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#FBA Rally 4 Reparations: All Hands On Deck in Washington, D.C., Saturday, November 5

October 15, 2022

No more unconditional votes for Democrats. An #FBA non-vote sends a message to the Democrats because Republicans will win by default; and we support neither party.

No more shaming us. No more belittling us. No more disrespecting us. The Democrats are done. And #FBA are getting our reparations. All #FBA: find a way to get to Washington, D.C. on November 5. Whether you’re from Alabama, Maine or Oregon; or from “the hood,” “the burbs,” etc. GET THERE, my Black American brothers and sisters!

They built this country on rock ‘n roll. We built this country

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#NewBlackMedia: There may be hope after all in 2020

by Kareem Banks
December 28, 2019 (updated December 29, 2019)

Operation-Nation likes to believe that we did our small part. We joined millions of black folks and eliminated the Kamala Harris presidential campaign. It was a thing of collective beauty. True black people aren’t giving Democrats votes just for placing a brown-looking face in front of us ever again (see Obama). Harris is a very cunning cop. She’s black when it’s convenient. She’s white liberal tool always.


We’ve been around since 2007. But we’re part of #NewBlackMedia.

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