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Winnfield, Louisiana Terrorist Scott Nugent Trial Set for July 13

UPDATED 10/29/2010: Inbred Cop Scott Nugent Acquitted Of All Charges

UPDATED 10/16/2010: Winn Parish D.A. Desperately Trying For All-“White” Jury

Confederate justice is well underway in the “manslaughter” trial of Winnfield, Louisiana killer cop Scott Nugent, which jury selection started this past Monday. District Attorney R. Christopher Nevils filed a motion to change the venue of the trial, wanting to move it to the “whitest” jurisdiction possible. Nevils wrote that all potential “black” jurors are “tainted” because of pre-trial publicity of the January 17, 2008 cold-blooded murder (Note: thetowntalk.com link is now defunct).

The motion also asks the Court to Read Entire Article