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Phoenix Police Could Easily Save 75-100 Jobs

by Brian A. Wilkins

As news broke that budget problems will cause the Phoenix Police Department to eliminate 350 jobs, mostly cops on the street, the Chief/Public Safety Manager Jack Harris has the dirty nerve to act like his double-dipping salary and the salaries of several “sergeants” are not partly to blame.

Harris is best described by the very informative website, as nothing more than “a civilian with a gun.” It should also be noted that Harris said department executives and middle management have all agreed to take 7 percent paycuts to try and save some jobs, but he fails … Read Entire Article

Rodney Smith Case: “South Mountain Shooter” Continues Waiting For Trial

by Brian A. Wilkins



In case you’re wondering why Operation Nation has not given an update on the case of Rodney Smith, Jr. – the alleged “South Mountain Shooter” who was forced to defend himself with his pistol at South Mountain Community College in South Phoenix back on July 24, 2008 – it’s because…there is no update.

Mr. Smith, now 24-years-old, has been on house arrest with an ankle-monitor since late October 2008, waiting for his constitutional right to a public trial by jury. And according to several sources, Mr. Smith is frequently harassed by a … Read Entire Article

Operation-Nation On the Jeff Farias Radio Show


I was a guest on the Jeff Farias Radio Show on the Martin Luther King Holiday yesterday. Jeff wanted to talk about Operation Nation, Saturday’s rally against Thug Arpaio, and other issues with Maricopa County corruption. Click below to hear the interview in its entirety (about 20 minutes long).

(may take a couple minutes to load)
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Phoenix (AZ) Police Pepper Spray Peaceful Protestors

UPDATED 1/25/2010: Andy Thomas Issues “Direct Complaints” Against Three of the Five Protestors Arrested

Indictment…complaint…whatever you want to call it, Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s homeboy, county attorney Andrew Thomas, has charged Ms. Sarah Grace Daniels and Mr. Jeremiah Henry with “aggravated assault on a police officer” (a Class 2 felony) and Mr. Issa Emadi with “aggravated assault” (a Class 6 felony) and “attempted aggravated assault” (a misdemeanor).  See the press release from the “county attorney’s office” in PDF format HERE.

We have also learned that Mr. Emadi was already offered some B.S.  “plea deal,” which he smartly turned down. Subsequently,
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AZ D.O.C. “Interim” Director Charles L. Ryan Trying to Murder Anant Kumar Tripati?

LATEST ANANT TRIPATI appeal: Arizona Court of Appeals, August 29, 2018 decision.

UPDATED 1/15/2010: Ryan Accelerates Attempts To Murder Tripati…And Cover It Up

One day after Mrs. Kristnamma Tripati sent a letter to Governor Jan Brewer and the state legislature, ADC Director Charles Ryan seems to have ordered his goons to withhold food from Mr. Anant Kumar Tripati until he starves to death. Ryan will then tell media that Mr. Tripati was on a “hunger strike” to justify the murder. Mrs. Tripati wrote a second letter to the governor, also detailing how ADC employees are now stealing and destroying Read Entire Article

Protesters Continue Putting Pressure On Arpaio

by Brian A. Wilkins

One day after reports surfaced that a federal grand jury is investigating Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and his obvious criminal activities, protesters gathered in front of the Wells Fargo Building in downtown Phoenix (where Arpaio’s office is located) this afternoon to keep the pressure on the criminal Sheriff. Here are photos from the protest.

Many of the people who took part in the protest are part of the Puente Movement, a human rights organization which uses non-violent protests to eradicate political, economic, and religious intolerance.

Puente has also organized a March For Human RightsRead Entire Article

VIDEO: MCSO Deputy Adam Stoddard On “Bomb Threat Duty”

by Brian A. Wilkins

I wonder what it’d be like for a judge to order you to serve time in jail, but then you never actually serve the time, then return to the career you had prior to the alleged stay in jail, in spite of the charges rendered against you. You may ask Maricopa County thug deputy Adam Stoddard for the answer.

As many of you know, the downtown Maricopa County Court Complex on 1st Avenue and Washington was evacuated today because of a bomb threat; coincidentally only one day after reports surfaced of a federal grand jury investigating the blatantly obvious criminal activities of … Read Entire Article

You Decide: My Pro Se Petitions in the Arizona Supreme Court, Court of Appeals and U.S. District Court

by Brian A. Wilkins
12/29/2009 (updated December 17, 2019)


I was held at knife-point in my own apartment, spit on, and extorted for money. I was forced to defend myself. But it’s apparently illegal for black people to defend themselves against attacking white males.

RELATED: City of Tempe, Police Motion to Dismiss Wilkins Federal Lawsuit is Denied

Three realities make this saga difficult:

  • The U.S. Constitution means nothing in criminal persecutions
  • my pro se energy is running low
  • Arizona treats pro se litigants like lepers

Hope the appeals court judges … Read Entire Article

Federal Judge Orders Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County, To Answer Wilkins Claims

by Brian A. Wilkins
12/23/2009 (links updated November 6, 2018)

A federal judge ordered Maricopa County and Sheriff Joe Arpaio to answer several claims in my pro-se federal lawsuit.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Lawrence O. Anderson denied the defendants’ motions to dismiss the case on Tuesday, while also dismissing some of the Plaintiff’s (my) claims. READ THE ENTIRE ORDER IN PDF FORMAT HERE.

The judge ordered that the Plaintiff’s claims of conspiracy and Eighth Amendment cruel and unusual punishment dismissed. However, the court ordered Maricopa County to answer the Plaintiff’s Fourteenth Amendment “procedural due process” claims, as pre-trial, non-convicted … Read Entire Article

Maricopa County Thug Cops Adam Stoddard And Francisco Campillo Steal Attorney’s Files

UPDATED 10/31/2009: Hearing Is Actually On Wednesday,November 4

Tom Liddy, the attorney for the Sheriff’s Office in this case, tried to pull the okie-doke on when he told them the hearing to determine whether thug deputy Adam Stoddard committed any crimes will take place on Thursday, November 5. According to the Superior Court website, the hearing is actually on Wednesday, November 4 at 1:30 p.m.

Meanwhile the entire surveillance video of thug Stoddard’s criminal acts are now available for viewing. Watch and see for yourself.

UPDATED 10/30/2009 3:35pm: Hearing Continued Until Thursday, November 5 For Decision

A Maricopa County Read Entire Article