SOURCE: Feds Could Take Receivership of MCSO By Mid-July

By | July 6, 2010

by Brian A. Wilkins

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio (L) and former Maricopa County
attorney Andrew Thomas.

The federal criminal investigation into Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio may be nearing completion, and there may literally be a new sheriff in town in the coming weeks.

A source very close to the federal grand jury proceedings told us they believe the FBI will take receivership of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office by the end of this month. Receivership is basically a court-ordered takeover of subject property and/or offices used to preserve any and all evidence which may be used against someone involved in a criminal or civil prosecution. The source also told us that the grand jury proceedings are ongoing, that they are in constant contact with the FBI and U.S. Department of Justice, and that witnesses testified in front of the grand jury as recently as two weeks ago.

Another source within Maricopa County has also told us that Loretta Barkell, the chief executive of business operations at the sheriff’s office is “missing in action.” We’re told she has not been to work for the past 10 days, cleaned out her desk and is not answering anyone’s phone calls, as she’s apparently in hiding to avoid Arpaio and his chief deputy Dave Hendershott; or she simply is on the run, fearing being arrest by the feds. But another source believes she spoke with the federal grand jury and now fears for her life.

I believe this would be an unprecedented move by the feds, as far as them taking over an entire sheriff’s or police department due to an ongoing criminal investigation against the chief executive (in this case Arpaio). This cannot be good news for former Maricopa County attorney and current Arizona Attorney General candidate Andrew Thomas either. The facts that Thomas is also involved in the misspending spree of the federal RICO funds in question (like Hendershott buying a home in Honduras with said funds), and that he and Arpaio are BFFs can only lead us to believe Thomas will be on the same chopping block. Thomas is also being investigated by the Arizona State Bar and may lose his license to practice law, due to his corrupt, illegal practices.

We will continue to update this story as we learn more.

3 thoughts on “SOURCE: Feds Could Take Receivership of MCSO By Mid-July

  1. Prison Abolitionist

    Boy, is the DOJ dragging it’s ass, or what? How much more evidence than racial profiling on YouTube, bodies piling up of dead prisoners, and twisted institutional culture do they need? Time to Indict!

  2. newlaw student

    Yes, the DOJ, the AZ BAR, and AZ states atty general all are dragging their asses. And because of this more and more innocent citizens are being abused by Arpaio, Thomas, Hendergutt, and aububitch.

    Unfortnately until we see fat pigs like hendershot(his load all over hiscomputer monitor while typing his last email to the press obviously under the influence of alcohol or who knows what) fly will anything ever change in Arizona. This state has done more to rule out that democracy actually works than anycommie. Or leftist could ever do. Politicians that insure their careers at the expense of the taxpayers by plying their ignorance or even if its jus frustration find a better way than costing the state millions and millions in possible revenues. I know you help put my family bussiness out of business… Tourists are big bucks and you fuck head politicians are scaring them away. The rich that support you are notcoming here because there is no one to carry their luggage anymore.

  3. Rick

    Hope the FEDS force him to wear a pink underwear while in jail and put in a cell with the immigrants he abused while in office.


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