Phoenix (AZ) Police Pepper Spray Peaceful Protestors

By | January 17, 2010

UPDATED 1/25/2010: Andy Thomas Issues “Direct Complaints” Against Three of the Five Protestors Arrested

Indictment…complaint…whatever you want to call it, Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s homeboy, county attorney Andrew Thomas, has charged Ms. Sarah Grace Daniels and Mr. Jeremiah Henry with “aggravated assault on a police officer” (a Class 2 felony) and Mr. Issa Emadi with “aggravated assault” (a Class 6 felony) and “attempted aggravated assault” (a misdemeanor).  See the press release from the “county attorney’s office” in PDF format HERE.

We have also learned that Mr. Emadi was already offered some B.S.  “plea deal,” which he smartly turned down. Subsequently, Andy-boy, in a retaliatory tantrum, issued this “direct complaint” against the young man. Andy thanked the Phoenix Police for, “prevent[ing] the disturbance from escalating.”

This likely means the charges against Mr. Garyn Klasek and Ms. Claire Brock will be dismissed on Friday at a scheduled status conference (of course, not without first being presented “deals” to plead guilty to crimes Maricopa County knows it cannot prove). But with Maricopa County, who knows what may happen.

We’ll follow this story until all five individuals are exonerated of this persecution.

UPDATED 1/24/2010: Maricopa County Justice Begins For The Five Arrested Protestors

To Ms. Sarah Grace Daniels, Mr. Jeremiah Henry, Mr. Issa Emadi, Mr. Garyn Klasek, and Ms. Claire Brock: let the games begin. Though today is Sunday, January, 24th, according to Maricopa County court records, Mr. Henry has already attended an “informal conference” on Monday, January 25 and said conference has been docketed on the case record. Here is the screenshot taken today from the Maricopa County court website.

Phoenix Police Protestors2

It appears that this same “already happened informal conference” is the case for Mr. Emadi as well. Interestingly, there is no record of charges even being filed against Mr. Klasek.

You all must be aware that this is just the first sign you’ll need to know that cases in Maricopa County are pre-determined, no matter the evidence or circumstances.

Here is more video from the scene, showing the sheer brutality of Phoenix Police arresting one of the female protestors.

Also, an Arizona Indy Media article contains photos and hard evidence that undercover Arpaio goons or Phoenix Police goons posed as protestors throughout the day. Phoenix Police have denied this, but you can see plain-clothes individuals from the video above and the pictures from the Indy Media article of the same individuals arresting and assaulting the protestors. More evidence that this entire incident was provoked by so-called “law enforcement.”

We will keep you up-to-date on the legal proceedings for all the individuals.

by Brian A. Wilkins


Phoenix Police Pepper Spray

Dare I say the “white” people at yesterday’s rally against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio were targeted by police?

It’s kind of difficult to see it any other way after witnessing what appeared to be an unprovoked attack by Phoenix Police on protestors who were getting under their skin with taunts and various signs expressing how they felt.

Earlier in the day at Falcon Park in west Phoenix, the group of young people, clad in all black with burka-style face coverings, carried a sign which said, “Indigenous People For Migrant Rights And Dignity.” I am only assuming this is the name of their group.

As “mainstream” media continue to report only what Phoenix Police say happened – that these young people “assaulted” and threw bottles at cops – Operation Nation was also on the scene and spoke to several witnesses, some of whom were actually hit with the pepper spray.

First, here is a report from ABC-15 about the “disturbance.”

I understand that “mainstream” media must always take the side of police so they will continue to have all-access to arrest records, mugshots (e.g. the people who were arrested yesterday), and whatever other juice they desire to obtain from them. What is missing from this report and all others in the city is the name of the female, overzealous, robocop that started all the mayhem.

Here is what witnesses said about yesterday’s incident.


When it was all said and done, Phoenix Police arrested five people: Ms. Sarah Grace Daniels, 23;  Mr. Jeremiah M. Henry, 18; Mr. Issa A. Emadi, 26; Mr. Garyn Klasek, 30; and Ms. Claire E. Brock, 23…all on charges ranging from “aggravated assault on a police officer,” “disorderly conduct,” and “resisting arrest.”

Organizers of the rally quickly separated themselves from the group, saying they were there for “their own purposes.”

These five individuals will now have to sit in a Maricopa County Jail until someone either bails them out and/or they are released on their own recognizance; all because of the ego trip of a female cop who obviously can’t handle her job. Their lives will also now be forever altered, if these alleged “felony charges” stick.

Operation Nation will try and follow this story and keep you updated on each individual case.

UPDATED 1/18/2010: Lost in the Phoenix Police thuggery was the overall festive, spiritual atmosphere from the day’s events. Here is a slideshow of photos we took.


Operation-Nation On The Jeff Farias Radio Show To Talk About The Rally (1/19/2010)

6 thoughts on “Phoenix (AZ) Police Pepper Spray Peaceful Protestors

  1. sallyd

    just a comment, your wording makes it sound like white people were holding the “indigenous people” banner, which isn’t the case- indigenous people were. it would be weird if white people were holding that banner.
    there was a mixed group of people (the Dine, O’odham, and anarchist/anti-authoritarian bloc), although the people the police arrested were mostly white people. it seems like they wanted to arrest specific anarchists.


    Thank you for the clarification. The people carrying the sign were masked,  so I assumed (which you should never do) they were all the same group. But you’re right. It would be weird if that is in fact “white” people holding the banner in the video. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Michael

    One of the people arrested was a good friend of mine, Issa Emadi, I know he’s extremely political, but he is not violent, i know this guy, and have for over 10 years, not a damn thing in this world would convince me that he actually aggresively assaulted a police officer, which is what he’s being charged with. Aint that just the shit of it, Arpaio gets caught doing all types of illegal procedures and actions, and good people end up behind bars while he roams free to shame us arizonans further. Man this just aint right.

  3. Casey White

    I was with the Anti-Authoritarian group when the protest began. From the start of the protest the cops were taking pictures of certain people within the group, when we were rounding the corner of 35th and Fillmore was when the cops began to instigate the protesters by pushing them into the “Designated Area”. That was when the first incident happened, the second incident, that happened on 35th and Durango, was when the small conflict broke out. A Police man on a Utility cart was at the head of the Anti-Authoritarian group and rammed them running one protesters foot over. That was when the group began yelling at the cops to “Stop Harassing them”, that act was followed by a Police Women on horseback that rammed into the middle of the group and ran a couple of people over. That was when the protesters began to get angry and attack the police women. They were doing it in self-defense and the Police Women who is pictured above, went and got a jacket to cover her name up. I can say that they had premeditated their arrest of the five individuals.

  4. phoenix az

    The attacking scumbags were lucky all they suffered was some pepperspraying and a few lumps.

    The horse should be rewarded with an extra bag of the best feed, for not laying out several of that mob after being attacked, and thay lady cop given an ‘at’a’boy’ in her file for not spuring her horse to trample them.

  5. thelovebutcher

    Spoken like a true nazi-headed idiot. I suppose you love living in the U.S. where we actually once had a constitution that was based on rebellion against the government, and the police. Where we were taught that authority was not to be trusted and that the people owned the government, not the other way round, like today. Today, people fear the government. It all actuality, its the government who should fear the people. No cop harming a citizen should be left in that job. I should know, I assaulted and kidnapped one when I was accosted. The proper way to handle illegal stops.

  6. Used

    Aint that just the shit of it, Arpaio gets caught doing all types of illegal procedures and actions, and good people end up behind bars while he roams free to shame us arizonans further.


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