Gwinnett County (GA) Police Thugs Murder Darryl Fuller

By | April 10, 2011

by Brian A. Wilkins
4/10/2011 (links and photos updated December 18, 2018)

Mr. Daryl Fuller

This story epitomizes the USA and its self-proclaimed law enforcement. An American citizen leaves his home to get a pack of cigarettes, and ends up shot dead by police thugs.

The latest murder of an American under color of state law happened in Norcross, GA – a suburb of Atlanta – on Thursday, April 7. Mr. Darryl Fuller, 20, was walking to a store to get some cigarettes. He apparently ran into some people he knew and stopped to talk to them.

Several Gwinnett County henchmen that they call “gang unit” were patrolling the area that night. Gang unit is a moniker most U.S. police departments use to describe whiteboy cops who are given statutory permission to arbitrarily hunt and kill “blacks” and Latinos.

These cops, who were not in uniform, nor in a marked car, said they were responding to Mr. Fuller and his counterparts’ “suspicious behavior.” The suspicious behavior was three black men standing outside.

The police thugs say they approached and identified themselves to question three young men minding their own business. The men, obviously fearing for their lives, knowing police thugs are given absolute power to murder Americans, ran. Police say Mr. Fuller drew a gun, which prompted their thugs on the street to shoot Mr. Fuller once in the back of the head, killing him instantly. The police thugs were rewarded with a paid vacation, aka “paid administrative leave.”

Gwinnett County cops told WSB-TV Channel 2 that they have witnesses that all say the cops generally identified themselves as police before murdering Mr. Fuller. The police thugs also appear to have gotten their stories mixed up. They told the GA Daily News (now defunct) that the cop pulled his gun and opened fire as soon as Mr. Fuller allegedly pulled a gun. The cops told Fox 5 in Atlanta that the killer cop, all in some miraculous superhero form, “immediately called for backup” as soon as he saw Mr. Fuller with a gun. In other words, this cop, according to police, had a radio in one hand, a gun in the other, was calling for backup, and shot Mr. Fuller all at the same time.

Most Americans do not realize that there was no such thing as “police” in this country prior to the 1830s. The original police in the USA were created for the purpose of hunting down and capturing “straying or runaway slaves,” aka black people. All white males who want to continue this longstanding tradition must do is go through a 12-16 week police academy to earn their license to murder, and join so-called gang units. They called it lynching prior to 1960. They call it “officer involved shooting” today. Both are nothing but murder with Euro-hegemonic makeup applied to it.

Mr. Fuller leaves behind his fiancee, Arkira Foster, and we believe one child. Nubians in this country, if they have not already, need to arm themselves and be pro-active against these police. They will kill you, get paid vacations and accolades from the white copsucking public, and live another day to kill someone else.

Our thoughts are with the Fuller family.

6 thoughts on “Gwinnett County (GA) Police Thugs Murder Darryl Fuller

  1. bjwitcraft

    1789 the US Marshals Service was created as a policing agency. Philadelphia had a police force in 1751. The tracking of escaped slaves was left to bounty hunters.

    As far as shooting a gun while calling for back-up…I can shoot a gun while talking on my cellular phone. it is called being trained and knowing how to handle a firearm. Also, if a black man or Asian, Latino or any other race pulls a firearm on me and I shoot them dead…did I do this because of the color of their skin or because they pulled a deadly weapon? Hell, I am white, and I have been stopped many times walking around town at night, searched, asked all sorts of questions and released because “I looked suspicious”. I also work for a railroad and if we are involved in a fatal crossing accident, we also get a “3-day vacation” as you call it…

    Conspiracy theorists really annoy me and to blatantly throw out opinions such as you are doing, blaming police for what happened is not the way to go. It is a tragedy that someone had to die and I would not deny that, but where does the fault lay, with the men for running, with the men for pulling a gun or with the police reacting to a dangerous situation…

  2. Bob G

    Do you have any facts to support YOUR version of this incident? ANY? By the way, the use of “quotation marks” doesn’t make anything factual, no matter how much you overuse them. Can you “produce” any “information” that “disputes” the officers’ “account” of this “incident”?

  3. Connie Fuller

    Yes, Because the officers said that he drew a gun on them. How did he draw a gun on him and he was hit in the back of the head??????? Put the palm of your hand on your ear and reach to the back of your head with you thumb. That’s where he was shot. Explain that.

  4. Connie Fuller

    Well is this case the police were at fault. Darryl was my nephew. I had a few police officers that live in my neighborhood and they said if he turns run after them, DO NOT SHOOT THEM. THAT IS MURDER. Now, if the police are saying it is murder then who are you to say that it is not.

  5. Kee_Kee

    Now really who set yall up 2 publish dis…yall cnt be serious…Its murder and dats all dere is 2 it!

  6. Catherine Johnson

    I don’t give a fat baby ass what the police say black lives matter you’re purposely going out killing all our young men your sterminator black souls God have mercy on your soul


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