Los Angeles Police Thugs Murder Unarmed, Autistic Steven Eugene Washington

By | March 21, 2010

by Brian A. Wilkins
3/21/2010 (links and photos updated December 12, 2019)

Mr. Steven Eugene Washington Was 27 Years Old.

LOS ANGELES — In yet another government-sanctioned murder at the hands of American police thugs, you would think there’d be no more lows the savages can stoop to…unless you believe it is ok to kill unarmed, autistic Americans.

This is what happened yesterday, in the Koreatown section of Los Angeles. Los Angeles police thugs Allan Corrales George Diego, who LAPD say are part of “gang enforcement” – a moniker U.S. police give certain thug cops who are sanctioned to kill “blacks” anytime they feel like it. – say Mr. Washington was “looking around suspiciously” and then the proverbial “he was reaching for something in his waistband.” Thirsty for blood and a paid vacation, thugs Corrales and Diego shot Mr. Washington in the head, killing him instantly. As of today, the two killers have yet to be rewarded with their inevitable paid vacations (aka “paid administrative leave”).

What makes these government-sanctioned murders even worse is when these “police departments” use house negro cop spokesmen, i.e. Assistant Chief Earl Paysinger, as lead puppet for the shows that inevitably take place after all these murders.

House Negro LAPD Assistant Chief
Earl Paysinger.

Paysinger says the “officers,” “made decisions in a fraction of a second.” Yes, decisions to exercise their goverment-sanctioned right to murder any and all American citizens they feel the need too, and justify it by saying, “they feared for their lives,” or “the victim was a gangster,” and/or “the victim had a criminal record.” Ms. Vicki Thompson, Mr. Washington’s aunt, rhetorically asked “why” her nephew was murdered in cold-blood the way he was. It’s simple Ms. Thompson: because these savage police thugs enjoy murder, assault, and rape; and know they will get away with it.

Despite his learning disabilities, Mr. Washington was taking college courses to become a mechanic. The kangaroo investigations into the young man’s murder, which are supposedly being puppeteered by the LAPD, should return the inevitable “justified” verdict within a few weeks. Of course, a wrongful death lawsuit will be filed and the family will get a relatively small monetary settlement. However, once again, the murderers will not and cannot be held accountable with the vehicles Americans are bequethed by law, and will once again be rewarded for their behavior.

Our thoughts are with Mr. Washington’s family.

UPDATE March 24, 2015 – Police thugs Diego and Corrales win $4 million lawsuit

They basically claimed that since they were Latino cops, they didn’t get the same type of immunity that white cops get when they kill black people. No joke.


3 thoughts on “Los Angeles Police Thugs Murder Unarmed, Autistic Steven Eugene Washington

  1. John

    Dude he was in south central at 12 midnite and ran up to a cop car… what do you think was gonna happen. iF A WHITE GUY AT THE SAME TIME AND PLACE WOULDVE DONE THE SAME THING, THEY WOULD SHOT EM TOO.

  2. Erick Martinez

    I knew Steven Washington when we were in high school. We both played together at manual arts an he was a good player and good student but above all he was a great person that will be missed! R.I.P Steven Washington

  3. Canttellyou georgewillkillme

    South central? No where near SC, this happened in the very border of koreatown and pico union. How do I know? I’m from playboys, the gang that roams that area.

    Plain and simple…George Diego is a wannabe cowboy, he always pulls out his firearm wheb he stops me. After securing me with his handcuffs, he proceeds to strike once or twice with a closed fist to the ribs and says “you should have ran, I would love to shoot you”

    He should be jailed. I respect good cops (two of my cousins are lapd) and let me tell you….investigate George Diego and you will find everything he does is bad. He lies in court and falsely writes F.I cards to be used in court to testify against people he supposedly caught doing something. The streets where this man was shot, is well lit…..people are out in the open. This man did not walk up to the car…..this man was looking around and minding his biz when these two idiots put the big flashlight on him and blinded him. They then proceeded to jump off the car and fire.

    Like I said…investigate Diego….you will get your answer. This man did nothing, investigate Diego and you’ll get the truth.


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