Michael Vick media lynching and white people’s obsession with dogs

By | November 23, 2008

by Brian A. Wilkins
November 23, 2008 (links and photos updated September 23, 2019)

U.S. cops cooked their dogs to death in hot cars constantly. But they are after-thoughts to Euro-American media. Mr. Vick remains the prime target. This is divine entertainment for Surry County, Virginia “authorities” and white Americans in general.

SURRY, VA — Surry County Attorney Gerald Poindexter and Circuit Court Judge Sam Campbell are lonely individuals. They need attention during the holiday season. That’s why they are forcing Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick to fly 2,300-plus miles round-trip to say ONE word: “guilty.”

UPDATED May 14, 2015: Surry County Attorney Poindexter pleads guilty to DUI.

This formality could be done via video conference. But “Judge” Campbell and the county attorney want the attention and potential career boosts. Everybody attacked auto industry CEOs when they showed up to congressional hearings in private jets. Surry County must pay to transport Mr. Vick from the Kansas prison to Virginia and back. Taxpayers are funding the publicity stunt by the judge and prosecutor.

White media lynching

Media coverage of this one-word Vick hearing will rival that of the Las Vegas O.J. Simpson verdict. White imperialists got revenge on O.J. for his acquittal in the 1990s. Virtually every network interrupted regular programming to report on Simpson being found guilty of the petty crimes in Vegas.


The verdict came around 11 p.m. Vegas time. Apparently the jury stayed late to reach said verdict. Euro-American media covered it extensively, as millions of white people wanted Simpson imprisoned. White America wanted to punish O.J. in some way for killing two European Americans in the 1990s. It was profound and frankly humorous witnessing Euro-American media crucify a petty criminal for petty revenge.

It is Mr. Vick’s turn for complete humiliation by this media. They want him seen in court by millions of people after he’s been in prison for more than a year. White people love dogs more than their own children in many cases. I pointed out in the “55 Days In Maricopa County Jail,” video several cops who broiled their dogs to death in hot cars. They are still employed with their respective departments and criminally clear. One of the cases resulted in a mere misdemeanor charge.

Why aren’t these cops who killed dogs being humiliated with the same passion? If dogs are really this precious to white people, their media and PETA, then the outrage would be equal. The dog-killing cops said they “accidentally” left their loyal dog partners in 170-plus degree cars for 10+ hours. The white public accepted this excuse.

White people love their dogs and cops

Miami Dolphins linebacker Jerry Porter said it best: “all it was was dogs.” White media won’t attack Porter like they did Stephon Marbury and Terrell Owens on this issue. They know Porter doesn’t give a f***. Porter and others support Vick whether this media says its “correct” or not. Homogenization of media just make Porter’s view SEEM like the wrong ones ethically. But it’s not. White Americans view god as some kind of deity. Note, dog spelled backwards is “god.” Further, bestiality (sex with dogs, horses, etc.) is legal in several European countries. Let’s just keep things in perspective here.

Mr. Vick put himself in this situation, as did the aforementioned police. Cops are ethically liable for their crimes as well. But only Vick is made out to be a monster. Vick made the dumbest mistake of his life. He had no criminal record prior to all this. It’s simply fun and entertaining for the hegemony to build up a black man, then teat him down.

President-Elect Barack Obama is selecting new cabinet members every day. But Vick will still dominates the headlines on Tuesday. Judge Campbell and county attorney Poindexter are willing to dip into the coffers to force a Vick appearance. It is worth the publicity for them. These guys remind me of the infamous Anna Nicole Smith judge crying on the bench for attention.


Michael Vick will survive this

It also reminds me of California D.A. Tom Snedden and his crusade against Michael Jackson. It must be noted that Michael was ultimately cleared of all child molestation charges. It’s also reminiscent of that inbred Jena, Louisiana prosecutor going after the young men there.

Media ownership remains a Euro-Zionist monopoly. This the media known as “mainstream” is white media. They will always protect their own and crucify “others.” Stay up Mike! We support you 100%.

One thought on “Michael Vick media lynching and white people’s obsession with dogs

  1. Superbowl Ticket

    I do not approve of ANYTHING Michael Vick has done and he should be held 100% liable for his actions. I also believe that he should be held to a higher standard as a professional athlete and a role model for our youth. BUT, what that judge did, bringing him back there just to say “guilty”, is criminal in itself. He deserved to be prosecuted and his prison time, but don’ humiliate the man and waste government resources!


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