Baton Rouge (LA) Police Thug Terrance Nolan Shoots One Man, Assaults Another

By | September 17, 2009

by Brian A. Wilkins
9/16/2009 (links and photos updated December 30, 2018)

Mr. Caleb Staden (L) and Devin Martin.

Just as Harvard professor, Mr. Henry Louis Gates, cannot enter his own home without being harassed by Cambridge, MA police thugs, Mr. Devin Martin and Mr. Caleb Staden, were almost killed by Baton Rouge (LA) police thug Terrance Nolan, simply for trying to enter the apartment complex they lived in.

The attack occurred on Sunday, September 6, when Mr. Martin and Mr. Staden were walking into the Canterbury House Apartment, which at least one of the young men (maybe both) reside. Police thug Nolan approached the young men as they entered and ordered them to leave. When Mr. Martin informed Nolan he lived there, thug Nolan shot him in his lower leg.  Nolan then struck Mr. Staden with the butt of his gun in the head. Nolan then handcuffed Mr. Martin, who was bleeding and seriously injured from being shot, to a fence and made him hop around on one leg until an ambulance arrived.

Thug Nolan, who also lives at the complex, was working as a security guard, off-duty from his police responsibilities and in plain-clothes, the night he attacked the two young men.

Euro-Americans and their media are now hoping and praying something can be dug up about these two young men being “convicted felons” or “gang members” so they can then vilify the victims and make the police thug out to be a hero. Of course Nolan was rewarded with a paid vacation, aka “paid administrative leave,” for the attack on these two young men.

Sergeant Don Kelly of the Baton Rouge Police, says the “investigation” could take months and they will “not hide anything.”

Baton Rouge cop Don Kelly.

Just as the sun rises everyday, we all know these aggravated assaults by thug Nolan will be dismissed as “police protocol.” Nolan and the Baton Rouge Police will somehow conjure some sort of tale, like, “the officer felt threatened” and/or “Martin and Staden are gang-bangers,” or the newest one, “Martin and Staden tried to grab the officer’s gun,” which will of course justify the attack in the eyes of Euro-American media, their message boards, and the copsucking community.

Which ever standard “cop-out” they use in this incident, Nolan will enjoy his paid vacation, while Mr. Martin can only hope his ankle heals to the point of full functionality again.

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2 thoughts on “Baton Rouge (LA) Police Thug Terrance Nolan Shoots One Man, Assaults Another

  1. Common citizen

    Whatever! These guys didn’t say nothing or do anything to the officer? Hard to believe. I think these guys are uneducated thugs that harrassed the cop. Good article but not believeable. You tried but if the cop wasn’t wearing an uniform and was working as a security guard the ‘thugs’ wasn’t aware that he was a cop. So what did they do to provoke the situation? They didn’t get hostile? Hard to believe. They should have obided by the rules. Who’s the ‘thugs’? Clearly the two thugs pictured above.

  2. les

    I agree with common citizen. You’re only printing half of the story. Have you heard the Officers version of the story? No! You should hear both sides before you make an opinion. Do you know that most people don’t win 3 on 1 fights, especially when there is a gun present. See video on you tube where Texas State Trooper gets killed with his own gun after 3 Mexican Thugs attacked him and then get back to me. He was in full class A uniform acting as a Police Officer and they still attacked and killed him. He’s not hear to tell his side of the story. Officer Nolan, thank God, is here to tell us what really happened. Don’t be so quick to judge.


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