Oklahoma City Police Thugs Diron Carter and Michael McKethan Arraigned For Drive-By Shooting

by Brian A. Wilkins

Oklahoma City Police thugs Diron Carter (L) and Michael McKethan (R)

Had these two thugs not been “police officers” on the night of June 16, 2009, they would both be facing attempted murder charges and several arbitrary “street gang” crimes.

As it stands though, Oklahoma City Police thugs Diron Carter and Michael McKethan are free on $25,000 bond each after being arraigned on August 26 for “using a vehicle to facilitate the intentional discharge of a firearm,” were given a paid vacation (aka paid administrative leave) for the past two months, and will attend a preliminary hearing on October 22 in Oklahoma County District Court.

First, here is the Euro-American media version of what happened, courtesy of KSBI TV-52 in Oklahoma City:

However, in plain English, what happened is that two police thugs, thinking they are above the law, brandished and fired a gun at innocent people because they feel it is their right to do so.

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater, believing he is being tough on these two police thugs, vehemtly declares, “if they want to act like a gang banger, we’ll treat them like a gang banger.” The problem with this statement is the fact I know of very few (ok, ZERO) “gang bangers” (which is Prater’s codeword for “blacks” and Latinos) who have fired a weapon in the direction of other people and not been charged with aggravated assault and/or attempted murder. In fact, it will be interesting to see what happens to Marston Lawrence Tolin, an Oklahoma man who was arrested in Georgia and is now awaiting extradiction back to Oklahoma on the same “using a vehicle…blah blah” charge as the police thugs. The sentencing range is two years to life in prison. I predict the police thugs get a short probation term, while Tolin gets anywhere from 5-10 years.

These two clowns barely scratch the surface as to the frequency of thug cop behavior like this throughout the USA. These people believe that fake-gold shield emblem they wear on their chest is their license to act like criminals who are subsequently protected by the U.S. and state Constitutions. These two police thugs will escape any serious punishment and obtain jobs at some other police department (probably in Texas, Arizona, or California) within a year or two. Thug Carter, according to the  This entry was posted in U.S. and World News on by .

6 thoughts on “Oklahoma City Police Thugs Diron Carter and Michael McKethan Arraigned For Drive-By Shooting

  1. Guy Smith

    If you would read the 208 page discovery report on this matter then you would see that all the listed witnesses were “highly intoxicated” and that all of them are listed in NCIC as “known gang members”, which does not mean they should be shot at but it does mean that there credibility toward officers should be questioned. Also two of the five witnesses listed not only gave a very poor description, they even went so far as to list the name of the person that they say shot the gun, when this person was interviewed he admitted to being at night trips but did not fire any guns, which is exactly what the two Oklahoma city offices have been doing. David Prater is a joke. Sgt Diron Carter was in prater’s office a month before this “Drive By” happened and was thanking him for being such a good office and “Oklahoma City P.D needed more like him” because Carter had arrested a man wanted for killing two women in Tenn. Also the detective in this case that signed the PC Affidavit has just got himself in some trouble with the US Attorneys office for not telling the truth on other PC affidavits. Keep this in mind also, on the subject of shooting the fire arm into a crowd of people, or if it was at the ground, the police that were called to the club on the night of the shooting recovered ONE shell casing and found ONE hole in the ground which offices and detectives believed to be from the bullet, and all of the witnesses say that he fired into the ground in that same spot, the detectives in question that found the round in the side of the building (the same lier of PC Aff) went back to the club THREE WEEKS LATER, ALONE and then he claims to have found another round. When the police took a photo line up to the witnesses NONE of them could pick out either Carter or McKethan, then the detectives did another photo line up, due to “the first line up being blurry” and again NONE of the witnesses could pick them out. This is simply a case of David Prater needing to do something public so he can get re elected. If I were Prater I would think about who is keeping me and the citizens that I represent safe before i would go calling them or there co-workers names like “Gang Bangers” or “Bad Eggs”.

  2. s21

    You are kidding with your comment right? Pretty sure you need to get your facts right before you defend these idiots!! How do you even know anything about the witnesses or what kind of people they are? Oh wait…you don’t. So before you start defending irresponsible behavior of officers that are supposed to withhold more standards and ethics than that, why don’t you get your facts straight? okay..thanks

  3. guy smith

    Because i was there. Is that close enough for the facts for me to get? Or do you in all of you brilliance know of a better way to get better information as to what happened that night. So the question is…are you kidding with you poorly written comments.

  4. s21

    Actually, I was there too, you are either one of the criminals involved or a cop buddy trying to help cover for them. Really, if all you can do is try to insult me, at least use spell check before you do! LOL, don’t drop the soap!!!

  5. Guest

    What about Mckethan being arrest this past Feb on another Felony complaint of False Insurance Claim. His hearing is in December 2010, GOOD COP!!


    The guy that is name is guest u need to find somthing better to do than rag on people good lord and s21 just shut up u should find somthing better to do with your life!!!!!


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