15-year-old Tasered to Death by Bay City, Michigan cops

By | March 23, 2009

UPDATED 3/24/2009 12:38 a.m. PST

Family and friends of “Dewey” Elder are saying they should “go after” the police (as in pushing for criminal charges on the thug police and also civil charges). Yes, you definitely should. Fair warning to the family: you have to expect the police will get away with this criminally. If a court precedent is set by finding this Bay City police thug guilty of murder, which essentially criminalizes cops who Taser anyone to death, that would be the CORRECT and RIGHT thing to do…therefore, this U.S. Justice System will not do that.

Taser International is a multi-million dollar corporation which was (and maybe still is) working in cahoots with Gannett Newspapers (which owns the AZ Republic, Des Moines Register, USA Today, and several others), in order to fluff stories about Taser deaths, which kept their shareholders happy. Taser ultimately paid a $22 million judgement in a class-action settlement to those aforementioned shareholders after the secret partnership was exposed.

U.S. police departments and Taser are like Ozzy and Harriett; Claire and Cliff Huxtable; the PERFECT COUPLE. Rising unemployment + rising crime = an excuse for cops to Taser people. U.S. law enforcement agencies got $3.8 billion in stimulus money, which they’ll likely spend much of on Taser’s new murder toy for cops to use. It apparently has a head-mounted camera that records footage when the Taser is ever deployed. That sounds good, until you read about the “privacy” button, which shuts the recording device off anytime cops please. Taser has settled several liability cases (in other words, paid people off), and have no problem doing so, as their profits continue to soar.

I believe the Elder family when they say Dewey was handcuffed while the police thugs Tasered him. It is their word against the cops’ word, and that bad odds. Operation Nation will be following this story and will do our little part to help the Elders not only get the thug cop locked up for life, but also help in any civil action.

UPDATED 3/23/2009 11:51 a.m. PST

The young man murdered by Bay City police thugs is Brett “Dewey” Elder, who was only a few days shy of his 16th birthday. Family members and witnesses said Elder was handcuffed when the thug cop tasered him to death. As of today, police gangs are still referring to Tasers as “non-lethal force.” Our thoughts and prayers are with the Elder family.

by Brian A. Wilkins

Details of the murder are very sketchy right now. I just truly hope the police had reason to do this. But early reports are already saying that the victim was drunk and simply did not comply to Bay City Police “standards.” The same report says Bay City cops continually Tasered the child because he “would not be quiet.
Operation Nation, as always, will follow the story to the end. I hope the victim was either a convicted murderer or just plain crazy. But the more likely result is thug cops doing their thing. And of course, one of the cops, according to reports, is chilling with his P.A.L.: PAID ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE.


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  1. Ajlouny

    When did the taser go from being a defensive weapon to a torture device to compel compliance?


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