Champaign (IL) Police Thugs Murder Unarmed 15-Year-Old Kiwane Carrington

By | October 17, 2009

by Brian A. Wilkins

The baby-faced Mr. Kiwane Carrington was only
15-years-old when he was murdered.

In yet another murder of an American citizen by police thugs –  this time a CHILD – for attempting to enter a residence he was invited to, one has to wonder if a home is really a home anymore in the USA?

Mr. Kiwane Carrington had gotten out of school early in the afternoon Friday, October 9. Similar to the Henry Louis Gates episode earlier this year, a neighbor called 911 and said Mr. Carrington and another young man were trying to burglarize the home. Ms. Debra Thomas, who owns the home, said the young men were welcome at her house anytime. When police thugs arrived, Mr. Carrington and the other young man were likely wondering why they were being harrassed on property they were welcome on.

The story Champaign Police told goes like this: they “confronted” the two young men and told them to get on the ground. Again, why were these thug cops bothering these kids? The proverbial “a physical struggle ensued” was next, and in typical cop-speak, “a weapon was discharged resulting in the fatal wounding on one of the subjects,” aka two 15-year-old kids.

And to further insult and disrespect the families of these children, the police thugs arrested the other young man and charged him with burglary, even though he and Kiwane were welcome at the home. The murderer, whose name is being protected by city officials, was rewarded with a paid vacation.

Kiwane and his family were already dealing with the recent death of his mother to pancreatic cancer, and now the family must try and deal with this. Champaign City Manager Steve Carter piled on more discountenance of Kiwane’s family by refusing to alter a city council meeting the following Tuesday to discuss the murder. He told the family and other Champaign citizens to wait until an October 20 meeting to voice their concerns.

The people of Illinois are all too familiar with these police murders, as the execution of Mr. Mark Anthony Barmore by Rockford police thugs is still fresh in their minds. Though the Justice Department has now gotten involved in the Barmore case, there is still very little chance the thugs who murdered him will be charged with any crimes. And its also safe to say, the police thug who murdered Mr. Carrington will return from his paid vacation in a few months, and also not face any criminal charges.

Operation Nation will update this story once we learn the name of the killer. Our thoughts are with Kiwane’s family and friends.

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