Paul Schene Trial: The Reason Seattle-Area Cops Are Being Killed

By | January 21, 2010


Is anyone surprised? Prosecutors say they will retry the police thug, but expect much of the same in any subsequent trial. Not that it matters anyway. Schene was only facing a misdemeanor anyway, and would not have been sentenced to any jail time.

by Brian A. Wilkins

I’m sure you’ve all seen the video by now. But in case its not fresh in your mind, here, again, is monkey-thug King County cop Paul Schene brutally assaulting a then 15-year-old girl because she called him “fat.”

This happened back in late 2008. The video did not surface until February 2009. And now finally, the monkey-thug cop will learn his fate in the next few days at trial: whether he will get a slap on the wrist for this brutal attack on a child or be completely acquitted of “fourth degree assault,” which is a misdemeanor. Schene was ultimately fired from his cop job, but only because of the publicity this incident garnered. Either way, this case, and the overall historical patterns of Washington State justice, is the reason eight Seattle-area cops were shot (six of them killed) in a six-week period late last year.

Seattle-area “authorities” will not even dignify this fact, even though Mr. Christopher John Monfort – the man who was forced to kill one of the Seattle cops after realizing this “justice system” is a farce that protects child molesters and murderers with badges – said this much in fliers he left at the scene. Watch how thug Schene tries to justify abusing this young girl at his “trial” last week. From KIRO-TV in Seattle.

It’s difficult for me to even listen to this animal speak, let alone look at the animal, but there is no doubt in my mind, based on patterns in Seattle and all across the country, the jury will be instructed in a way which acquits the police thug of the MISDEMEANOR. When cops start talking about their “procedures” and “training,” the blind patriots on juries which tyranny depends upon (who are never a “jury of peers” to defendants…except for cop defendants) will eat it up. One of the “procedures” thug Schene refers to is a “hair hold” which he says was the necessary way to handle a suspect. Ok, so what if a “suspect” is bald or has very short hair?

The fact the jury foreperson in Schene trial today has asked the judge to dismiss one of the fellow jurors a few hours after deliberations began because said juror “has a 15-year-old daughter” further illustrates a system which protects thug cops. In other words, this foreperson does not want any human beings on this jury…only cop-sucking blind patriots.

Christopher John Monfort, Maurice Clemmons, and David Crable – the men who were forced to kill Seattle-area cops – are considered folk-heroes to many, in the same way 19-year-old Mr. Zhang Xuping is viewed in Xiashuixi, China.

Mr. Zhang Xuping

Mr. Zhang was sentenced to death last Friday for killing a local Communist Party leader who had terrorized his fellow villagers for years. 20,000 people from the village petitioned the court for a lenient sentence (to no avail), while most people in the village cheered the action of Mr. Zhang because he rid them of the continued terror at the hands of the now-dead local leader.

King County prosecutors and police will always go full-throttle in protecting their own, while leaving regular American citizens to simply “pray” for justice, kind of like the Chinese have to do. It took Seattle-area cops less than 48 hours to track down and either arrest or kill Mr. Monfort and Mr. Clemmons, respectively…because the aforementioned hurt one of their own.

It took King County authorities almost 20 years to find, arrest, and convict the “Green River Killer,” Gary Ridgway, after the serial killer murdered at least 40 and as many as 90 women and girls in the King County area between 1982-1999. And what’s even more telling about King County authorities is the fact Ridgway was given a life-sentence in prison as opposed to the death penalty. In fact, of all the numerous King County area serial killers who were eventually caught (after years of alleged “investigations”), very few of them were executed (see “Jack’s” comment on this story’s link).

Though King County prosecutor Dan Satterburg  says he will decide by June 15 whether or not to seek the death penalty for Mr. Monfort, he can save us all the B.S. rhetoric, and announce the inevitable now. Mr. Clemmons was already summarily executed without a trial by Seattle Police last month.

