Jackson (MS) Police Thug Murders Connell Lindsey

by Brian A. Wilkins

The murder took place at this north Jackson Jasco Food Mart.

The cop-sucking community will believe what the police thugs say because that’s what they do. Those of us with common sense are again forced to reflect on yet another murder of an American citizen under color of state law.

The murder happened Thursday, March 31 at a Jasco Food Mart in North Jackson, Mississippi. According to Lee Vance, the assistant police chief, Mr. Connell Lindsey, 47, entered the store and “threatened the clerk with a knife.” The cops were called to the store and upon entering, ordered Mr. Lindsey to “drop the knife” but he instead “lunged at the store owner,” according to Vance. The police thug, whose name is being protected by his local government, fired several shots at Mr. Lindsey, killing him instantly. The killer cop was rewarded with a paid vacation, aka “paid administrative leave.”

Watch a report from WLBT Channel 3 in Jackson.

As seen in the video, witnesses have a completely different account of what happened. Mr. Charles Green, who is Lindsey’s brother-in-law, said a store employee, Surgit Singh, followed Lindsey out of the store and accused him of slashing the tires on his car. Singh claims Lindsey was intoxicated and threatened him with a knife. Green and at least one other witness, Mr. Bruce Young, said Mr. Lindsey had dropped the knife when the killer cop ordered him too, but was murdered anyway.

And according to Jackson City Councilman Kenneth Stokes, the only reason Lindsey even pulled out a knife was because another unnamed store employee threatened him with a baseball bat. Several regular patrons of the store have said the clerks frequently short change them and threaten them with bats and other weapons. Residents of Jackson protested in front of the store Saturday, and are planning another one his week, to demand the store close or move out of the neighborhood.

Assistant Chief Vance said the murder of Mr. Lindsey was “justified” and “necessary.” The fact is that cops, whose “educations” likely consist solely of a 16-week “police academy,” are given the statutory power of street judge, jury, and executioner. State courts simply do not convict killer cops. Police thugs also have incentive to kill, knowing they will be rewarded with a paid vacations.

These cops are a Constitutionally-Protected (C.O.P.) gang, pursuant to the Eleventh Amendment, and one of their thugs summarily executed Mr. Lindsey. Funny how the United States government supports murder of American citizens under color of law, but gets angry and sends American troops to Iraq and most recent Libya, because they kill their own people.

Euro-American media have only been concerned about finding a “criminal record” for Mr. Lindsey. He is an American citizen who had several friends and family who cared about him. One friend said Mr. Lindsey “would not hurt a mosquito.” We do not know if Mr. Lindsey has surviving children. Our thoughts are with his family.

One thought on “Jackson (MS) Police Thug Murders Connell Lindsey

  1. Proud white LEO

    WAY TO GO BROTHER OFFICER! Take another shitbaggin’ criminal off the streets for good. And as I blare the song “Another One Bites the Dust” I reflect on the way you did your job! Don’t worry about all these dumbass n*****s talkin’ shit on whether or not the criminal “lunged toward the store owner with a knife in hand” or whether he dropped it. We all know that he was in the store with the knife and was there to cause chaos and disorder. Hell, the boys arrested him the very previous day at the same fucking location for disturbance. There is no doubt that he was there to cause more trouble for the business owner. Sounds like the citizens of the fine town of Jackson, MS need to evaluate what dirty n*****s they are electing as councilman, I mean seeing as how this big monster douchebag is on tv talking shit on the officer involved. At least your superiors are standing behind your back and calling it a necessary shoot!


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