Arizona Senator Scott Bundgaard Has Girlfriend Arrested; Claims Immunity For Himself


The more this Bundgaard character opens his mouth, the more we discover about his typical weakling persona, common among police and politicians who hide behind badges and “immunity.” The true story, which we speculated correctly the night it happened, is now coming out as Ms. Ballard spoke to several news outlet in the past couple days, and the police report from the night was released to the public upon request of the Arizona Republic.

First, watch Ms. Ballard tell the real story on KTVK CHannel 3 in Phoenix.


In this clear case of felony assault, which Bundgaard should have been instantly arrested in, the immunity card was played to perfection, and the boy who beats women went home that night and Ms. Ballard went to jail.

And now for the police report, which you can read in its entirety Nazi Arizona Republican Senator Russell Pearce came to Bundgaard’s and all woman beater’s defense, saying his colleague is the “victim” in this ordeal. Republicans have never supported equal pay for woman, have always supported eminent domain of women’s bodies (which they call being “pro-life”), and now openly support male pussies who assault women.

There are two lessons – one for women and one for all of us – which come from this story. For women, you can all thank Ms. Ballard for exposing this Bundgaard for what he is, and only one of those drone Republican fanatic females should or would ever consider being with “him.” For the rest of us, until we elect officials willing to make government completely transparent by repealing the immunity clause in the Eleventh Amendment, we will continue to live in a police state where government officials take no personal responsibility and have no accountibility for their actions.



This statement was issued through through Rose, Moser, Allyn Public & Online Relations, who are representing Bundgaard and David Leibowitz, who is representing Aubry Ballard.

“We want to jointly apologize for allowing a private matter to interrupt the public – and especially for taking up the valuable time of law enforcement. The police officers who responded deserve thanks for their sensitivity and compassion.We have cared for each other in the past; we wish the best for each other in the future. Like most relationships, ours has had some ups and downs, but it has always been based on our Christian faith and our respect for one another. With that in mind, we intend to go our separate ways now and put what happened Friday night and Saturday in the past. Obviously, we’re both tired and embarrassed. Each of us would like to reclaim some privacy. We hope the media and the public can respect that decision. Thank you for your understanding.”

– Sen. Scott Bundgaard and Aubry Ballard

No matter how this is spun, the primary issue at hand is Eleventh Amendment immunity and how it must be repealed. If this Bundgaard has any class, he will go ahead and destroy the few molecules of integrity he has left by using his position to get the charges dismissed against Ms. Ballard, which I assume has already been worked…unless he is a completely and totally arrogant punk.

by Brian A. Wilkins

General public unaware that immunity for judges, prosecutors, police, and yes, politicians, is not just an Arizona phenomenon…but an Eleventh Amendment guarantee of the U.S. Constitution.

Republican Arizona State Senator
Scott Bundgaard

Generally when cowardly pussies who call themselves “men” assault a woman and police arrive, the “man” is charged with domestic violence or assault, taken to jail, and made to deal with the for-profit “justice system” in the United States. That is unless, of course, you are a politician or some other government “official” who is afforded a Constitutional “get-out-of-jail-free” card.

It was Friday night when Arizona State Senator Scott Bundgaard, R-Peoria, and his girlfriend of seven months, Ms. Aubry Ballard, were leaving a National Kidney Foundation charity event in Phoenix. What we know for sure is at about 11:20 pm, Phoenix Police arrived at a median on Arizona Highway 51, just south of Cactus Road in north central Phoenix where the car the two were driving had pulled over. Bundgaard had already forcefully pulled (or was in the process of pulling) Ms. Ballard out of the car’s driver seat (depending on which media report you believe). And here is where the facts get muddled, but the reality highlighted.

Though both Ms. Ballard and Bundgaard were taken into custody, only the female victim in the domestic violence incident was arrested. Bundgaard pulled a de-facto “do you know who I am” card on the police, when he told them he was immune from arrest, and they must let him go. The police promptly obliged. Watch a report from KSAZ Fox 10 in Phoenix.



