Did Washington D.C. “Snowball” Cop Inadvertently Prove An Obvious Cultural Phenomenon?

By | December 24, 2009

by Brian A. Wilkins

House Negro Cop “Detective Baylor” Pulls Gun On Snowball Fight Participants

Before I go any further, let’s make one thing abundantly clear: this house negro police thug “Detective Baylor” needs to immediately be charged with felony endangerment and/or misconduct involving a dangerous weapon for his actions on Saturday, December 19.

As many of you have seen, a Twitter-organized snowball fight was interrupted by an off-duty, out-of-uniform police thug who was on a power trip. Several bystanders and snowball fight participants rolled their cell phone cameras throughout the incident. But its not the police thug’s actions, which unfortunately happen almost everyday in the USA, that makes this story worth writing about.

First, watch the video:

Ok, there are two obvious demographic factors here which act as the pink elephant in the room: “black” cop, “white” hecklers. And I call them hecklers because this whole scene reminds me of some sort of scripted comedy show, as opposed to real life. Because if this had taken place in Oakland, CA; Miami, FL; Los Angeles, CA; New York City; Chicago; or pick any other U.S. city; and the cop was of European descent and a bunch of “blacks” were yelling “PIG!” and throwing snowballs at him, I guarantee you this story would have contained at least three casualties.

But forget the people calling him “pig” for a second (though it is still very hard to believe nobody was shot by police thugs after that, and the snowballs). When the uniformed “white” cops showed up to back-up their fellow cop, they had their guns drawn ready to shoot the “black guy,” and not necessarily ready to help a “fellow cop.” And did you notice at the end of the video, a voice over the police radio identified “Detective Baylor, a black male officer.”

This story brings back memories of Mr. Omar Edwards, the 25-year-old rookie, newlywed “black” NYPD cop who was gunned down by “white” NYPD cop Andrew Dunton back on May 28.

Former NYPD Cop Omar Edwards

Similar to the “Detective Baylor” incident, Edwards was off-duty and in plain clothes when he discovered a man was breaking into his car. Edwards drew his gun and chased the car thief. Thug Dunton, who mistook Edwards for a “black criminal with a gun,” shot him three times, the fatal shot to the back. Dunton then handcuffed the shot Edwards, and realized he killed an alleged “fellow cop” when he saw Edwards’ badge.

I love my uncle and my cousin to death, both of whom are cops in different states. I’ve just never understood why “black” men or women of any race would want to be police. This “Detective Baylor” is lucky he did not get the “black criminal with a gun” treatment Edwards got from his “fellow officers.” The uniformed Washington D.C. cops who showed up to help Baylor, again, had their guns drawn and were ready to shoot first, and ask questions later. And the fact that nobody in that crowd of people was shot, Tasered, or arrested, further demonstrates that “black” cops are not the “brother” of fellow “white” cops.

This also demonstrates that no matter how much people try and deny it, everyone has a natural bias towards their “own.” The sympathy and empathy the “white” uniformed cops showed the “snowballers” is something that absolutely, 100-percent, would not have happened in South Phoenix, New Orleans, or Cleveland with a “black” crowd.

I can’t give this Baylor character credit for further reinforcing an obvious reality which cop-suckers and other will dismiss as “blacks blaming whitey for everything.” Was Baylor really pulling a brother show, to display the reality that a “black” cop’s life is not the same as the divine, “hero” “white” cop’s life?  Na, this guy isn’t that righteous.

He should just feel lucky he’s alive. But, god forbid, I would have loved to see the Euro-American media reaction and cop-sucker reaction if the uniformed cops killed Baylor. It would have been the first time in recent history the “cop” would get universal “bad guy” treatment from Euro-American media; much different from the 9/11 sympathy coverage the recently gunned-down Seattle-area cops have been getting. Guess we’ll just have to wait until next time.

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