Bryan (TX) Police Thug William Cross Shoots Mentally Disabled “Suspect” and Innocent Bystander

By | May 10, 2011

by Brian A. Wilkins
5/10/2011 (links and photos updated November 21, 2018)

Photo from the City of Bryan, TX website.

I must say the first thing I thought about after perusing the Bryan, Texas municipal website (which has photos of almost all their commanding officers), is how they specifically plucked the few non-“white” faces from the entire police department and put them in the above picture. The phony inclusive photo represents a police department which allows its “officers”  to wildly shoot guns at Americans.

This is what happened last Friday morning in Bryan. Police thug William “Bill” Cross responded to an alleged “suspicious person” at a tobacco shop. When Cross arrived at the scene, the alleged suspect, Mr. Johnnie Walton Harris, took off running, obviously in flight mode from known statutory killers. Cross, according to Bryan Police Chief Eric Buske, says Mr. Harris was “intoxicated” and “a struggle ensued” apparently after Cross chased him down.

This “struggle” caused police thug Cross to wildly begin shooting a firearm, hitting not only Mr. Harris, but also Mr. Juan Garcia, who was working at a nearby construction site. Both men were taken to St. Joseph Hospital in critical condition. Though it isn’t clear whether Mr. Harris will even survive, Bryan Police have charged him anyway with several felonies, including “attempting to take the patrolmen’s firearm.” Of course the assailant cop, along with his sidekick, were both rewarded with paid vacations, aka “paid administrative leave.”

Euro-American media outlets, including KBTX above, have insinuated Mr. Harris deserved to be shot because he “has a prior criminal record” (we edited out the ending of the above news story). Mr. Harris, who had mental health issue according to relatives, was shot because he was trying to save his life and Mr. Juan Garcia was shot because he showed up to work that Friday to try and feed his family. Bryan Police have offered absolutely no explanation for shooting Mr. Garcia, but expect them to dig into his citizenship status and “criminal record” to gain the support of the cop-sucking community in Bryan and across the country.

The kangaroo “investigations” for these (thus far) attempted murders by thug Cross are allegedly being conducted by the Bryan Police, Brazos County District Attorney, and the Texas Rangers (the latter of which I thought was a baseball team). The police thugs actions will be ruled justified sometime in the next few weeks, so Cross and “Robin” can expect at least a month long paid vacation.

We will update this story if/when we learn the condition of the victims involved. Our thoughts are with the Harris and Garcia families.

2 thoughts on “Bryan (TX) Police Thug William Cross Shoots Mentally Disabled “Suspect” and Innocent Bystander

  1. rick

    Yourcomments are biased. You claim bias on the part of police, yet you have no fact to back your bias. I see you have no problem calling the officer a thug, yet you would cry to your mother if I pointed out that yourcomments are factless and all together dumb.

  2. Selena

    Thank you Mr. Wilkins for writing this. Bryan police are messed up and my family moving away from here because they harras us all the time for know reason. And all are neighbors. Please keep esposing these people sir.


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