Lawsuit: Bean Station (TN) Police Thugs Andrew Dossett, Ben Dossett Recklessly Attack Woman

By | July 23, 2009

UPDATED January 30, 2015: Andy Dossett promoted to Jefferson City Chief of Police.

The Jefferson City municipal website makes no mention of Dossett’s employment with Bean Station police.

UPDATED August 10, 2012: Stipulated dismissal of Ms. Carpenter’s lawsuit.

That means it settled out of court. Read PDF here.

UPDATED February 9, 2012: Andy Dossett now works for Jefferson City (TN) Police.

UPDATE November 30, 2010: Andy Dossett quietly resigns as Bean Station police chief.

There was absolutely zero media coverage of Dossett’s “resignation.”


by Brian A. Wilkins
7/23/2009 (links and photos updated September 12, 2019)

Bean Station police chief Andy Dossett

BEAN STATION, TN — Ms. Karen Elaine Carpenter is now permanently disabled, was forced to get both of her eyes surgically removed, and has permanent injuries to her face, jaw, liver, and shoulder, according to a lawsuit filed on July 20 in Tennessee’s Eastern Division of the United States District Court.

The story made headlines in the small town of 3,000 residents back on January 24. According to the police, Ms. Carpenter led them on a 15-minute chase which ended in her truck crashing into a ditch. Police said Ms. Carpenter, who was allegedly a “suspect with an outstanding warrant,” tried to drive out of the ditch, which prompted police thugs Andy Dossett and Ben Dossett to fire several shots at Ms. Carpenter while she was incapacitated in her wrecked truck. She was taken to the University of Tennessee hospital, where she remained for several weeks.

According to the complaint, Ms. Carpenter fled because she did not want to be arrested for a crime she did not commit. She also was friendly with several Bean Station police officers, as she begged the police thugs by using their first names: “Andy it’s me, please don’t shoot,” the lawsuit says. Despite the pleas, thugs Dossett and Dossett sprayed Ms. Carpenter with an unspecified number of bullets. She was ultimately shot in her arm, torso, and head; the latter caused her to lose consciousness.

The lawsuit demands $30,000,000 for medical expenses, pain and suffering, severe mental anxiety, humiliation, embarrassment, and disfigurement.


5 thoughts on “Lawsuit: Bean Station (TN) Police Thugs Andrew Dossett, Ben Dossett Recklessly Attack Woman

  1. carpenter

    these thugs will pay .you dont shout a person like that i heard she has a drug issue and her car was in a ditch so these brave ass holes shot her.well i told her folks to get a lawyer and push it all the these fine ass of a cop can serve there time in jail.hope someone makes them there little girl.

  2. C Carpenter

    I do not know this woman but when i visited bean station a short time after this had took place i was shocked .i was raised there just to think the people there put this kind of shit in office just cant see it .bean station is a small place if you dont look you dont see it the town is that size.i have people living there and visit often .this woman needs Jeffery F from Detroit michigan for a lawyer he would make sure these ass wipes go to prison.where they belong.i hope she will hire him if she runs in to a brick wall.

  3. crayton

    i think a drug att is a drug attic .but where do you allow police to treat people like this.that woman was not in any way able to do any one harm after her truck was wrecked.these thugs should be locked up for life.i have a son as a cop .and i would not respect him if he did a crapy thing like these thugs did.all cops are not bad just a few rotten apples.god will see these hell will.

  4. MaKayla

    Did she do drugs when you where born?I think not.She gave me asthma and diabetes so I think she deserves to xay in prison for life…Not only that but CHILD ABUSE

    1. Amy

      I disagree. I know your mom very well. I do not do drugs. Your mother loves you more than life. Yes she has her faults, we all do, but I was there when you were a baby. I can say a lot about both family your dad included, but I do know from so many conversations how much you mean to her. Don’t let people’s perspective cloud judgment. Your mother ( Karen) has been one of the steadfast people I have ever encountered. Makayla, you should get to know her. She’s the sweetest. I’m not saying this bc I’m in a big conspiracy. I know what’s said. Karen Carpenter is the sweetest most loyal person I know. My only hope for you is to see your mom through my eyes. She’s a whole 100


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