Fox News Plays The Jew Card After Obama Release Second Birth Certificate

by Brian A. Wilkins

The Jew Card, or “playing the Jew Card,” is an idiomatic phrase that refers to the act of shamelessly and deliberately disregarding indisputable facts and unbiased historical truths in a debate or any other fact-finding activity. The Jew Card further asserts that those who adhere to facts to support their arguments are delusional and paranoid.

There are two contexts in which the phrase is used. The first, in its more literal sense, is someone intentionally, maliciously and fallaciously alleging another person is “anti-Semitic” in order to gain some advantage over the person. This use also entails U.S. government and media being solemn and promoting retaliation when, for example, one “Jew” is injured, while it is completely ignored when Palestinians are murdered daily by “Jews.” It is also the card played for so-called “holocaust deniers.”

The second, in its more figurative sense, is someone intentionally and fallaciously disregarding facts and historical truths in order to abase and belittle said facts and truths. An example of this use is in the video below, as Sean Hannity of Fox News and one of their female marionettes react to President Barack Obama releasing a second birth certificate:

The Jew Card remains the most powerful weapon Euro-American Zionist media have at its disposal to sustain and fuel the hegemony. See also “white privilege.”  

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