Reality Check: “Whites” Killing “Blacks” Is Legal In The USA

By | September 7, 2009

by Brian A. Wilkins
9/7/2009 (links updated November 6, 2018)


Reality Check1

Let’s take a look at some recent events that have taken place in the United Police States of America.

First, there is Antavio Johnson, a 20-year-old Nubian (“black”) man from Lakeland, FL. The young man decided to express himself as many youth do in the form of a rap song entitled “Kill Me A Cop”, which he posted to Myspace and Youtube.

Americans are taught in 1st grade that they have a Constitutional right to free speech and can say whatever they want as long as they don’t physically hurt anyone. Further, the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed Americans’ First Amendment rights in the 1969 Brandenburg v. Ohio decision when it ruled, “the government cannot constitutionally punish abstract advocacy of force or law violation.” The decision overturned the conviction of Clarence Brandenburg, a member of the U.S. terrorist group “KKK,” after being convicted under an Ohio law that was ruled unconstitutional. Brandenburg had made a public speech which contained highly threatening language, including him encouraging people to take “revengeance against niggers.”

However, the U.S. Constitution means very little nowadays and means nearly nothing if you are classified as black. Court precedents and laws, which are supposed to guides justice in America, were completely ignored in Mr. Johnson’s case, when he was arrested for making the song and sentenced to two years in prison last month in a Florida court.

This is not unusual in AmeriKKKa. Mr. Andre Moore of Philadelphia was sentenced to 23 months of house arrest in 2008 after posting a video on Youtube encouraging people to protect themselves by any means necessary against rogue government agents, especially police.

Now let’s take a look at events happening right here in Tempe, AZ. Preacher Steven L. Anderson of Tempe, has made national news lately because he openly preaches that he “hates Barack Obama” and he “pray[s] the President dies and goes to hell.”

State-run Euro-American media make heroes out of anybody who encourages the killing of black people (and Latinos and Muslims) and will do their best to get individuals like Anderson’s name out there. Take note of how DIFFERENT the language state-run media use to describe this Anderson as opposed to their language regarding Mr. Moore above.

What makes this story even more disturbing is the fact one of Anderson’s followers suggested President Obama should “reach out” to Anderson…in other words, maybe invite him to the White House for a beer and make Anderson into an international, 15-minute icon like the President did for the cop in Cambridge, MA that arrested a black professor in his own home, alleging he broke in to his own home. The Anderson disciple clearly believes Obama should “know his place” and play the MLK role of weak, passive, acquiescence, and forgiving to the hegemony like he already did for the cop in Massachusetts.

Keep in mind, Anderson is talking about killing the President of the United States. Usually that is an unforgivable, instant serious crime generally followed by a long prison sentence. But there is one obvious caveat: the President of the USA is black and therefore it is legal, no matter how important the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES is, for Euro-Americans to not only provoke people to kill the President, but to do it themselves. And these are not isolated incidents. Let’s not forget former Republican Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee’s now infamous threat on the President’s life at an NRA meeting.

Huckabee, who now works for Fox News, is not the only one on that network who encourages Euro-Americans (or some house negro, which would be an Euro-American wet dream come true) to kill the President.

The moral of the story: Europeans will never allow black people here or abroad to defend themselves against hegemonic tyranny. While at the same time, Euro-America and its media will arrest or kill you if you counter with force and firmness to protect your life, honor, and well-being. Remember, according to state-run Euro-American media and a good number of Euro-Americans, black people are simply exaggerating, “playing the race card,” and/or feeling sorry for themselves when it comes to summary executions done by police, biased media, and the “justice system” as a whole. Sure there are laws in place that are supposed to make us all equal Americans, but we all know this is a phony concept meant to deceive “blacks” into thinking they are actually real citizens. Mr. Antavio Johnson and Mr. Andre Moore are exactly right. Nubian Americans need to arm themselves immediately and be ready to use their weapons
at any moment against a country which exterminates them like insects in various ways.

Brothers and sisters: arm yourselves now. The United States and its government will not only imprison you for “crimes” such as yawning in court:

but will kill you and nobody will be punished for it. In fact, they will reward the killer cops with paid vacations (aka “paid administrative leave”). “Blacks” killing each other is what they want and what they are entertained by; be it Hutus and Tsutsis in Rwanda or Bloods and Crips in Los Angeles; which is why they fund, encourage and allow[ed] both to happen. This U.S. system is not for us, nor is it by us. 

Wake up brothers and sisters. There have only been two instances in U.S. history that a white male was given the death penalty for killing a black man: once in the 1850s when a white male shot and killed another white male’s black slave. The shooter was given the death penalty because he destroyed another man’s PROPERTY, not because he murdered a man. The other instance was in the 1980s when a white convicted murderer killed a black convicted murderer while they were both serving life sentences in prison. As you know, by contrast, countless thousands of black people have been put to death for even THINKING ABOUT killing a “white” man.

You are only doing them a favor by killing one another, brothers. Remember, “Africans” (“blacks”) are the only people to have never fought back against European imperialism (with the exception of Haiti, Nat Turner and a few other U.S. rebellions) and look at where we are now; unlike Japan, China, Iran, and other prosperous countries that did not allow Europe to manipulate them.

Please open your eyes.

3 thoughts on “Reality Check: “Whites” Killing “Blacks” Is Legal In The USA

  1. Long

    It seems that you’re taking for granted that this country is far better than many in terms of equality. But, you do make your points well. 🙂

  2. Chioke


    The author defines three types of minority groups:

    Caste like Minority Status
    Autonomous minorities like Amish, Jews and Mormons are groups that aren’t subordinate to a dominant group politically and economically.

    Immigrant minorities that came to American more or less voluntarily. They may be poor and work in lower paying jobs, but that fact doesn’t reflect their true status in the total hierarchy, because these groups don’t see themselves as low caste. They see low paying jobs as temporary and better than what they left back in their home country. They also compare themselves not with the dominant group but those they left behind. They tend to do relatively well in school, even though they don’t share the same culture as the white middle class. These include Chinese, Filipinos, Japanese, Koreans, etc.

    Caste like minorities were incorporated into the country more or less involuntarily and permanently. These include blacks, American Indians, Mexicans, Native Hawaiians, Puerto Ricans. Membership is acquired at birth and retained permanently. Regarded by white majority as inferior and not desirable as neighbors or workmates. They lack political power and are economically subordinate. They face a job ceiling, and are not hired on the basis of training and skills like other minorities.

    Caste like groups also reject the ideology and beliefs of the dominant group that rationalize their position. They believe their problems are due to the “system” and racism than their own inadequacies. They may develop a “collective institutional discrimination perspective”. This leads them into channel efforts into collective struggle.

    Caste like minorities are not the same as racial minorities.

    Race becomes a significant variable in school performance only when the groups are stratified. Blacks have received status summation and a job ceiling not faced by lower class whites. Unsuccessful whites blame themselves, unsuccessful blacks blame the system. “What distinguishes blacks from lower-class whites is not that their objective material conditions are different, but rather that the way the minorities perceive, interpret, and respond to their conditions are different.”

    IQ tests measure the cognitive abilities deemed important by Western people to be successful in a Western environment.
    IQ tests evaluate cognitive skills, not cognitive capacities or processes. Cognitive capacities and processes are universal, cognitive skills are not.


    Many white people are unaccustomed to being the minority in a group. They are used to being made to feel welcome, and are shocked and dismayed when this is not the case. As a society We are taught fear. That fear keeps the powerful in power while keeping us from working together for a mutual good. Differences between the races are miniscule, cultural at best. Unfortunately whites have somewhat mixed emotions on the differences of race perm


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