So this Bundgaard, who was just elected to office in November and is somehow Senate Majority Leader of Arizona, says that this case “is not about immunity,” yet when the police showed up, he made sure to pull the immunity card. Though police could have (and should have) charged Bundgaard with felony assault, the only way he will face charges now is if fellow Republican politician, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery (also elected in November) does so. We won’t insult anyone’s intelligence by suggesting this is even remotely possible. If the Phoenix city attorney presses charges, the most Bundgaard could be charged with is a misdemeanor (which also will not happen).

We have written and spoken extensively about the Eleventh Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and why it must be repealed. The aforementioned guarantees ABSOLUTE immunity for all judges, prosecutors, and anybody else who can claim to be “the State”; and qualified immunity for all cops, sheriff’s, probation, and detention officers. All Article IV, Part 2, Sec. 6 of the Arizona Constitution and its immunity clause do is bring light to what has and always will be reality in this country if we do nothing about it. There is no such concept as transparency in government because the crooks (and woman batterers) are protected from the for-profit U.S. “justice system” when they commit crimes and malfeasance in office.

It is Ms. Ballard who has now become yet another victim to this system. She released a statement Saturday evening which reads:

Last night was the absolute worst night of my life. This morning and the hours I spent in jail were equally horrible. To go from putting on a beautiful dress for a great date to a fundraiser to ending up on the side of a freeway? I don’t have another tear left to cry,I’m still trying to get my mind around a few things: Scott’s actions, the 17 hours I spent in jail awaiting processing, my bruises, scrapes and soreness and his statements to the media. I’m not a public figure. Nor am I someone who wants to see her private life made public. At the same time, I value my reputation. I’ve always been a strong believer in the truth. I have a lot of thinking and praying to do before I decide what to do next. 

This woman, who appears to be a normal girlie (based on the “beautiful dress” thing), kind-hearted person (based on her anti-human trafficking involvement) has now experienced a reality that only those who’ve been through it believe can happen…and the experience is far from over for her. A “mugshot” of Ms. Ballard has been disseminated on almost every Euro-American media story covering this, effectively destroying her reputation; she had to spend 17 hours in a Maricopa County concentration camp, which is an eternity; and she now has to deal with this “court” system, barring some kind of string-pulling by Bundgaard and his Republican majority in the state senate.

Whether Ms. Ballard punched Bundgaard or not, he obviously assaulted her too, and should have been arrested; but again, this government will always look out for its own. This Bundgaard tool obviously wasn’t told by his mother to NEVER put your hands on a woman (unless its a life-and-death situation). IF Ms. Ballard hit him and/or if she was trying to leave him there; then BE A MAN, take the “hit” from the woman (she’s not Laila Ali), walk away, and never speak to her again. And what did he do to cause a woman to take a swing at him? This guy’s arrogance in declaring Ms. Ballard was “jealous” only adds to the shakiness of his story. But now that his pride has been bruised, I wouldn’t doubt he aids “the State” in prosecuting Ms. Ballard and getting her imprisoned.

Since Bundgaard declared that this case is not about immunity, then he and his Republican cohorts can then stop focusing on trying to repeal the 14th Amendment and birthright citizenship, and instead focus on repealing the 11th Amendment’s immunity clause. That way we wouldn’t be having this conversation in the first place. Arizona’s immunity clause would have long ago been declared unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court if the 11th Amendment did not exist. This case is much bigger than Bundgaard, being he’s nothing but a little boy who hides behind the immunity card and assaults women.

We wish Ms. Ballard the best in the months ahead dealing with Maricopa County courts, and will try to update this story if we learn more.


Eleventh Amendment Is Unconstitutional; Must Be Repealed (8/31/2010)

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  1. terry mcclellan

    The original reason for immunity was to create an independent judiciary so it could rule freely justly and without fear of reprisal once the decision was rendered.

    All the others immunities did not exist until the 11 amendment was passed. The Founders were right with the judiciary that is why they included no others under the immunity blanket. Neither should we.


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