Washington D.C. Earthquake…or Underground Nuclear Explosion?

by Brian A. Wilkins

Seismograph from Washington and Lee University

Coincidentally or otherwise, the U.S. Congress was on recess when a magnitude 5.8 earthquake hit the east coast Tuesday, including Washington, D.C. But according to a report on Presscore.ca (which has been very hard to access the past few days due to high traffic):

“What is missing from the seismograph for the Washington DC area 5.8 magnitude earthquake are the primary or “P” waves.  All earthquakes that are the direct result of fault rupture have these primary or “P” waves.  Nuclear detonations do not.” 
Granted it is not unheard of for an earthquake to hit the East Coast and Midwest…

Photo from Michigan Tech.edu

But the fact remains the D.C. “earthquake” this week looks nothing like a naturally-occuring tremor based on fairly easy-to-read seismographs. It is also well established in 2011 that the U.S. military has been building (and completing) not-so-secret-anymore tunnels and bases far beneath the Earth’s surface and below sea-level for decades, paid for by our Social Security and tax dollars.

The network of interconnected tunnels and bases is vast (obviously a copycat of Ho Chi Minh’s trails in Vietnam and Laos…except Ho and the Vietnamese dug them by hand…the U.S. uses machines…see below). Though this is speculation, many researchers and prognosticators believe these underground/undersea civilizations, which do not need air from the surface and have the capability to grow crops, are for a select few people to seek refuge in the event of inevitable unrest and/or nuclear attack on the United States.

A diagram from the U.S. Navy depicting an undersea
civilization (top), which tunnels to access it are dug with
a military tunnel boring machine (bottom).

Whatever the ruling class is doing beneath the surface on the East Coast will likely never be known to the common American. Underground nuclear tests can produce radioactive material which can easily vent to the surface and endanger inhabitants of the vicinity. Again, this “earthquake” “coincidentally” happened when the ruling class is in recess from Congress…thus not in Washington, D.C., obviously to protect their own safety.

We ask anyone with the means to measure radioactivity levels in the area which has been deemed the epicenter of the “quake.” Why the U.S. government feels the need to have all these secretive civilizations is up for debate. The fact this nuclear test may have already exposed thousands of Americans to high levels of radiation, is not.

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