National Petition To End “Black History Month”

By | February 14, 2011

by Brian A. Wilkins

A bunch of commentary is not necessary for this grievance and obvious solution. Brother Morgan Freeman elegantly states it best to “Jewish” Mike Wallace on 60 minutes in December of 2005.

What Mr. Freeman proposes is an excellent solution, but the Euro-hegemony and the Euro-American men who are descendents of serfs from England, Spain, and the rest of Western Europe, will never allow that to happen. The sacrosanct promise of “freedom” from an oppressive British Empire and Catholic Church was that if you relocate to the “New World,” you will always AT LEAST be “better” and higher on a social scale than “blacks” no matter what. 

A nationalistic brotherhood where we take our rights as opposed to pathetically begging the Euro-hegemony for life’s crumbs is long overdue, and tempered by the likes of MLK, Sharpton, Jackson, and yes, “black history month.” The question is, are Nubian Americans ready and willing for the ultimate sacrifice of freedom.

The American Revolution against a tyrannical European/British/Catholic government is proverbialized in “American history” by “founding father” Patrick Henry’s alleged quote, “give me liberty, or give me death.” Ironically, even during this cartoonish “black history month” the Euro-American hegemony created, they deliberately and consciously omit OUR American Revolutions.

We will never know how many Euro-savages our brothers were able to take out and send a clear and convincing message to their living descendents after our numerous uprisings against the Euro-hegemony in our new American home from 1500-1840; including the Stono Revolution of 1739, the so-called “Gabriel Prosser” Revolution of 1800, and of course Brother Nat Turner’s spiritual enlightenment in 1831. 

In this short, very incomplete film, “Will” plays the MLK role; the proverbial “house negro” role; and of our comtemporaries, the lost souls who believe the NAACP, the ACLU, federal courts, Al Sharpton, and/or President Obama can change their destinies. Only the individual can control their destiny, combined with our collective Nationalism.

Our brothers and sisters of the 21st century are being convicted of fabricated crimes and/or marijuana crimes at extinction rates, and all we’ve done is sing “we shall overcome.” The aforementioned are forced into slave labor, only to be “exonerated” of their “crimes” 30 years later. The Euro-hegemony will charge you with felonies, and force you to sign “plea bargains” convicting you of said felonies, effectively sentencing you to life imprisonment and stripping you of voting rights and gun rights. In other words, you are rendered a 21st century slave.

Nubian Nationalism must continue to grow for us to take our freedom and our souls back from the Euro-hegemony, and a token MONTH out of the year is not part of our plan. The Vietnamese, armed with slingshots compared to the tanks, planes, and bombs England, France and the United States had during the Vietnam War, defeated the hegemony. How? Vietnamese Nationalism. Women knew their role was to have as many babies as possible; while men knew their role was to go out in front of those tanks, plane, etc. and get killed in the name of Nationalism and our women and children we are naturally and innately obligated to protect. The Euro-American media and hegemony have engrained a self-hatred seed in our psyches which can easily be exterminated simply by all of us collectively opening our eyes and discussing who and what we are now, and what we can and should be not only in the USA, but on a global scale.

We demand all Nubians incarcerated in U.S. prison, jails, or probation offices on marijuana charges (upwards of 50,000 brothers and sisters) to immediately be freed and expunged of all collateral consequences of the “conviction.” We demand the immediate jailing of every cop who has murdered a Nubian American and any/all other Americans; the immediate jailing of every prosecutor, public defender, and judge who have contributed to the attempted destruction of our souls. We demand an immediate 13 percent stake in all corporate media, as this is the percentage we are of the American populus. We demand a 51st state known as Nubia, located in Mississippi, Alabama, Arizona, or Georgia, which will approximately be the size of the state of Massachusetts; an idea which should be backed by “federalist” Republicans who want us separate from them anyway. If these demands will not be met (and we know they won’t), than Revolution is our destiny.

Ending “Black History Month” has nothing to do with dumbass Euro-reasons like “Obama is President, so ‘racism’ is over.” These phony tokens of humanity, which also includes food stamps and welfare, are what we must recognize for what they are: Euro-weapons to keep us collectively dependent, scared, and “loyal” to Euro-hegemonic principles. We will give Euro-America until November 2012 to meet our demands; ample time for them to do whatever they have to do; and ample time for us to arm and prepare ourselves with the tools, knowledge, and lost values from West Nubia (aka West “Africa”) we need for our inevitable destiny.

The state in which I reside, Arizona, would gladly pioneer our demand to end this phony token “black history month,” as they have anything and everything else that is not of the “traditional Anglo American concept.” The end of “black history month” will also put an end to “black” nomenclature period.

Be prepared to be called “terrorist,” “unpatriotic,” and “violent” by Euros, brothers and sisters. Keep your minds and bodies healthy by reading, drinking green tea, and loving your family and your Nubian brothers. Sign below with your name and email address, and I’ll see you in November 2012.

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