops are ALWAYS acquitted (by mostly European American juries) of all murder, assault, and/or corruption charges, no matter how damning the evidence.


Yes, all the Rodney King thugs were acquitted of any criminal wrongdoing. And I guess this was just an isolated incident? Police are supposed to protect and serve our communities with honor, dignity, integrity, and credibility. It is a tough job and should only be filled by individuals who can uphold those principles. And the ones that cannot and do not have forever created a terrorist persona to more than half the U.S. population. More “good” cops need to step up and expose their thug comrades. But until then, I’ll wait for the next Police Academy sequel to keep me feeling comfortable around cops.

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