GoDaddy Is Pro-Police State: Censors Old OP-NAT EYE

By | July 27, 2014


JULY 27, 2014: We’ve been slowly moving all of our our websites, blogs and email accounts away from Godaddy since the company revealed it willingly cooperates with the NSA, and supports all U.S. government spying initiatives in 2012. The only thing we had left there as of 2014 was our oldest website. We migrated all the old posts to this site and continued the OP-NAT EYE on its own website.

Many posts also now have several bad internal back links and photos that no longer appear. We have been slowly updating our content and all articles will soon have fresh links, photos, and videos.

GoDaddy took the website offline in late June because it said it no longer supports IT’S OWN SOFTWARE called Quick Blogcast. Basically we’ve lost seven years of hard work. We’ve done our best to preserve everything, however, it will be much harder to find in search engines for the time being. Now that GoDaddy lifted up its skirt completely and revealed who and what they are, it’s an easy choice for those living a life of liberty and freedom to completely shun for business.

If you were searching for a specific post and could not find it, scroll down to the bottom of this page and use the “SEARCH” box. A few keywords (victim’s name, killer cop’s names, etc.) should do it. Again we’ve preserved all of the old posts entirely on this page. You can scroll through them manually, view the archives by date in the sidebar, or again, use the search box.

We apologize for the inconvenience, particularly to the families who rely on us to properly memorialize their loved ones. We’ll continue the work we’ve been doing, no matter how much government and their corporate bed buddies try and take away freedom of speech.

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