The United States simply expects anyone who is a victim of the ongoing tyrannical practices in our government to sing “we shall overcome” and hope for some sort of bone to be thrown their way in the form of a “settlement” from a federal lawsuit. Meanwhile, killer cops, rapist cops, rogue judges, and lying prosecutors continue to collect their six-plus figure salaries, while the victims of their crimes are forced to rely on the same system for relief that put them in the situation to begin with.

Paul Schene is a monster; not even a human being, and it’s pretty scary this creature has a wife. I predict this thug will be acquitted, but even if he’s convicted, he will not be sent to prison for the “misdemeanor.” All I know is that if I saw this thug piece of shit on the street, grabbed him by the hair, slinged him to the ground, and punched him while he was down, I would likely be facing atttempted murder charges. But because Schene is a COP (constitutionally-protected) thug, the crime is a misdemeanor.

Schene will ultimately be hired by another thug cop organization (he would fit right in down in Maricopa County), and will eventually kill someo
ne. However, he will say he “felt threatened,” which will be enough to escape any potential charges against him. This U.S. “justice system” is here to protect the rich and those who reinforce the system (e.g. cops, prosecutors, and judges).

If some other King County area freedom fighter steps up and kills this thug, there will definitely be tears shed from this blogger…tears of joy.


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26 thoughts on “Paul Schene Trial: The Reason Seattle-Area Cops Are Being Killed

  1. zergcees

    Posted by zergcees at 1/22/2010 2:06 p.m.

    The bottom line to all this is that is he is a cop and cops have carte blanche to act like bullies and thugs and get away with it each and every time.

    They are no longer here “to protect and to serve”, they are here because they were bullies in school and now they can justify being bullies because they have a badge and a “union” to protect theM

  2. Woodstock68

    Posted by Woodstock68 at 1/22/2010 3:04 p.m.

    Hung Jury??? hmmm sounds like some court clerk released a few names and the county sent thier hounds after them in order to prevent a justified prosecution of an occifer that is plainly guilty. And why is it that the charges are only a misdemeaner?, if it was JQPublic that did this crime, they would be charged with a felony. Just goes to show that the police and the courts work together to screw the public

  3. Woodstock68

    Posted by Woodstock68 at 1/22/2010 3:12 p.m.

    thank you distantreply for that post, i am so disgusted at the legal systems inability to prosecute thier own under the same rules that they prosecute the public by that i had forgotten that “yes, they would have charged that 15yr old girl with felony assault if it had not been for the video.”

  4. Hawksyear

    Posted by Hawksyear at 1/22/2010 3:28 p.m.

    Like many other officers, he represents Seattle well.
    She is a child and he is a abuser.

  5. mel023

    A hung jury?! Of all the absurd outcomes! Was the jury asleep when the prosecutor played the tape?

    This guy has multiple excessive use of force compalints as well as the shootings on his record. Is this what qualified him to be a training officer? Let’s not forget this guy is a former Army Ranger who aren’t exactly the shy wallflower type of personalities. So it would appear that his chosen lines of work are those that allow him to act out his aggressions.

    The only rational explanation is that were one (or more) sympathy votes from jurors who felt that the recent cop shootings allow for some leniency. Even though this incident was way before those took place.

    Only goes to show that people can be really strange and that there’s no telling what they will or won’t do.

  6. Woodstock68

    as much as this wantsw to make me vomit… the occifer (who is plainly guilty) is not alone and neither is the seattle pd, these violations happen in every town, in every state, by every occifer… the courts and the police just bury them under false charges filed against the victoms

  7. Plaubel

    F the union. This guy was a bad cop and the public doesn’t want him in uniform. The union should save its energy for officers who are actually wrongly accused.

