“COMET” ELENIN UPDATE: United States Preparing For Martial Law

By | September 19, 2011

UPDATED 9/29/2011, 10:51am AZ Time: New “Elenin” Video Says Sept. 30 Is Now “The Day”

I could not verify the claim in the video that, recently, “a man” died after being struck by a meteorite. In fact, there’ve been very few incidents of “death by meteorite” in all of human history. Regardless, here is the video for your viewing pleasure.

UPDATED 9/28/2011, 6:32pm Arizona Time: “Elenin” Passes; Global Ruling Cabal Still In Power

For those hoping for a celestial event to help stimulate the fall of the global European-American-Zionist Empire (my hand is raised), “Comet Elenin” failed to provide it. The “comet,” from (circa) September 26-28, was in the linear configuration with the Sun and Earth which has, without fail, caused major earthquakes to happen across the globe.  The strongest quake yesterday, a magnitude 5.4, happened around 8 a.m. Arizona time in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska (USA). Today, the strongest quake registered in at magnitude 5.6 off the coast of Chile.

It was indeed a very  anti-climactic ending to the “Comet Elenin” story…that is of course if you consider the case closed. Some have speculated that the cult following around “Elenin” was simply duped by false information. Others have speculated “Elenin” was simply conjured hype for the 11/11/2011 release of the movie “Melancholia.”

There are many elements of this story that will continue however. The good which came from this story is that hundreds of thousands of American citizens got together for a healthy questioning of U.S. government, including state-run U.S. media. From a religious apocalypse to an “Illuminati”/HAARP “disaster”/phony “terror attack,” more Americans seem to be waking up to the fact this government and its media lie about everything. Though state-run media downplays the growing American Revolution, its there.

We will continue following this story if anything further and/or of significance occurs.

UPDATED 9/20/2011, 6:45pm Arizona Time: GREAT PHOTO TAKEN IN TEXAS


This photo was taken at about 4:45pm Arizona time by my friend Heather, in Granbury, Texas. There are many others like it online.

by Brian A. Wilkins

ORIGINAL LINK: http://blog.operation-nation.com/2011/09/19/comet-elenin-update-united-states-preparing-for-martial-law.aspx

First off, if you have no idea what “Comet” Elenin is or what the hell I’m talking about, click on the following link and scroll down to where it starts at 9/9/2011 (where it says “by Brian A. Wilkins”) and work your way up (it has been updated several times since). NOTE:the page has a lot of information, photos, and videos, so may take about 30 seconds to fully load with broadband and/or DSL.


Now, to the latest. These videos do not lie. All of them were uploaded/shared by our fellow Americans (not state-run media or government). The next linear alignment of “Comet” Elenin, the Sun, and Earth occurs sometime between Monday, Sept. 26 – Wednesday, Sept. 28. Again, if you have no idea what this means, click on the link above, but these videos speak for themselves. FYI, all three videos total about 8 minutes.



As always, we will continue to update until…………..



5 thoughts on ““COMET” ELENIN UPDATE: United States Preparing For Martial Law

  1. mark lusardi

    brian–can you check out the cop killing in colorado springs last tuesday of 27 year old christen vargas ? her family is going to sue the county and other cops are upset about what happened-the sleazy media is doing their dirty work to protect the cops who are on their standard vacation now

  2. Sandi

    I have been labelled negative, pessimistic and a crazy conspiracy theorist but I have always gone with my sixth sense…the planet is in utter turmoil and every bit of information in my head has been placed there by the media or the system, which is why I listen to my gut! If this Elenin disaster doesn’t happen something else will….and very soon!

  3. Jim

    “This photo was taken at about 4:45pm Arizona time by my friend Heather, in Granbury, Texas. Whatever “Elenin” is, meet her right there.” THE OBJECT IN PHOTO IS ONLY LENS GLARE. DID THE SAME WITH MY PHONE CAMERA. COULD PLACE OBJECT ANYWHERE I WANTED.

  4. Boston

    Don’t be serious, you are putting things in your head. Cops make it so you sleep good at night. Get out of America and move to north Africa and tell me what you think. You guys are spooks, meaning, you are too gullible to what people say, especially the media. America will not go to martial law, unless, people try to overthrow the government. How about you read about our solar activity, sun spots, and our sun’s life cycle. There are reasons why the weather is active, and it pertains to our overactive sun. It was predicted already that we were going to have an extremely active sun due to its late active off the 11 off-cycle. There is no government conspiracy…weapons may be moved but they are likely for strategic purposes. Let it go and support the nation. The only other option I rcommend is you guys follow the dumbass Haley-Bopcomet fags and poison yourselves so the rest of the society doesn’t have to hear all the bullshit.

  5. Erik

    hey, i have a picture i think you need to see….i took it while out at sea, on a cruise. When i first saw the picture, i thought it was some weird reflection from the sun and the lens. Then, I opened up your website, which i havent in a few weeks and saw the picture your friend took in texas, and my picture is almost exactly the same. Well, it really is the same. The picture was taken (ironicly)… on 9-11-11 at about 4pm anchored off the coast of San Clemente island north of san diego, south of L.A .


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