Day 45: Another Court Date Set, Another Pod Meeting, and Poker

By | May 14, 2009

by Brian A. Wilkins

This day corresponds with Thursday, September 4, 2008. Click here for the complete “55 Days In Maricopa County Jail” series.

I called the Public Pretender’s office again today and found out I have court on September 16. Apparently this judge will now hear the motion that new lawyer, Michael Ziemba, filed to modify my release conditions. But who are they fooling? It’s court, it’s court in Arizona, and it’s court in the U.S. Justice System, and I’m “a black.” These court dates are basically an excuse for these people to shackle you up and squeeze you into little cells with 60 other people and watch you suffer. I will not reference or even think about this upcoming puppet show anymore after writing this sentence.

Man, those “pod meetings” are so frickin’ juvenile. I also don’t know why that Arpaio guy tells the public that people held in these jails can only watch 2 channels (I think he says C-SPAN and the Weather Channel). Today, a bunch of (allegedly) grown men, again, argued about what channel the television should be on all day. It is usually on ESPN but some of them wanted it on the Discovery Channel. This led to about 30 minutes of arguing back and forth, with the end result being the TV stays on the Discovery Channel in the daytime and on ESPN after 4pm. There was also a long discussion about guys playing with their balls, then using the phones.

Chino gave me a couple “stacks” to play poker, so I played a few hands. I ended up losing those two “items” (stacks). That will be the last time I do that. These guys fight over bags of chips at that table. I had to get out of that cell for a while since the cellmate was taking shits all day.

I saw on the ESPN bottom line that New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs had 112 yards in the NFL opener. He would have been my franchise back on my fantasy team, so I’d be off to a decent start for the week.

I’m on page 40 of a novel I’ve been writing. Not sure if I’ll ever finish it. But its definitely an escape, a way to take my mind to the settings in the story. My high school love and I go through some crazy adventures. It would actually be a good book. The Euro-media would probably term it controversial but I’d use that to my advantage.

But who am I kidding? I won’t be alive to finish the book. I won’t even be alive to see if Obama gets elected president. Hopefully, I’m not even alive to see tomorrow.

NOTE: My former cellmate, Mario Misquez, was arrested again after receiving probation for possession of a controlled substance on July 29. I have a feeling his current charges revolve around him being addicted to methamphetamines. He signed a plea agreement and will be sentenced in early June. Mario’s entire existence is the only reasoning governments need to sentence people to TREATMENT and not incarceration. But treatment programs, as opposed to jail, would take the fun aspect away from inbred cops, jail guards, and prosecutors so it will never happen. Hang in there Mario and remember, if I’m still alive, you have a friend to call when you get out of there.

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