  8. allmountain40

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. People in Washington are total MORONS who all “think” they are smart and sophisticated. I am ashamed to say that I am a native here and can not believe how retarded this state has become. The Jury had the video. That is all they needed. All of this crap about “I was trained to respond this way” shouldn’t fool anyone who has seen this tape. I mean really!!!! The shoe hit him in the shin at a whopping 1/20th of a mile per hour and this “man”, I use the term loosely, who was three times the size of this girl felt threatened???? And some bleeding heart MORON on the jury bought that load of B.S. and hung the Jury???? The insanity of these overeducated, read between the lines in varying shades of grey,latte sipping, sandal wearing lunatics knows no bounds. And then You got more of these “I am so smart” idiots like ZORG on here who try to pick apart others comments to make them feel better about their lifes and give them the control they have lacked ever since they were beat-up for their lunch money in elemetary school. No matter how far off topic they get, or how much they weakly attempt to verbaly slam others from the safety of their empty apartment, they can never quite fill that void left by the humiliation so they continue to cowardly attack others posts in their futile attempts to make them feel better about their sad pathetic little lives. Yep! This state is in inttellectual pergatory, and that is why this GUILTY cop walked. He is a blight on the honorable profession of police work, but the people in this state are too dumb to see it.

  9. kenzilla

    What I think is that cop, over uses for forces was not necessary, the girl is 15 yrs old so is probarly weight 125 lbs or less & he out weighted her by 100 or more!!! What get me upset is when I saw that video on the news & seeing how he took her down to the ground & started punching her, he said that “that’s is he was trained to do it, I don’t think so!!! Cause there no reason to start punching her while she pin down with him on top of her also being helped by another cop, that’s outrageous!!! The girl might have been wrong by calling the cop names & yelling @ him but that’s no excuse for his actions!!! What I can’t understand why its a hang jury, I wasn’t @ courthouse so I don’t what his lawyer said in his defense to convince jury that he was wright in using force on her? I think that girl family should fire their lawyer & have peoples try to raise $$$ to hire a better lawyer!!! I think that there is a lot of peoples who feel the same way!!!

  10. mkhaley

    Unbelievable! A grown “man” got angry because a little 15 year old kicked her shoe at him so he felt it necessary to beat the crap out of her? Seriously?!? My 7-year old daughter saw a report of this on the news the other night and INSTANTLY knew the police officer was wrong. I understand there has been a lot of bad happen to the law enforcement recently but give me a flipping break!

    Every person should take a step back and think how you would look at it if YOU were the 15 year old. Better yet, what if it was your 15 year old daughter or sister. If this officer gets to walk, with no repercussions of his actions, those on the jury who decided that this “man” was innocent should be ashamed. What a sad day!

  11. Woodstock68

    the only reason occifer schene did this to a child is because an adult would put him in a situation that would result in shcene sucking his steak thrue a straw for the rest of his life. I hope you read this schene… i got no repect for child abusers

  12. mkhaley

    If you think this officer is justified in his behavior, try this…if you have a child, the next time your child acts out, mouths off to you, does something you’ve told him/her not to do…completely lose control of yourself. Haul off and knock the crap out of him/her. Punch him/her, pull him/her to the ground by their hair. Once you’re done call 9-1-1. Sit there and time how long it takes for police officers to show up at your door, put you in cuffs and take you to jail.

    Now…I am REALLY not saying anyone should actually do this. However, think about it. Does it make sense? It makes about as much sense as what this officer did to this child!

  13. Ted Fleming

    Posted by yippee skippy at 1/22/2010 4:08 p.m.

    “It it were my 15 year old daughter or sister she would’ve already had her @ss beaten for being stupid enough to be a car thief. I don’t tolerate CRIMINALS in my family.”

    Ironic. You claim not to tolerate criminals, but then you also state that you will commit domestic violence assault upon a family member. Last I checked that was a crime.

    Schene was extremely fortunate that they case was tried while there is tremendous sympathy for police officers. Had it been tried 4 months earlier, the outcome might have been different. Hopefully he will be tried again and found guilty.

    The article states that he is also appealing his termination and is seeking to be re-hired as a cop. Should he get his job back, I fully expect to see him cross the line again. He will only increase his efforts at police brutality knowing he will not suffer the consequences.

    Posted by Ted Fleming at 1/22/2010 4:25 p.m.

