Orange County (FL) Police Thug Murders Unarmed Johnny Veloz

By | November 8, 2010

by Brian A. Wilkins
11/8/2010 (links and photos updated December 10, 2018)

Mr. Johnny Veloz

It is difficult to determine which is more unbelievable: the fact that Mr. Johnny Morales Veloz may have been murdered by a police thug over a $.01 debt owed to Orange County (FL), or the ridiculous story the cops told the public in trying to justify it.

It was around 10 a.m. Sunday morning in the town of Bithlo when Mr. Veloz, 28, and two others (including his 15-year-old brother) were test driving a truck. The police thug, whose name is being protected by his government brethren, said he pulled them over because the tags on the truck “were not assigned to it.” Mr. Veloz, who was driving the truck, “punched” the cop after he told Veloz he was under arrest for having a suspended driver’s license, according to the police narrative.

The cop, again according to his buddies with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, chased Mr. Veloz when he ran away, and Tasered the young man to stop him. The cops said the Taser “had no effect” on Mr. Veloz, and the maybe 120-pound Veloz somehow grabbed this Taser out of the cop’s hands and “tased the deputy repeatedly” with it, according to media accounts. The cop then apparently went into a phone booth, turned into Superman after “being tasered repeatedly,” and had the strength and wherewithal to grab a gun and shoot Mr. Veloz, killing him instantly. The police thug was rewarded with a paid vacation (aka “paid administrative leave”).

If this story sounds far too unbelievable (forget about the other three shootings in the past month by Orange County cops for a second), it’s because it never happened that way. Mr. Robert Boston, who is Veloz’s friend and one of the two witnesses who were in the pick-up truck, said the police thug tackled Mr. Veloz, tasered him at least two or three times, began shouting the proverbial “stop resisting” garbage, then fired the fatal shot.

Watch Mr. Boston on a report from WFTV Channel 9 in Orlando.

And here is where Orange County’s story begins to unravel. One “spokesperson,” Captain Angelo Nieves told a local news outlet that the cop who killed Mr. Veloz suffered injuries to his face. Another spokesman told WESH Channel 2 that there were no reports of the cop suffering any injuries. So which is it boys?

Every Euro-American media outlet that’s reported on this story has used a mugshot of Mr. Veloz as a photo. They have attempted to make the cop out to be a hero by mentioning he served in the armed forces. They all have also tried to pass Mr. Veloz off as some sort of lifetime criminal who deserved to die because he has a bunch of speeding tickets and other traffic violations listed in court records.

We did a quick search ourselves and if we’re reading this site correctly (they make it difficult to read to begin with), Mr. Veloz’s license was still suspended because he owed the county ONE CENT.

It also appears the original fines for Mr. Veloz’s license being suspended were at most $305.00, but late fees and what not continued to be added on. This is all part of that U.S. Justice System which preys on the poor, sentencing them to fines they simply do not have the means to pay. Mr. Veloz worked for a septic tank company and likely made minimum wage.

Generally when killer cops strike, kangaroo investigations ensue, usually performed by the department that the killer works for. However, this does not even appear to be happening in this case. The “war hero” killer cop should be back on the streets after his two-to-four week paid vacation, while the Veloz family’s only option for some kind of justice is a “federal lawsuit” which will ultimately pay them around $500,000.

It is taking Americans far too long to realize we live in a police state, and the only ones truly “protected and served” by this system are the rich, their government employees, and copsuckers to a certain extent. Mr. Veloz probably ran not only because he did not want to be subject to a Concentration Camp over a $.01 debt, but also knows these police thugs want blood and paid vacations, and will get them by any means.

Our thoughts are with the Veloz family.

8 thoughts on “Orange County (FL) Police Thug Murders Unarmed Johnny Veloz


    Once again these thugs with a license to kill show their true barbaric nature. This seems to be happening far too many times across the country. Situations like these have to stop. Another life cut short. We as citizens aren’t safe anywhere.

  2. Tina

    Ahh no…this is just so ugly! He was down on the ground when he was shot! Is this America or the Wild West?

  3. vero veloz

    um NO to that Sonia chick Johnny was my big brother & he wasn’t a waste of life so you need to shut up & i hope that dang “thug cop” gets what he deserves, they should give him life in jail of sentence him to death for what he did to my brother. rest in peace i love you Johnny Veloz, you will never be forgotten .

  4. Sonia Baur

    You misunderstood. I didn’t mean Johnny was a waste of a life – I meant it was a waste of a life for the cop to kill him. So sorry you misunderstood. I knew him and thought he was a cool kid. So sorry for your loss.

  5. adriana

    i agree with you vero its adriana and he is my bi brother to i hope that police stays in jail for life,johnny was a good kid love you johnny veloz r.i.p te amo


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