Hero Of The Month (April): Shannon McDonald

by Brian A. Wilkins

Shannon McDonald of Temple University.

This young woman and I have something in common that breeds instant respect: we were both journalism students at universities in large metropolitan areas. Temple University in Philadelphia, and apparently all others good journalism schools, requires its students to write some sort of police story before you can graduate. Shannon McDonald was a senior this past February when she did a ride-along with Philadelphia cop William Thrasher. Ms. McDonald would learn and report something that is all too familiar to “blacks” and Latinos in the USA, but dismissed in Euro-American media as “paranoia” by “blacks.” This report from Fox 29 in Philadelphia sums it up.

Here is the gist of this whole situation: Ms. McDonald wrote an article for the Temple News, the student newspaper for the university,  after she did a ride-along with 24-year-old rookie cop, William Thrasher. He patrolled the 22nd District in Philadelphia, a predominately non-European area of the city.

Former Philadelphia Police thug William
Thrasher (Facebook.com)

I assume this thug cop was trying to hit on Ms. McDonald and trying to impress her with his inbred white boy rhetoric. The entire article has since been removed from the Internet, but as you just watched, two quotes stuck out from the report. First, thug Thrasher, in referring to the citizens of the district, told Ms. McDonald, “these people are fucking disgusting. It’s like they’re animals.” He then reported to his commanding officer, after responding to an argument at Arthur’s Dog House in Germantown, “T.N.S.” This is a commonly used Philadelphia Police code which stands for “typical nigger shit.” It’s more like T.C.S.: typical cop shit.

Philadelphia, the alleged “city of brotherly love,” has long been home to one of the USA’s dirtiest, most corrupt police forces in history. On April 20, over 50 protestors gathered in front of the Fraternal Organization of Police headquarters in Philadelphia because at least 36 unarmed “black” men were murdered by thug cops in the city between May 2008 and April 2009. And police thugs in Philadelphia have no qualms about brutalizing European Americans either. Most recently, Philadelphia Police thugs attacked band members and tour managers after the annual Bamboozle Road Show tour stop at the Theater of the Living Arts on April 26. 
Though a few Philadelphia cops have been killed in the line of duty as well, the numerous, unpunished, “qualified immunity” murders these cops commit all too frequently is why there is little to no sympathy for them outside of the families and cop lovers. It should not be a surprise to anyone that Philadelphia is also the city Mumia Abu Jamal allegedly shot and killed a cop back in December of 1981. It is because of millions of supporters, including Oliver Stone, John Landis, and Susan Sarandon, that Abu Jamal’s death sentence (but not his conviction) was overturned in December of 2001. Abu Jamal was also named an honorary citizen of Paris, France in 2001, and on April 29, 2006, the city of St. Denis in France named a street for Abu Jamal.
Of course, this thug Thrasher has his supporters. He set up a Facebook page which currently has about 2400 “supporters” of him. Virtually all of the comments left by his “supporters” (who are all European American) are attacks on Ms. McDonald, attacks on “liberals” (I’m not even sure what that means anymore), and attacks on “blacks.” Here are a few of them:
Ok, in all fairness, there is one “black” dude supporter on there.
Ms. McDonald deserves more praise than I can possibly give her in this short article. As a reporter, you call it like you see it and/or hear it, which is exactly what she did. It’s obvious thug Thrasher hates “niggers” so much that he’s stupid enough to tell a reporter about his feelings. Ms. McDonald’s efforts turned into action, which subsequently got Thrasher and four other thugs fired from the Philadelphia Police force in April. This young woman, with one article and little political power, did more than alleged “black leaders” Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (with a lot of power) have done since the turn of the millennium. Ms. McDonald has never been “anti-police” and did not ask thug Thrasher to destroy his career by chimping-out in front of a journalist. Thrasher is a proud “nigger hater” like the Limbaughs, Lotts, and Mark Sanfords of the world and wanted the world to know about it.
Ms. McDonald put on display true journalistic integrity, bravery, and honesty. She could have easily succumbed to her “all cops are good people” beliefs and edited her story to make thug Thrasher look proverbially good, as Euro-American media do all the time. There are still hundreds of thousands more thug Thrashers out there, but this young woman did her small part in cleaning up the Philadelphia cop cesspool. She may have saved several una
rmed men’s lives from this animal Thrasher, who was obviously, impatiently waiting for his opportunity to say “that black was resisting” and “my life was in danger” so he could murder someone’s son, father, or brother, brag about it, and get a paid vacation.
Ms. McDonald said she does not want to be known as “the girl who wrote the story about the cop.”  But to virtually all “blacks” and Latinos, if you ever introduce yourself that way, I can almost guarantee you will get hugs, free drinks, hand shakes, and endless encouragement. I assume she graduated from Temple this month and is well on her way to being known as a great journalist, copy-editor, or whatever else she chooses to do. I would guess, with her ability, ambition, and (with the shallow U.S. media) looks, we’ll all see her very soon reporting for CNN, MSNBC, or ABC News. In the meantime, cheers and enjoy your summer.

2 thoughts on “Hero Of The Month (April): Shannon McDonald

  1. White Flight

    He should have used common sense and communicated like a professional.

    Unfortunately, Philly is one of the most racist cities in the country. And it goes both ways: the black people can be extremely racist.

    Have you ever been to the 22nd district? It’s a disgrace. It was once a beautiful neighborhood and safe. Black people moved in and destroyed the neighborhood. I realize there are reasons for this: remnants of slavery, the war on drugs, the crack epidemic, etc. But, a lot of the people in that area do act like animals. They litter, they rob, they steal and they kill people.

    My parents were born and raised in West Oak Lane when it was a white neighborhood. It was a wonderful place. When I was born there in the early ’70s, we were one of 2 or 3 white families on our street. Now, West Oak Lane is 99% black and the crime has never been worse.

    I think Philly’s black mayor is smart and brave for having the guts to tell black families in Philadelphia to stop acting like a-holes. It’s the truth. Sad but true.

    My guess is the vast majority of black Philadelphians are sick of all the crime committed by black people. Most of the blacks are good, hard-working people. But, I’ll bet you that most of them are racist against whites.

    A black person walks through a white neighborhood in Philadelphia, they may get a few rude looks, but they will make it out alive.

    A white person walks through a black neighborhood in Philly, everyone will look at them like “what are you doing here” and there is a serious chance of them getting robbed, assaulted or killed.

    Let’s just face the facts. This is what is happening. This police officer is just one part of a larger problem of racial animosity that permeates within the souls of nearly every person in Philly, black or white.


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