  14. C.Moore

    Read the article and then watch the video–
    The shoe never hits the officer, as he claims. And his groin never hits the toilet. He claims to have injured himself.
    What about the injuries the girl received !!
    Because he took it upon himself to inflict 2 punches at her head. And a kick. Then pulls her up by the hair.
    T clearly can not understand a hung jury–
    Are they flipping BLIND !!!!
    He clearly lied in his report of the incident and it’s right there on video. What more proof do they need !!

  15. Heidi

    WOW does it mean the civilians are going to defend the children against this tyrany? Lets look for a government that does not accept abuse.. Rather then one whom builds it’s power on degregation and abuse most found in Seattle!!!

    And first start by firing including a mafia abuser union- Bad Apple’s!

  16. bear53

    Why she was arrested has no relevence to her treatment in jail. This was nothing more then an assault by a big bad man. Nothing could justify his actions, he should have simply closed the cell door. Keep watching. The union will have him reinstated before too long. And people cannot understand why there is so much distrust and downright hatred of police???

  17. dannym0ntana

    What a waste of taxpayer dollars to end up with a hung jury. I wonder if any members of the jury have kids? Or maybe it was made up of washed up college wrestlers and childless folks. What a joke! Next thing you know the City will hire him back. Matter of time before he wil be facing a jury again.

  18. DeaconMouse

    Perhaps a case – not uncommon – of one person feeling the power of being a jury of one.

    Hopefully, the officer will not fiind employment with any municipality or private police force.

    Think what he could do to an even smaller person.

  19. doctord01

    This was clearly an assault and abuse of power.They will convict him next trial.The “gang in blue” need to be held accountable for criminal actions just as the general public is.We always need to police the police.I am happy to use more of my tax dollars to re-try this bully! I think we are all fed up with abusive cops.

  20. Nohero

    I am agonizing over this. How many of us here have acted unprofessionally when they thought no one was looking?

    Have you listened to the anti-social lyrics in today’s rap music? The same music that encourages contempt for authority.

    Low-life thugs interpret “nice talk” as a weakness to be
    exploited. We see it all of the time in the schools, in Rainier Valley and in Downtown Seattle.

    Yes, the chattering masses will argue that the officer, entrusted to public safety, should have exercised better judgement and restraint. The girl is obviously a low-life career criminal already and is probably beyond redemption and hasn’t been habiliated so she can not be rehabilitated. Some people will argue that low-life ghetto thugs need to be “taken out back” and given a good wallopping because, again, they interpret “nice talk” as a weakness and only feed off of it for their own advantage.

    I understand the officer has a checkered career. While this may not be relevant to the trial, I am sure it helped with the official decision to have him cashiered. If he was an officer with a superlative record, I would argue for at least one juror vote to acquit and allow him to learn from a bad decision, hire on with another department far, far away and maybe he would be an even better cop for his bad experience.

    Remember, he/she who is without defect should cast the first stone (or vote to find for guilty).

  21. watch warior

    I am agonizing over this. Do you know how many men are suffering from the fate of the desires to rape and beat woman? Porn encourages the taking of innocence of other people’s children. How can we with such a media blame the police when they are acting what they are conditioned to?

    We should not expect our children to be safe but to fear the government which has power to fear what they will do.. This is encouraged by magazines and rap music… many of the aggressive police officers and military guys don’t see humans as humans but as pieces to rape and take out. How can you blame a police officer for beating a child or raping a child it is promoted by the media they can’t control themselves.
    Some would argue that these “low life” Auburn Thugs would have to be exicuted for abusing people but those are conservitives and as liberals beating and exploiting children is part of life.. Even if it is the King County police doing it under Sue Rahr and Dave Reichert I am sure Hustler would more then agree. And if the police fucked other’s people’s children as well they can profit out of it… So to those in Seattle whom are for those things there is a market for it in Hollywood and we can connect you. Underage snuff or abuse does not work now days they have to sign a contract, but there is other ways to work around it if King County is so interested in abusing the children! Was the Pat Covey Felony sex abuse that would of sold great in hollywood thanks Republicans for King county for fucking with underage children let us get in on video so we can sell it…

    Hustler and all the friends… for abuse of children and exploitation of woman along with WA state child abusers in the gov! Thanks GUys for fucking your children and sending them to us especially the innocent blonds!

