New RNC Chairman Michael Steele is GOP’s Next Sarah Palin

By | January 30, 2009

UPDATED 3/3/2009
Act II of the Michael Steele puppet show has moved him past Sarah Palin as the GOP’s ultimate puppet. 

So I thought the “hip-hop makeover” comment Steele made a couple weeks ago was embarrassing. Now Steele is cowering to the Limbaugh character who is apparently, as a radio talk show host, more respected by the GOP than their elected chairman. The irony in all this is the fact Steele’s puppet comments were made on CNN’s puppet news show, “D.L. Hughley Breaks The News” this past weekend. Steele first said Limbaugh is “an entertainer” and that some of his comments are “ugly.” Steele continued that he, not Limbaugh, is the leader of the GOP.

The latter is what heated Limbaugh to the point of insulting Steele on his radio show, and calling Steele (god forbid) “an Obama supporter.” Now Steele is saying he was “inarticulate” when he made the comments about Limbaugh and wants to apologize to the viagra and pain-killer addict. In other words, Steele knows his place in the GOP puppet show, which is “token negro” so the party appears progressive and all-inclusive. Now that Palin has served as “puppet white chick” and Steele “token negro,” I guess Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is next, as “token Muslim-looking foreigner” to get “Muslim-looking foreign votes”? Steele and the GOP are embarrassing, yet entertaining to watch (like the Karate Kid).

UPDATED 2/19/2009
Act I of the Michael Steele puppet show commences: Steele says GOP needs a “hip-hop makeover.”

Ok, this is now officially embarrassing. It seems Steele has good intentions and wants to really grow the Republican Party. But to somehow believe injecting a stereotypical music form into the party’s philosophies to attract new voters is just, for lack of better term, dumb. Its simple what the GOP needs to do to attract new voters: disassociate themselves with Confederate causes and people. Nobody is buying anything the GOP is selling, except for European American people who reside in the Confederacy. Steele still hasn’t surpassed Sarah Palin as the ultimate GOP puppet, but one more story like this one, and he’s officially in first place.

by Brian A. Wilkins

The 50-year-old former Maryland Lieutenant Governor and FOX News contributor will continue the GOP’s strategy of failed demographic pandering. Senator John McCain, R-Arizona, chose Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate in his failed 2008 Presidential campaign, to attract “white female voters.” The Euro-American media of course ate up the fact Palin was the “first female GOP vice-presidential nominee” when she was selected in September (of course, the strategy failed miserably). Now Steele, the first “African American” to head the Republican National Committee, I guess, is supposed to make the Republican Party look progressive and different. Steele was also likely selected so the RNC can use the proverbial, “I have a black friend, so I can say [fill in the blank]” line and compete with the face of the Democratic Party, President Barack Obama.

RNC Chairman Michael Steele (from

This column must be prefaced with the fact I have no ill-will
towards Mr. Steele and I wish him all the success in the world with his new job.
But only a completely moron cannot see right through his appointment. The
Republican Party has played the only card they have left to mask the fact their
party is, by their own doing, a segregated Euro-American male party; of course
with the exception of a few tokens.

I’m not sure if the GOP are just
really this out-of-touch or just full of themselves, thinking the appointment of
Steele will somehow carve into the Democratic Party’s monopoly-like 95 percent strangle-hold on the so-called “black vote” and
their 66 percent hold on the Latino vote. The fact that over half of elected
Republican officials are Confederites who support terrorism against “blacks”, the fact
Maricopa County (Arizona) Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a Republican and known to Latinos as a terrorist in the southwest, and the fact
Republican mouthpiece Rush Limbaugh openly wishes for President Obama, who is
very popular among “blacks” and Latinos, to fail
as a president
; which means he wants America to fail as a whole.

would the GOP think bringing Sarah Palin on board late in the campaign would
help them with “white female” voters? He and many other Republicans openly and
proudly declared they do not support equal pay in the workplace for women and
non-European men. This is not to disparage any female Republican voter, but
those who did check “McCain/Palin” on their ballot were voting for continued
minoritization and oppression. There’s no way I’d vote for anyone who tried to
place the value of my life and work below that of others. Of course, President
Obama, in one of his first executive acts, signed the Equal Pay Act, signaling an end to deliberate pay gaps between
the sexes and races.

Again, I wish Mr. Steele nothing but the best, but
this man is about to enter the world of being a puppet. I have nothing but
respect for Mrs. Palin after the election, as she did the job she was “hired” to
do by the GOP, which is attack dog on President Obama:

She did her best, but Republicans COLLECTIVELY failed, then had the nerve to blame, and insult, Palin when the election was over. She may not have great book smarts, and may even be a bad politician, but its her own fault she exposed herself to this role. Mr. Steele, who is an affirmative action advocate and does not desire to overturn Roe vs. Wade (both no-no’s to the Republican Party), is next in line. Steele may be able communicate with these Republicans and help their deaf ears hear things they otherwise never would have.

There are a few issues “blacks” and Republicans actually have in common which could be built upon. “Blacks” overwhelmingly voted for all the gay marriage amendments in 2008; young “black” men value their gun rights; and the number of “blacks” making $250,000-plus per year is growing every year; aided mostly by professional athletics. And Republicans can still use the “Abraham Lincoln was a Republican” card with less-educated “blacks.” These are issues Steele could articulate to the GOP in his tenure and maybe by 2012, they could “steele” 15-20 percent of the “black” vote, which could be enough to put them over the top. But as long as Republicans continue supporting the terrorist Confederate flag and ideologies, employing terrorists like Mark Fuhrman and Sean Hannity (with Nazi Hal Turner) on their news networks, and supporting gangster police, they’ll always be viewed as “racist, southern white boys.”

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