Sheriff Joe Arpaio & Israelis Have Much In Common

By | January 4, 2009

by Brian A. Wilkins

WIth the Americo-British colony known as Israel murdering defenseless Palestinians with their U.S.-British-supplied military arsenal as we speak, many hopefuls for the 18th Jewish Congress (known as Knesset) are earning brownie points with voters by murdering the perceive enemy.

With their February 10th elections fast approaching, political pandering and posturing, along with a genocidal conscience, have plagued that tiny area of the globe with so much worldwide influence. Ironically, the Palestine/Israel Peninsula if you will, has about the same area (give or take 500 square miles) as Joe Arpaio’s Maricopa County.

To preface this paragraph, illegal immigration has contributed to U.S. economic turmoil more than any other single factor in my opinion. The Bush League and Congress (because of pandering) have failed America in this regard and should be ashamed of themselves. But Joe Arpaio’s random arrests of “Mexican-looking people” is cop-thug mentality at its finest. He is not a federal agent anymore and he has not done thorough investigations like ICE has before some of their raids on cheap U.S. employers trying to pay bottom dollar for labor. Still, no managers or owners of the companies are ever arrested…just the “Mexicans.” Arpaio’s arrests appear to the general public of Maricopa County as “maverick” mentality (Arpaio got more than 56 percent of the vote to Dan Saban’s 42 percent in November). He says he is “tough on all crimes, including illegal immigration.” People should not have to endure radical thugs with badges, then have to sit in the confines of a Maricopa County Jail endlessly, on an Arpaio “Mexican arrest.”

George Bush has planted this war-murder-manipulation seed into the psyches of many Americans. I don’t see any difference in what Israel is doing to the people in Gaza to what janjaweed militants in Sudan are doing to the people of Darfur…but then again, the U.S. and Western Europe don’t care about them either. I guess the U.S. and Great Britain are protecting their investment, as far as what British Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour promised Jewish-British leader Walter Rothschild back in 1917: a colony for his Jewish people. This document, which spans about a quarter of a page, has stood the test of time, obligating the U.S. and Britain to this “agreement” forever. “Balfour” has now become a virtual U.S. Constitutional Amendment, obligating us as a country and as “patriotic Americans” to back anything Israel does. PLEASE! These ‘ol boy agreements, similar to Confederate ideals, are passed off as “mainsteam” thus acceptable and politically correct. None of it benefits a vast majority of Americans in general. Only “the network” benefits. And the “pawns” endure the casualties.

Jewish Americans and Mexican Americans are both just that…Americans. The Bush League and Tony Blair, along with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, have partaken and supported radicalism against Mexican Americans, but coddle the Jewish “cause”. Is this the “American” thing we’re supposed do? The “patriotic” thing to do? Apparently, considering Bush was elected twice (cheating or otherwise) and Arpaio keeps winning re-election by wide margins in Phoenix. I’m sure Arpaio supporters would not want Maricopa County gangsters showing up at their doorsteps in Sun City or Scottsdale, arresting 16-year-old children or grandchildren for drinking under age; and taking them to jail. I mean, if all infractions of the law are created equal, according to Arpaio, underage drinking is as big a social issue as illegal immigration in America. Seeing the Maricopa County Jail up-close-and-personal changed my vote…as I voted for Arpaio in 2004, in anticipation of an economic recession due to several factors, including depressed wages from illegal immigration. Why not pay illegal immigrants, or better yet Chinese labor warehouses, bargain basement wages and keep the difference as profit? Makes good business/money sense. But again, its a matter of who’s life is affected by the radicalism. Mexicans, Palestinians, among others, apparently aren’t important people.

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