Day 35: No ASU Graduation and Victor’s Negativity

By | January 22, 2009

by Brian A. Wilkins



This day corresponds with Monday, August 25, 2008. 


Well if I lived in a country with due process of its laws, I would right now be on my way to the brand-spanking new downtown Phoenix campus of Arizona State University where the journalism school is now housed. Or maybe I’d be on my way to work, then heading to class at night at that aforementioned campus, to begin my final lap in a long journey towards finally graduating. I should also be celebrating my presumed, assumed, likely success from my two fantasy football drafts yesterday; I would have called my little sister yesterday to wish her a happy birthday; and I’d probably be blogging about the Democratic Convention. According to Rodney’s girlfriend, whom he talked too today, Joe Biden is Obama’s vice-presidential nominee. I guess that’s the “safe” pick, but I assumed he would pick a woman because, in this world of “physical appearance” politics, a Kathleen Sebelius or Claire McCaskill would have tempered the emotions of all those old-to-middle-aged “white” female Hillary Clinton supporters. Still, I don’t think it will matter. It will be hard for any Republican to win this election because of the Bush League. But everything I just said is for not, because I live in a country/state with no due process and in a country/state where it is illegal for a Nubian (“a black”) to defend himself against radical Euro-terrorists. So here I sit; being held hostage until these people feel like “allowing” me freedom; kind of like how they’ve done throughout history; dictating when and if I “can have” human rights.


I will likely stop talking to Victor all together (he’s the guy who claims to be a former lawyer and the guy I later found out was in there on pedophile charges). He told me today that no matter what, I am going to be found guilty of all charges because I admitted firing my pistol. OF COURSE I DID! I admitted defending myself against a terrorist. Rodney tried to put my mind at ease the best he could. “Man, that fat, penguin-lookin’ fool just got back from court and probably got some bad news,” Rodney said. It was true, and I’d seen this several times, that these guys in here tend to have a more positive outlook on everything when they are either getting out or received some other good news regarding their cases. One thing Victor did say that may actually be true is that judges have up to 60 days to rule on a motion, and then he said, in past charges he’s faced, it sometimes took more than 5 or 6 months. 


I have to start preparing for death. I need to start writing any and every idea I’ve ever had and send it to friends and family for preservation and publishing. I’m just not going to do this anymore…hell, if Rodney wasn’t here, I’d already be gone. But this is the exact same action I would have taken if I were involuntarily being held captive by savages pre-1865. I would have tried revolt first, killed as many of them as possible, plant the seed in others’ minds who are in bondage that there is something you can do about it. I can’t, won’t and will never be some nigger-toy to Euro-boys.  Again, in this country, “a black” does not have the right to defend himself against Euro-terrorists. It’s that Martin Luther King mentality of being weak and passive that has become de-facto law for Nubians. These people don’t even view me as human; never have in our history. To them, prison/jail is a right of passage for “niggers.” It’s no big deal to make the “nigger” sit in there indefinitely; they like it.


It’s a slam-dunk fact that if I were “white” and the guy who assaulted and tried to rob me was not only “a black” but ALSO on probation, I would never have been arrested and he would likely be looking at 10 years mandatory. That’s simply how this country works. It didn’t help that an all-Euro-cop crew showed up that night with an instant “nigger, you’re guilty” attitude, guns cocked, aimed, and ready to kill me if I so much as flinched. But in the end, I blame myself for associating with people like that Euro-radical. So much for being a good neighbor. My midwestern kindness and tolerance is hurting me like no other. But whatever; at least I’ll die knowing I could have and probably should have killed someone and did not; and was a good neighbor. That’ll be nice to read on my headstone; at least for others to read.

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