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Phoenix Police Wall Of Shame; Protesters Crash Killer Cop’s Fundraiser


Also, for those of you unfamiliar, please also read about killer cop Richard Chrisman being caught on tape planting a crack pipe on a homeless woman back on August 10, 2005 because he thought it would be funny.

by Brian A. Wilkins
4/8/2011 (links and photos updated December 15, 2018)

Phoenix Police Thug Richard Chrisman (L) and Mr. Danny Rodriguez

PHOENIX — The Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) held a barbeque fundraiser yesterday, raising money for the defense of their thug homeboy Richard Chrisman. Protesters greeted every cop and anyone else … Read Entire Article

Phoenix (AZ) Police Pepper Spray Peaceful Protestors

UPDATED 1/25/2010: Andy Thomas Issues “Direct Complaints” Against Three of the Five Protestors Arrested

Indictment…complaint…whatever you want to call it, Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s homeboy, county attorney Andrew Thomas, has charged Ms. Sarah Grace Daniels and Mr. Jeremiah Henry with “aggravated assault on a police officer” (a Class 2 felony) and Mr. Issa Emadi with “aggravated assault” (a Class 6 felony) and “attempted aggravated assault” (a misdemeanor).  See the press release from the “county attorney’s office” in PDF format HERE.

We have also learned that Mr. Emadi was already offered some B.S.  “plea deal,” which he smartly turned down. Subsequently,
Read Entire Article