  22. Heidi

    David Crable ambushed these cops when they came to his home. I heard of these types of Ambush before when a gang member went to Iraq and studied war then came back and took revenge on the cops after calling 911 to lure them to the place.

    If you look at the website

    You can see that he does not have too much money. And in Washington there is are supremely rich people and everyone else is poor and the government workers pay themselves 80-100 k Where in other areas of America I don’t think that is common. So really during this time of recession it is really difficult and unaffordable to deal with this type of government because they are so restrictive and any small thing they fine you.

    Sometimes there comes a time when they can be more of a burden to society then a good. And they don’t want to resolve the problems with the community of civilians.

    If I hit someone with my car I have to pay them for the damage I did the police in Seattle and King County have damaged the society so badly with the bullying and they won’t address the grievance of the civilians. They don’t pay for the damage or loss and now they have to pay with their lives because the civilians are making a war on police in King County!

    “Two men were arrested early Sunday after one of them was suspected of firing a pistol at a Seattle police officer.” February 7, 2010

    There years of abuse and lies and teaming up with each other to defend the abusers is going to cost them a high price and I think it will continue to escalate until they change and they have to be force because they are unwilling to help. If one calls internal affairs in Seattle they try to deflect all problems on King County even if you have evidence it was Seattle police. They make up the intentions of the officer as if he is a good guy although they don’t even talk to him there is no way they can know that. And they direct you to other government offices which supply you with mis-information either because they are trying to cause more problems or they don’t have the education to know how the government is supposed to function.

    King County is another story which according to the news is filled with people whom should be in prison themselves. Yet they are running the government and terrorizing the people. I don’t remember in my years a man in this society ever defending the rights or dignity of the woman and children here. It was not until Christopher John Monfort retaliation against the cops did we have anyone stand up against these abusive organizations. Who knows how many lives of woman and children could of been saved if the local government did not hire criminals and perverts and serial killers like Ted Bundy to teach cops, and if there were good people running Sadistic Seattle Vortex of EVIL.

  23. Heidi

    There is one promising leader whom is not marginalized by the local government and is in the city council his name is Tim Burgess. He does not accept liar cops… Such as he states in this article “They find the officer was dishonest, but then they reduce the discipline and that puts the police chief in an untenable position,” said Tim Burgess, chair of the council’s Public Safety, Human Services and Education Committee.
    If we as citizens had choice we should not accept liar cops. During the Dan Ring investigation testimony or news came out that the cops were using people to give false testimony in court. It means they use lies to destroy people’s lives in the justice system.
    Were we know the police in Seattle and King County are liars and do accept that currently and that is why they rehired him as well as they accept abuse because his lie was about tazering someone and punching them in the stomach. Which Brian Wilkins has showed us Tazer is a lethal force!
    Yet Mr. Burgess did not mention anything about the police abuse, so we don’t know if he accepts abuse or not. Another positive thing about Tim Burgess is that he is a former police officer and he is part of the program which helps child prostitutes.
    This is a different direction then Sadistic Seattle Vortex of evil took on the homeless and child prostution problem in the past. In the past they would abuse them as we read in the Seattle PI Officer Pat Covey committed a felony sex act on a child and was never in trouble for that.
    She is another victim of the constant trauma of Sadistic Seattle where the government just gets involved to further abuse and traumatized the vulnerable victims. And another grievance which has not been met and injustice caused by the criminal police organization which is robbing the public and terrorizing them.

  24. Perla

    What he did was a misdemeanor?, Please… She is considered by LAW a CHILD!!. This man should’ve been charge with, CHILD ABUSE, endangering the welfare of a MINOR, Asault (don’t know what degree), lying under Oz and more…He got the nerve to tell the girl he has been assaulted??? He should be in JAIL and she got to sue the police department for all he put her through. She got that right, HE IS A FAT PIG!!!!!! Paul Schene a FAT PIG, WORTHLESS PIECE of SHIT !!!


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